Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sovereign Grace O'er Sin Abounding by John Kent and Sandrea McCracken

1. Sovereign grace o’er sin abounding!
Ransomed souls, the tidings swell;
’Tis a deep that knows no sounding;
Who its breadth or length can tell?
On its glories,
Let my soul for ever dwell.

2. What from Christ that soul can sever,
Bound by everlasting bands?
Once in Him, in Him for ever;
Thus the eternal covenant stands.
None shall take Thee
From the Strength of Israel’s hands.

3. Heirs of God, joint-heirs with Jesus,
Long ere time its race begun;
To His name eternal praises;
O what wonders love has done!
One with Jesus,
By eternal union one.

4. On such love, my soul, still ponder,
Love so great, so rich, so free;
Say, while lost in holy wonder,
Why, O Lord, such love to me?
Grace shall reign

Tag: Hallelujah!
Grace shall reign
Grace shall reign eternally.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beautiful Scandalous Night by Bebo Norman and Ed Cash

Go on up to the mountain of mercy
To the crimson perpetual tide
Kneel down on the shore
Be thirsty no more
Go under and be purified

Follow Christ to the holy mountain
Sinner sorry and wrecked by the fall
Cleanse your heart and your soul
In the fountain that flowed
For you and for me and for all

At the wonderful, tragic, mysterious tree
On that beautiful, scandalous night you and me
Were atoned by His blood and forever washed white
On that beautiful, scandalous night

On the hillside, you will be delivered
At the foot of the cross justified
And your spirit restored
By the river that poured
From our blessed Savior's side


Go on up to the mountain of mercy
To the crimson perpetual tide
Kneel down on the shore
Be thirsty no more
Go under and be purified


Monday, March 21, 2011

Death in His Grave by John Mark McMillan

Though the Earth Cried out for blood
Satisfied her hunger was
Her billows calmed on raging seas
for the souls on men she craved

Sun and moon from balcony
Turned their head in disbelief
Their precious Love would taste the sting
disfigured and disdained

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke with keys
Of Hell on that day
The first born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

So three days in darkness slept
The Morning Sun of righteousness
But rose to shame the throes of death
And over turn his rule

Now daughters and the sons of men
Would pay not their dues again
The debt of blood they owed was rent
When the day rolled a new

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke holding keys
To Hell on that day
The first born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke with keys
Of Hell on that day
The first born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

He has cheated
Hell and seated
Us above the fall
In desperate places
He paid our wages
One time once and for all

Learned this song on Sunday and it really stuck with me. It is a wonderful reminder of what Christ did for us by dying on the cross, raising from the dead and conquering death for us.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

O Help My Unbelief by Isaac Watts

How sad our state by nature is!
Our sin, how deep it stains!
And Satan binds our captive minds
Fast in his slavish chains
But there's a voice of sov'reign grace,
Sounds from the sacred word:
"O, ye despairing sinners come,
And trust upon the Lord."

My soul obeys th' almighty call,
And runs to this relief
I would believe thy promise, Lord;
O help my unbelief!
To the dear fountain of thy blood,
Incarnate God, I fly;
Here let me wash my spotted soul,
From crimes of deepest dye.

Stretch out Thine arm, victorious King,
My reigning sins subdue;
Drive the old dragon from his seat,
With all his hellish crew.
A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,
On thy kind arms I fall;
Be thou my strength and righteousness,
My Jesus, and my all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mission's Flame by Matt Redman

Let worship be the fuel of mission's flame
We're going with a passion for your name
We're going for we care about your praise
Send us out

Let worship be the heart of mission's aim
To see the nations recognize your fame
'Til every tribe and tongue voices your praise
Send us out

You should be the praise of every tongue, Jesus
You should be the joy of every heart
But until the fullness of your kingdom comes
Until the final revelation dawns
Send us out

Every tribe, every tongue
Every creature in the heavens and the earth
Every heart, every soul
Will sing Your praise, will sing Your praise
Every note, every strain
Every melody will be for You alone
Every harmony that flows from every tongue
We'll sing Your praise, We'll sing Your praise
Will sing Your praise, We'll sing Your praise

I love this song! It is a great reminder of the goal of the Gospel!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

O Church Arise by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

O church arise and put your armour on
Hear the call of Christ our Captain
For now the weak can say that they are strong
In the strength that God has given
With shield of faith and belt of truth
We'll stand against the devil's lies
An army bold whose battle-cry is Love
Reaching out to those in darkness

Our call to war to love the captive soul
But to rage against the captor
And with the sword that makes the wounded whole
We will fight with faith and valour
When faced with trials on every side
We know the outcome is secure
And Christ will have the prize for which He died
An inheritance of nations

Come see the cross where love and mercy meet
As the Son of God is stricken
Then see His foes lie crushed beneath His feet
For the Conqueror has risen
And as the stone is rolled away
And Christ emerges from the grave
This victory march continues till the day
Every eye and heart shall see Him

So Spirit come put strength in every stride
Give grace for every hurdle
That we may run with faith to win the prize
Of a servant good and faithful
As saints of old still line the way
Retelling triumphs of His grace
We hear their calls and hunger for the day
When with Christ we stand in glory

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yes, We Are Still Alive!

It has been far too long since I have posted, but I honestly have barely felt like touching the computer or doing much of anything the last 6 weeks. I am finally starting to get some of my energy back. The Manor family will be growing again near the end of August or early September. We are excited in spite of the surprise as we know that God has something exciting in store for our growing family.
We took a trip home for a week in January. It was great to see people, meet our new niece and see where we grew up. But it's strange. Even though we've only been here about 6 months, it was not home anymore. We love Smyrna and our friends and family, but it reminded us of why we are here. Why we had to move on and must continue moving forward. Smyrna will always be our childhood home, but now we are working for our eternal home and that is an amazing thing.
Some opportunities have come up at church to get involved in some international ministry and we are excited to learn more and see where that might lead us. Mostly the last month or so has been filled with kids growing, morning sickness, fatigue, beginning a new semester and work.
Jamey is now 2 and it shows! He is trying to say so much but also gets quite upset when we don't understand. He's starting to try and dress himself and has successfully put on a sock and shoe. He wants to help do everything so trying to figure out what he can do is a challenge. And of course picking up the toys is the one thing he can help with and does not want to do.
Lillian has gotten very mobile with her army crawl and rolling. She is sitting up well and growing/gaining weight as she should! She is a pig and will eat anything you give her except baby food. She tries to eat Jamey's snacks which she cannot quite handle yet.
Things are going well, except for being tired. I'm ready for the second trimester boom to hit. It's about time now! :) And my goal is to get better about posting. I am loving all of the new songs we are learning here and will start posting some of the lyrics of ones that I did not know before here to share with those who are interested.
7 months 15 days