Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 22 to 28

1506. Waking early
1507. Great school time
1508. Family field trip to the Grocery store (yes this was a "school field trip" as well as our weekly store run)
1509. Yummy ham
1510. Having a picnic lunch in the side yard
1511. Watching the kids run outside
1512. Our garden continuing to grow (God is amazing)
1513. Doing additional work with Jamey in the afternoon
1514. Jamey beginning to ask deeper questions
1515. Seeing God's grace at work in Jamey and Lillian's life
1516. God's faithfulness as we are faithful to His instruction
1517. Growing closer as a family
1518. Kids responding well to discipline
1519. Kids listening more during Bible reading time
1520. Great spiritual conversations
1521. Nice evening home
1522. Kids sleeping later
1523. A nurse helping us to find the doctor's office after being given a bad address
1524. Having an answer to Lillian's thumb locking up
1525. Taking just Jamey and Lillian to playgroup
1526. Great conversations with Sisters
1527. Encouragement
1528. Nice weather
1529. Walking to eat lunch with Jim
1530. Super Yummy burger at Smoketown
1531. Working with Jamey in language arts
1532. Finishing my reading for my SWI class
1533. Reading more in Redeeming Childbirth
1534. Lillian saying all but about 5 verses of "Excellent Wife"
1535. Finishing The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved and Vacation Under the Volcano with the kids
1536. Conversations that came from those books
1537. Community Group
1538. Being able to encourage and pray for my Sisters
1539. Homemade mocha!
1540. The whole house sleeping until at least 7 am! (have not done this in sooo long)
1541. Taking it easy while still keeping routine
1542. Having a good long school time
1543. Finally doing some Russian lessons
1544. Rain
1545. Learning games
1546. Playing Memory with Jamey and Lillian
1547. Cleaning out my email
1548. Nice rest time
1549. Reuben holding hands when we pray at the table and saying "Amen"
1550. Lillian "feeding" her baby like Mama
1551. Jim and the kids wrestling
1552. Jim teaching the kids to play games
1553. Starting The Magician's Nephew as a family
1554. Reading with Jim
1555. Ice cream
1556. Early bed time
1557. Waking early (but not too early)
1558. Having a really good breakfast
1559. Drinking 64 oz of water before 9 am!
1560. Great school time with the kids
1561. Jamey asking to do more book work
1562. Lillian wanting to learn what Jamey is learning
1563. Reuben thinking he is as big as the older 2
1564. Doing Russian with the 3 older kids
1565. Skyping with Dawn
1566. Praying for each other
1567. Several tomato plants sprouting
1568. The need for another garden bed
1569. Having questions to study for my quiz
1570. Water Aerobics
1571. Hot tub
1572. Fun conversations
1573. Last night of SWI for the year
1574. Gabriel staying home
1575. SWI party after class
1576. Seeing Nicoline!
1577. Lots of chocolate
1578. Talking with Amy
1579. Having a Sister who gets it
1580. Jamey asking "Can I do more book work?"
1581. Reuben starting to participate in Russian
1582. Lillian attempting to write her name on her "book work"
1583. Family trip to Target
1584. Jamey finishing swim lessons
1585. Finding another Sonlight user
1586. Getting our curriculum for next year!!!!!
1587. Going through our curriculum and getting a basic start (excited to plan for next year!)
1588. Watching Brave with Becca
1589. Sleeping later
1590. Going to a ladies meeting at Ashley's house
1591. Seeing Ashley, Amy and Jenny
1592. Meeting new Sisters
1593. Being real
1594. Giving and receiving encouragement
1595. Finding out Sisters have the same issues as me
1596. Being encouraged as a wife, mother and woman
1597. Like-minded Sisters who get it
1598. Being reminded we are not meant to travel this road alone
1599. Hearing Jamey and Lillian help each other
1600. A refreshing day with friends
1601. All kids napping today
1602. Time to write
1603. Jim sleeping well during the day
1604. Listening to the kids say Psalm 67
1605. Listening to the kids talk while they were "trying" to go to sleep
1606. Watching my kids grow closer
1607. Hearing Jim and Becca conversing nicely
1608. Getting a couple things done and sent out
1609. Becca braiding my hair
1610. Kids staying in their room after waking up this morning
1611. Getting everyone ready before 8
1612. Missions Sunday at Sojourn
1613. Being reminded that everything we do stems from worship
1614. Sitting with Jared and Rachel at church
1615. Meeting Heather
1616. Quiet afternoon
1617. Cheese sticks
1618. Arby's Fries
1619. Seeing 5 Families commissioned for international service
1620. Getting together with Friends to pray for Workers :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 15 to 21

