Thursday, July 29, 2010


So bank hunting was actually enjoyable. We met the nicest people at BB&T. The guy we talked to told us about places to eat, pediatricians and shared his and his wife's experience with birth at Suburban. One of the other office guys sings in the Southern Chorus and told Jim if he ever had any questions to call him at work. All of the employees were giving additional Mexican suggestions. We did try Ruben's as Beth suggested and it was fabulous! We tried another one in Mall St. Matthew that was not bad but not great. It was more expensive too. Hunting down Mexican is a chore! But today reminded me again of just how hospitable southern people are. To go in for information about what the bank offers and to get other practical advice and encouragement was outstanding. It's like how SouthTrust Bank was in Smyrna before it became Wachovia. You would not know you were at big bank branch. Very impressive on all fronts.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Thought I Left The Deep South

I have been so amazed at how friendly and welcoming people have been here. Today we tried Mimi's Cafe and told them we were new so they gave us a box of YUMMY muffins to take home! Yesterday we went to a local bookstore and the owner gave Jamey a free finger puppet. Our second day we went to Chick-fil-A and received free ice cream cones after telling the manager we were new. Almost every place people talk to you as if they have known you forever. It's like the way I remember Smyrna being when I was real little. It is sad to see how much the Southern hospitality has left the Metro Atlanta area. Louisville is like being home without being home. And people do not look at you weird if you make a random observational note out loud. That is quite nice, as currently I am making a lot of observational side notes as we check out and explore our new home.
Jamey has been cracking me up as he "jabbers" all the time and looks at you like you should understand. He has started saying "please that" when he wants something but it sounds like pizza. He has started walking around with diapers saying "diders" and will sometimes actually say Hi instead of just waving. He learns more everyday and constantly amazes me. Oh, and he copies me stacking blocks and then loves to knock them down. He is such a boy. God really does have a sense of humor giving the oldest of 4 girls a boy first. I so love learning about boys and their weird ways. I still have not figured out why they enjoy being hit in the head or thrown around. If anyone can explain these that would be most appreciated. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Job Interviews

Well, I had my first Job interview in Louisville today. It went very well I think. The one with HR went relatively well, and the one with the NICU manager was very promising. I will hear back from her on or before Friday, so definitely continuing to pray for God's guidance there. The job will be 3-11 5 days a week, which is more than I was expecting, but I think it will work out in the end. Should be able to work around both school and church schedules. I have been praying for God's provision as I moved up here and this will certainly provide for our family. The benefits are great and I should come close to making what I was making at Northside which would be a nice increase to what I was expecting to make here. Please keep praying for God's guidance and provision for us.
After the interview, we had a nice dinner at home, then headed out to an ice cream parlor we had seen around called Graeter's, which was greater indeed. Very good ice cream. After ice cream we saw a little local bookstore across the street and checked it out. Quaint little place that has a nice children's section and also does story time once a month, so we will definitely be checking that out.

Overall a very rewarding day. Thank you, Lord.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

1 Week In Louisville

We have been Kentuckians, or what ever people who live in Kentucky call themselves, for just over a week now. How insane is that? Honestly at this point it still kind of feels like we are on a vacation but sleeping in our own bed. I am quite sure that when Jim gets a job or starts school (whichever happens first) that is when the reality will fully set it. Speaking of job if you have not heard yet, Jim has a job interview tomorrow at 1:30pm and your prayers would be greatly appreciated at that time. If this is the job God has for Jim it would be wonderful. We know God always provides and this would be great for our family's provision in many ways.
So yesterday we went to the nicest, cleanest Kroger I have ever seen in my life. It was as nice, if not nicer than the Publix back home. I was in shock. The deli was equal to Publix, their organic section was amazing and not over priced, and did I mention it was CLEAN! I was super impressed. I had my first run at making a family meal last night and unfortunately a first blunder. No matter how done fish looks on the skin, you still have to cook it 3 minutes on each side! 2 pieces ended up slightly undercooked because I was trying so hard not to burn them. Oh well. Live and learn. Everything else turned out tasty so I cannot complain too much.
I am still consistently amazed at all of the things that are with in 5 miles of the apartment and only in 1 direction. Stores such as Walmart Grocery, Borders, Joann's, Babies R Us, Whole Foods, 3 Starbucks, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Wendy's, 2 Malls (yes 2) one with a Cheesecake Factory and the other with California Pizza Kitchen, several banks including 3 branches of BB&T, 3 Walgreens, CVS, Chick-fil-A, Logan's Roadhouse, Jimmy John's, Bowling Alley, and Aveda spa, Massage Envy, several car dealerships and that's just what I can think of off the top of my head. There is also a Target, Kroger and McDonald's not on the main strip but still only a couple miles down the road. It's like living on South Cobb Dr. or Cobb Pkwy without the traffic. :) There are definitely some advantages to living where we do.
Church this morning was so Spirit filled and truth that goes right to the heart. As Christians we cannot live in fear or be worried. We have no reason to be because God is in control. I love the reminder that when worry creeps in, as it does in our human minds, we are to pray.
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6
What a great truth. We can take anything to God. ANYTHING! So do it. He cares for His children and will hear your prayer. That does not mean things will always turn out exactly the way we want, but take it all to God.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Day On Our Own

