Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

After hearing about all of the snow in Atlanta after moving away yesterday we ended up with our own snow today. I don't think we got quite as much as the south but it was still decent. It is about our 5th snow this winter, which is insane for us. It is quite cold. And the best part is we ran out of milk yesterday. There are people driving in this but those are people who are use to driving in the snow. We avoided going out today especially since it was actively snowing for the majority of the day. The worst part about days like that is it seriously increases my laziness! There is so much that needs to be done before we head home but with the weather I was curled in my pajamas most of the day. I did go out in the snow for a few minutes with Jamey and Ian (who spent a couple hours with us) along with Huda and Nada to take pictures. It was fun but the boys were chattering their teeth after just a couple minutes. Good stuff! I love looking at snow. So beautiful!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year

It's been almost a week of 2011 and I'm like whoa! Can we slow down please? Not because of anything in particular but time just seems to be consistently flying by. Why is that?
Oh well. Next week we will be heading to Smyrna, GA to visit family and friends. We are excited to see people that we have not seen since July. The best part is that our whole family is going. Originally Jim was not going to be able to go but thankfully he has enough PTO and we all get to go. The best part is getting to meet our new niece Kylee Joy. She is a big girl. Bigger than Jamey was and for Britney that is huge! It will be great to see the growing family. :) I miss them. It will be great to see all of our kids together since Brendon will be there too.