1386. Waking early
1387. Starting school by 7:30
1388. Getting all of our reading and book work done in an hour
1389. Play date at Joanna's house
1390. Lots of encouragement and affirmation of things God has been revealing
1391. Talking homeschool
1392. J, L, and R all playing well at Joanna's house
1393. Yummy muffins
1394. Kids playing outside
1395. Jamey learning to dig in the dirt
1396. Finding out encouraging information
1397. Finding another sprout (now waiting on the spinach)
1398. Getting some reading for class done
1399. Getting caught up with my Bible reading
1400. Attempting to play a video game with Jim
1401. Gabriel laughing, smiling and giving kisses (love his playfulness)
1402. Jamey napping
1403. Playing a bike game we got from Joanna
1404. Getting caught up with the blessings I can remember
1405. Hearing from a couple preparing for the field
1406. Playing "Cookie Jar" with Jamey and Lillian
1407. Jamey "talking" for Reuben when it's Reuben's turn in "Cookie Jar"
1408. Reuben saying, "I love you" to Jim!
1409. Putting a chair to contain Reuben in the school room
1410. Reuben doing well in his chair during school time
1411. Jamey continuing to read well
1412. Jamey telling me he wants to read and write well
1413. Jamey saying he wants to glorify God (loving the moments to help teach him about this)
1414. Lillian starting to try writing her name
1415. Playgroup
1416. Safe place for the kids to run around inside
1417. Playing in the yard with the kids
1418. Teaching the kids about blowing dandelions
1419. Taking pictures
1420. More sprouts!
1421. Starting tomato and peppers
1422. Fun at water aerobics
1423. Gabriel doing well and being able to stay home during CG
1424. Great time of sharing and bonding at CG (love these people)
1425. Being able to be honest with Sisters
1426. Being encouraged
1427. Talking with Jim
1428. Sleeping until 6 (right now this is a treat)
1429. Getting school done in half an hour and being able to get other things done
1430. Going to BSF this morning
1431. Making lunch
1432. Lillian asking to take a nap
1433. Jamey learning about gardening and helping to plant
1434. Going to the pool as a family
1435. Reuben going head first into the water and LOVING it!
1436. Gabriel enjoying the pool
1437. Taco Bell
1438. Reuben crashing out
1439. Nice evening
1440. Getting curriculum ordered for next year!
1441. Getting emails written
1442. Finishing my reading for class tomorrow
1443. Early bed time
1444. Jim and I both getting up at 6
1445. Getting school done in a timely manner
1446. Getting extra school work done (working through the K language Arts faster than normal in prep for next year)
1447. Playdate with Caroline, Luke and Hadley
1448. Sisters who are like minded
1449. Sisters who desire accountability and community
1450. Yummy quesadillas for lunch
1451. Studying for my quiz
1452. Going to water aerobics
1453. Gabriel staying home during class
1454. Gabriel taking a bottle well
1455. Being able to pay attention during Biblical Interpretation class
1456. Great conversations
1457. Jim finishing his Greek class
1458. Jim starting his summer class early
1459. Figuring out how Jim can potentially take 3 classes next fall
1460. Doing well on my quiz
1461. Dr. Plummer asking about Jim in class
1462. Getting up early 5 days in a row
1463. Spending great time in prayer and the Word
1464. Getting all school work for the week done plus some extra
1465. Kids who are eager to learn
1466. Putting the high chair in the school room for Reuben and him doing well with it
1467. Spontaneous playdate at Erin's house
1468. Good afternoon
1469. Talking with Tera at the pool
1470. Talking about kids and family
1471. Jamey doing better at swim lessons
1472. Jim getting some sleep before work