I love to look at my life and think, "This isn't exactly how I thought my life would be, but I would not have it any other way."
Yesterday we had a wonderful final day with my parents here. We slept in, worked on more organizing, went to Target (less than 5 minutes from the apartment. I love having everything right here), Ate lunch at Fazoli's, lazy afternoon, walked to BoomBozz for dinner (awesome pizza, spinach dip and dessert) and spent the evening hanging out until Jim took my parents to catch the bus. As everything else with this move, seeing them go was hard but we know we will see them again soon.
So today was our first day with just the 4 of us. Thankfully Jamey let us sleep in a bit again. I am still super wiped from the move. We all are. Jim and I worked on organizing our room and some more of the apartment. It is still a process trying to figure out exactly where we want everything and I am sure many things will change places half a dozen times. We decided to try a Mexican restaurant close to the apartment and I was completely unimpressed. I miss La Parrilla and Monterrey. I guess we'll keep trying until we find something close. We also walked down to the playground for a few minutes and let Jamey swing. It is very humid here. It's not really any different from Atlanta temperature wise right now. However I know come winter it will get quite chilly! I am looking forward to experiencing 4 seasons during the next year. I hope I will not be disappointed.
After dinner we had wind down time with Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy per usual. I do love that family tradition. While emptying out a bag I found a stuffed Eeyore and showed Jamey. He promptly went to one of his new toy bins in the entertainment center and pulled out another stuffed Eeyore that he has been playing with the past couple of days. I am always so impressed with my boy. We traded Eeyores and then he took them both. It is amazing how much kids learn and how quickly they learn it, even when we are not "intentionally" teaching them.
This evening he did not want to go to sleep. We did allow him to stay up late last night because of my parents leaving so I guess he just thought it was not time for bed even thought he was acting extremely sleepy. Prayers for his continued adjustment would be VERY appreciated.
Lillian has been smiling, laughing and talking up a storm. This little girl has definitely found her voice. The other night we were eating at the table and she was in her swing. She made herself very loud until we went and got her a seat for the table and put her with the group. Again I am completely amazed by children. She is still adjusting with her sleeping. We have gotten back up to 5-6 hour stretch at night (she was sleeping 9 hours the week before we left) and she was getting up every 3-4 again with the initial move. It amazes me how in tune babies really are. Why do people think children are stupid? She is also quite aware of when Jamey is not around because she is awake and wants to be center of attention. She did bless us with an hour nap in the middle of Jamey's nap today. I have such wonderful children. They are a great blessing from God. They really are.
Jim played Mario Kart with Winston over the internet since we now have that connected. I think they both found it amusing.
And Jim has an interview for a full time evening shift NICU job at Norton Suburban, 3 miles from the apartment! Please pray for God's guidance in this. It will make some things easier and some things more challenging but we know God will provide in whatever way He see fit.
I am enjoying a different environment. This is so interesting and educational. I cannot wait to see what all God will teach me/us here.
Day 6

