Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Product Spotlight #4

Getting back to my Top 10 List, I want to share the Envirocloth (p.6) with you today.

The EnviroCloth is great! It is the most versatile cleaning product I have ever used and works wonders on such a variety of surfaces anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom to the car. Being able to clean with just the cloth and water is wonderful. Don't have to worry about using harmful chemicals and it works great. An added bonus is being able to hand it to the kids and let them go clean without worrying about them using the cleaning products. The Envirocloth has changed the way we clean and has made us more inclined to clean!

I'm also a huge fan because being pregnant often has hindered how much I can clean since most cleaners are not safe for women who are pregnant to use or inhale. I would have to ask others to help and stay clear of the rooms they were cleaning. Now it's not a problem (except for the baby being in the way :) ) I can pick up an Envirocloth, wet it and clean quickly and easily in very little time.

What do you need to clean quickly and easily?

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Emmie Manor Independent Norwex Consultant
Catalog (p. 6)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Little House in the Big Woods

This book is part of our Core A curriculum from Sonlight. The kids really seemed to enjoy this book. They enjoyed the stories and adventures of their Pa and Grandpa. I liked it OK. It's not my favorite, but it was interesting learning more about how people lived back then. I would love to learn some of the skills they use. I also appreciated the Biblical lessons that you can teach from the things that the family goes through.

One of the hard parts with this book was the variation in the chapter lengths. Some drug on a little with detail. There was also a lot of legalistic moralism which is challenging.

I give 3 stars to this book.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Large Family Logistics

A friend from book club recommended this book and seeing that I have a large family, I wanted to give it a read. Thank you to Jo for letting me borrow it!

As a whole, I really enjoyed this book. The beginning is very good and is a great look at the Proverbs 31 woman. Part 1 is about the spiritual elements of keeping a home which I really appreciated. Part 2 was more practical and everyday implementation of homemaking concepts. My family has become very large very quickly, so some of what she had so say was a bit overwhelming. Her kids were spaced out a bit more so some of the systems for me were hard to interpret. But I do think she had great ideas if you are able to take general ideas and personalize them. I hope to use this to grow in that.

I also had some difficulty with some interpretations of ideas. It's not that I think she is wrong per se, but sometimes circumstances don't always fall in cut and dry lines.

I do think this book could be very beneficial for all homemakers whether you're single or have 50 kids. I would recommend this book to anyone.

4.5 stars for this book

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Product Spotlight #3

Today I'm taking a pause from my Top 10 list to share about the Norwex Car Wash Mitt (p. 57). This is a two-sided mitt that dose a great job of picking up up dirt and grime

Our family recently got to try out the Car Wash Mitt washing our 12 passenger van and it did a great job! We did not have access to a hose so no pre-rinse like Norwex recommends, and it still cleaned the entire van with one rinse of the mitt during it. I love it!

Jim says:
The car mitt works great and is very easy to use. When we used it, it washed the dirt and road grime off with such ease, even when our 6 year old daughter was using it! It worked wonderfully. I would recommend getting the car cloth to use with it to help keep water spots from forming after you wash your car.  It was great being able to wash the car with just the mitt and water, didn't have to mess with soap or rinsing the car off after we scrubbed it down. Have to love being able to do it all in basically one step!

Do you have a guy in your life that loves washing his car? This is a great month to gift him with a great set of car cleaning equipment!

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Emmie Manor Independent Norwex Consultant
Catalog (p. 57)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Product Spotlight #2

Today I want to share my #2 from my Top 10 Norwex List, the X-Large Bath Towel (p. 53).

This towel is amazing and has been such a blessing to me. I hate feeling wet or damp. One of the things I hate with exiting the shower is not really being able to get dry. With the Norwex X-Large Bath Towel I can get my body dry! No more clothes sticking to my skin or skin drying out from air drying! I actually feel clean when I leave the shower now!

Between the Body Pack and the Bath Towel, showers have completely changed for me. I cannot recommend them enough!

Jim also loves the Bath towel. He says:

"I absolutely love the towel. It is so soft, absorbent, and it dries off very efficiently. It is thin, which is great for storing it, but unlike most thin towels I have used it is still soft and works wonderfully. It is easily one of my favorite products and I highly recommend it!"

What's even better? This month Norwex has a special on the Body Pack and X-Large Towel! Now is the time to get these products and see how wonderful they really are!

Have you tried the bath towel? What are you're impressions? How does it compare to other towels?

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Emmie Manor Independent Norwex Consultant
Catalog (p. 53)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jericho Prayer

In Joshua 6 God tells Joshua and the Israelites to go take the city of Jericho. To knock down their walls He tells them to walk around the city once a day for 6 days. On the 7th day, they are instructed to walk around the walls of the city 7 times and the 7th time to blow trumpets and shout. The Israelites did this and God knocked down the walls of Jericho so that Israel could conquer them.

Several years ago some friends of ours felt impressed to do the same, only with prayer. Oh how important prayer is! Instead of marching, they and others drive around a city to pray for the city to bring down the walls of darkness that surround that city and to ask for God, who conquers all, to conquer the souls and the powers of darkness that hold the city.

It was such a blessing and a privilege to participate in this this year! Yesterday our family loaded up and drove around Louisville to pray for our city. It was such a good time to remember the love God has given me for this city. It was a great time to remember areas of the city that we have forgotten and for God to show us just how much lostness there is here. The Spirit moved as we drove! He compelled many thoughts and prayers and it was such a blessing to be used in this way! God does not need us and yet He uses us, His people and our prayers to show us His power and His greatness. It's just amazing.

I don't know of anything specific or direct that was answered from our prayers, but I know God was honored and He is on the move.

What city do you need to pray for? If you would like to do something like this, let me know and I would love to share with you more about this prayer ministry.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Our 6 Year Old Lillian

Six years ago after a very strange 24 hours and the protection of God, we welcomed our only daughter, Lillian. She came to us a flurry and she continues to live like this. Slow is not an option for her. She loves life! She loves to run and play and work hard. She desires to please and is a diligent worker. She loves having school work to do and wakes early to get it done. She is growing in her love of house work as she desires to be a mom and have a family one day. She is bold and enthusiastic. When she makes a connection or remembers something she will tell you with such energy you can't help but be excited too. She has so much spunk!

This year Lillian started kindergarten at home and is thriving in it. She is self motivated and loves learning with her brothers as well as by herself. She loves having individual work to do everyday and she is proud of the work she does. It will be exciting to see how God uses this for His Kingdom as she grows, we pray, in love with Him and His way.

Lillian loves her brothers and enjoys being with them. Recently she has started playing family with Jamey, which is precious! She also enjoys being alone and living in her world a little. Though she can be rough and tumble, she really is delicate and she lets the boys know she will not be messed with and not to wrestle her down because she is a girl!

Lillian loves to laugh! She thinks most everything is funny and definitely inherited her daddy's sense of humor. It is such a joy to hear her laugh! But she is also very tender and emotional. I love how she wants to sit and snuggle with us just because she can. She loves hugs and kisses and just being loved on.

Recently Lillian has gotten into reading her Bible daily and wants to read along when we read out loud. She is quick to memorize verses and know them when we ask about them. We pray that God will use this to draw her to Himself and show her the deep love of our Father and the saving grace of Jesus!

Thank you, Father, for our precious Lillian. She is such a joy and pleasure to have in our family. Please grow her in faith and love that she may know You and follow hard after You and not the things of this world. Let her know You and Your ways that she may live for Your Kingdom! Thank You again for her precious life!