1473. Jim finding an accountability partner
1474. Kids going to bed early
1475. Nice relaxing evening at home (though I did nothing I needed to)
1476. Getting good sleep
1477. Sleeping in a little
1478. Working on more school work (yes on Saturday, my kids love it)
1479. Running errands
1480. Family getting here early afternoon
1481. Celebrating Rachel, Becca and Lillian's birthday
1482. Seeing Rachel (from Sojourn) at Mellow Mushroom
1483. Cookie cake!
1484. Watching The Help
1485. Clothes for the kids
1486. Inside exersaucer for Gabriel
1487. Hanging out with the family
1488. Getting up early on Sunday
1489. Becca getting up early on Sunday
1490. Yummy breakfast (eggs and cinnamon rolls)
1491. Getting out of the house in a timely manner
1492. Dedicating Gabriel to the Lord
1493. Learning about teaching our kids about covenant love
1494. Living close enough for Jim to run home and change clothes after Gabriel peed on him
1495. Lunch at McAlister's
1496. Fun gifts for Lillian
1497. Mom making Lillian a blanket (so pretty)
1498. Going to the missions cookout
1499. Learning about GEM
1500. Being even more encouraged about Childbirth class
1501. Learning about places that have work in Eastern Europe
1502. Talking to Sarah
1503. Meeting Ciera
1504. Seeing God at work
1505. Family movie night

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 8 to 14

1336. Waking early (though much earlier than I was expecting)
1337. Spending extra time praying
1338. Making it at the grocery store without a list (forgot it at home)
1339. Reuben enjoying taking a bath
1340. J, L and R all playing together in the tub
1341. Great day at home
1342. Jim slated to be done with his class next week (got to love modular classes!)
1343. Getting Reuben's journal caught up finally
1344. Actually finding a couple of good deals at CVS this week
1345. Going to playgroup outside
1346. Beautiful weather
1347. Seeing Sisters I have not in a while
1348. Eating lunch at the park
1349. Jamey and Reuben snuggling on the chair
1350. Jamey being thankful for correction and discipline
1351. Gabriel's kisses
1352. Cookout with the CG
1353. Water Aerobics twice this week
1354. Great conversations with friends
1355. Going to MOMSTogether
1356. Going to BSF
1357. Serving in the 2 year class
1358. Seeing Sprouts in our garden!!!!! (waiting for lettuce)
1359. Lillian cheering on her brothers
1360. Seeing growth in all of the kids
1361. Seeing God's grace on our kids
1362. Finding out Jamey is further along in reading than I thought
1363. Not ordering the curriculum I thought I was going to use so I do not have to cancel or return an order (having to change after the above discovery)
1364. Having kids who love to learn and read
1365. Reuben getting into school
1366. Starting unit 3 of Russian Level 1
1367. Taking a nap
1368. Getting a better routine
1369. Jamey starting swim lessons again
1370. New Leap Frog videos
1371. Jamey and Lillian playing outside everyday
1372. Doing school on Saturday (have I mentioned I love homeschooling?)
1373. Flexibility
1374. Movie nights with Becca (Watched The Last Holiday, really funny)
1375. Good conversations with Becca (love having her live with us)
1376. Being reminded that I must test everything I hear against Scripture
1377. Learning how to discern what I hear
1378. Learning to trust God and His word above all else
1379. Learning more about Song of Solomon
1380. Being prompted to write more (ready for some time to do it :) )
1381. Having conversations with Jamey about what it means to be a Christian (these are precious)
1382. Learning about different cultures
1383. $5 Lunch deals at Dairy Queen
1384. Getting meal planning done with little stress
1385. Family movie night

Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 1 to 7