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 5

Yesterday was a wonderful day. We slept in (for us these days) and worked on making the new apartment home. Hanging up some pictures really helped in making the place our own. Still working on some details then I will take pictures to post of the "put together" apartment. Jamey and Lillian are adjusting slowly. Lillian slept 5 hours last night (she had gotten up to 9 before the move then back down to 3 or 4). Jamey sleeps about like he use to hour wise but has woken up afraid a couple times. Prayers for their continued adjustment are appreciated.
For lunch we wanted to walk to a restaurant just over the tracks and when we got there it was not opened for lunch. :( So we tried a cute little cafe and it was delicious! I was so impressed. I think they make everything from scratch and it's not expensive. Great pastries too.
We went to our first home group last night. What a great time! How wonderful it is to meet with Christians and feel the connection that only can come from the Holy Spirit. There were two other couples, Wes and Beth and Chris and Amy. Beth is our apartment office manager which is even better. How excellent to know a fellow Christian is helping to run the complex.
We also finally have internet at the house! Huge praise and it works wonderfully. Love that. So hopefully it will be easier to stay connected with friends and family at home.
Looking forward to see what this day holds!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Settling In

We are working on getting the apartment to feel like home. The big stuff is always easy because there are only so many places it can go. Now it's the nick knacks, pictures and other odds and ends that need there place. It's hard making those kinds of decisions. I know you can always move things but I want to "get it right" the first time. We signed our lease this morning and opted for a storage unit. That will help especially since we would like to get bikes and need just a tad more storage space. We are still working on internet and hope to have it in the next day or two. Currently we are sitting outside Chick-fil-A in a storm. :) Fun Stuff!
We made a bigger Walmart run and learning where more things are. I am excited about getting to know this city. A lot of things are very convenient. I have a Babies R Us, Joann's, and 2 Starbucks within a couple miles of the apartment. I will let you know what else I discover.
I am posting a few pictures on facebook and will get more of the apartment once it's more in order.
Day 3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Church & Unpacking

Great day today. We all went to Sojourn this morning. What a wonderful time of worshiping our Lord. We had lunch at Red Lobster, which is always delicious. We enjoyed our last few minutes with Anna and Winston as they had to head back to Atlanta today. They have been such a great help to us as we have moved into our apartment here and leading up to this day. We are so grateful that they were able to take some vacation time to come with us on this part of the adventure.
I am thankful for Sabbaths. We have worked on a few things here and there but have mostly been able to rest this afternoon. We will have to work on several things this week but it will be good as we get settled. I am thankful that I have most of the things I need and want close to the apartment. Great stuff.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hi From Louisville!

Well we are here. Bright and early Friday morning Mom, Dad, Anna, Winston and we loaded up and made the trek. We arrived around 6:30pm and unloaded enough to sleep. Thankfully the kids traveled well with very little fussing. I have the best children. Today the guys finished unloading the truck and we have some semblance of order but a long way to go. We are so thankful that the apartment is much bigger than anticipated with lots of closet space. I am so thankful for wonderful surprises. Currently I am writing from the Starbucks by the apartment until we can get stuff hooked up so I will update as able. Prayers are still coveted as we settle in and get acquainted with our new home. We have some really great neighbors including other seminary students and some refugees. Great ministry opportunities surround us. Praise the Lord for what He is going to do in and through us.
Day 1

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friends, Miracles & Bible Study

Last night of Women's Bible study last night with some fabulous ladies. How special it is to be able to meet with our sisters in Christ to share our joys, struggles, concerns and blessings. I had a great evening with Julie, Bonnie, Tamara and Tiffany.
I was able to meet my dear friend Julie for dinner and ran into my neighbor whom I have been praying for opportunities to talk to and hope to witness or minister. She sat at a table across from us and was able to observe Christian friendship including prayer over a meal. I also was able to talk to her and tell her we were praying for their current situations. She looked at me strange but hopefully some seeds are getting planted from these little encounters.
We also saw Jennifer and Brenna during our dinner, which was a wonderful surprise. I am so thankful for these little things that God does. I have run into so many people the past month that I rarely see. Last opportunities to share with some of these people what God is doing in our lives.
I also was able to talk to sweet Kelli who I have not been able to see but share a few moments on the phone with her.
I will miss my friends but I am thankful to know that no matter what happens down here we will one day see each other again.
We are now preparing to load up the truck. Can't believe it is here.
1 more day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Wow! Many hands really do make light work. I am so thankful for the wonderful ladies from church who came along with my family and got almost our whole house packed by noon! What an amazing feat! Special thanks to Carole Fouts, Joy Reeves, Doris Belflower, Harmina Caird, Donna Clippard, Anna Murdock, Dianne Sudduth and Dale Kimmel for their hands in making the light work. The beautiful thing is that after all of this wonderful packing we had someone come look at the house! God is good! Please pray for this prospective buyer/renter. Hoping for a more low key day tomorrow before loading the truck on Thursday.
3 days!

Almost Time
by: Emily Elizabeth Manor

Packing up the house
It's almost time to move on
Looking all around
Where life has taken me
This is my life, my home
I've known no other place
But now it's almost time
Time to move on

Memories Flood
It's almost time to move on
These are the last days
I call this house my home
Sorrow, joy and relief
All flood my very soul
Now it's almost time
Time to move on

God takes us down so many roads
Not knowing what lies ahead
I will plunge forth
Knowing only that His hand is guiding me
And it's almost time to move on

Bittersweet heartache
It's almost time to move on
Leaving family and friends
And the comforts of home
The church where I was riased
The love and the support
And now it's almost time
Time to move on

God takes us down so many roads
Not knowing what lies ahead
I will plunge forth
Knowing only that His hand is guiding me
And it's almost time to move on

I am ready
I've waited so long for this time
I know
God has a great plan for me
He will show me step by step
Until I reach my final day
Still it's hard to say good-bye

God takes us down so many roads
Not knowing what lies ahead
I will plunge forth
Knowing only that His hand is guiding me
And it's almost time to move on

Oh, it's almost time
Just a matter of days
It's time to move on

Monday, July 12, 2010

Farewell Party

What a fabulous time with family and friends. Some wonderful people threw a farewell party for our family Sunday afternoon. We got to see friends we do not get to see often as well as talk to our church family about what our next step is. Thanks so much to Carole Fouts, Joy Reeves, Charlotte Winkles, Mary Durueke, Harmina Caird and Anna Murdock for the fabulous celebration. We are so blessed to have a church family that cares about our lives and has invested so much in us. Not long at all now.
4 days

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Time

This post is, unfortunately, late as our internet has decided not to cooperate the last couple of days.
It was wonderful to spend some time with Kyle, Britney and Brendon before we move. We already see them only about once a month as they are stationed in South Georgia, but now it will be even less. Sunday we had a fabulous lunch at Olive Garden. The best part was meeting our waitress who is from Moldova! I had a feeling when I saw her she was at least from Eastern Europe, but to meet someone from Moldova was amazing! Got to practice some of my Romanian. It caused me to miss Moldova that much more. Our family is wanting to return very badly. I pray God will allow us to return soon. We spent the afternoon together and took pictures of our whole family last time together for a while. More of those bittersweet moments that I will treasure. It was so cute watching Jamey and Brendon play and swing. Brendon is such a fun big cousin!
After our fun afternoon and we were settled at home Jamey went to the family Bible and tried to pick it up. So, Jim asked him "do you want to read the Bible?" Jamey said, "Please!" and crawled up on the sofa next to Jim and watched him intently as he read out of Psalm. Such a sweet moment. It's amazing how early they learn these things and I am so thankful.
1 week 2 days

Friday, July 2, 2010


Something I never thought I would be interested in: Sewing. But not too long ago I made my first skirt and it was quite a success. Today I almost completed a pair of shorts for my sister, however we ran out of thread and so Melissa must finish them hem for me. I need to check out my grandmother's sewing machine and see if I can take it with me to practice and make additional clothing as well as hem up some cloth wipes. I am hoping it will still be a couple years before making clothes for all of us is a necessity but as modest clothing, particularly for girls, is getting more difficult to find, I may be making clothes, at least for my baby girl, sooner than I think. I will miss having Melissa as a near by resource but there are some good things about modern technology. :) I will also miss her awesome sewing machine.
Jim is on his last two nights of work. He has told me people are upset about his leaving as, thankfully, he is well liked. I hope our transition will be a testimony to the importance of following God's call on your life, no matter what the cost. We know his application is under review at one place so prayer is needed as there is not much time until we move.
2 weeks!