1211. Getting up at 6 am!
1212. Gabriel sleeping through the night again!
1213. Spending time with the Lord
1214. Being able to be honest with the Lord and tell Him how I feel
1215. Having a great school time
1216. Starting Jamey on a more in depth language arts study
1217. Getting school done in a timely manner even with extra activities
1218. Doing well at the grocery store
1219. Jamey and Lillian remembering their Bible verse from last week and wanting to say it
1220. Great rest time with all 4 kids
1221. Getting some writing done
1222. Getting to blog
1223. Doing more research
1224. Reading more with the kids
1225. Listening to Lillian say the Proverbs 31 woman
1226. Going until 6 pm without turning on the TV
1227. Getting a decent amount of cleaning done
1228. Getting back in routine
1229. Jamey eating much better
1230. Smooth bed time
1231. Getting time to talk to Jim
1232. Waking up before 6:30!
1233. Time with the Lord again!
1234. Getting to the doctor's office in a timely manner
1235. Quick time in the office
1236. Time to do some school between appointments
1237. Being able to encourage future nurses
1238. Finishing school with Jamey
1239. Having kids who LOVE to learn and do school
1240. Listening to my kids sing
1241. Teaching Jamey basics for the piano
1242. Jamey wanting to learn an instrument
1243. Jamey loving to draw and write
1244. Gabriel giving me kisses
1245. Reuben talking and signing please constantly
1246. Reuben wanting to sit in a desk for school
1247. Lillian jumping and singing
1248. Getting some things to start our garden
1249. Jim getting our garden bed ready to plant
1250. Getting Redeeming Childbirth
1251. Going to water aerobics and really feeling the work out
1252. Being able to leave Gabriel at home during cg
1253. Seeing our community group
1254. Finding out another Sister is expecting!
1255. Seeing true joy and excitement for new life from others
1256. Talking about doubts and how to live in light of the resurrection
1257. Hearing encouraging  words from others
1258. Getting insurance issues worked out
1259. Getting up before 6:30!
1260. Gabriel continuing to sleep all night again
1261. Time with the Lord
1262. Getting school done in 30 minutes
1263. Going to Amy's for a play date
1264. Sharing with a Sister
1265. Being encouraged by a fellow homeschooler
1266. The kids playing well
1267. Gabriel sleeping for most of the time while the others played
1268. Yummy coffee
1269. Getting some reading done
1270. Jim getting to come home for dinner
1271. Having a smooth evening
1272. Great morning
1273. Getting a lot done during school
1274. Kids excited about school
1275. Reuben sitting and wanting to learn
1276. Reuben singing with us
1277. Beginning to discuss deeper spiritual truths with Jamey
1278. Jamey asking questions and processing
1279. Lillian eager to learn more
1280. Watching the kids play together
1281. All going outside together
1282. Planting some lettuce and spinach seeds (Officially starting our garden)
1283. Getting some reading and planning done
1284. Water aerobics!
1285. Seeing Shannon
1286. Jim coming home early
1287. Deciding on our curriculum for homeschool next year
1288. Having a great day overall!
1289. Getting up early everyday this week
1290. Lillian sleeping in her own bed 2 whole nights in a row
1291. Doing school everyday this week
1292. Teaching Jamey what it means to be a Christian
1293. Learning about God's work around the world
1294. Preparing well for women's prayer
1295. Having a good turn out
1296. Kids getting to play outside while we prayed
1297. Great time of prayer
1298. Great price for Papa John's
1299. Great rest time
1300. Working on survey
1301. Reading
1302. Getting dinner made mostly by myself
1303. J, L and R all playing together in the bath tub without having a fit
1304. Jim getting to read to the kids before going to work
1305. Kids going to bed smoothly
1306. Getting some other stuff done
1307. Movie night with Becca
1308. Relaxing evening
1309. Getting stuff ready for writing group
1310. Going to writing group
1311. Talking through important decisions with a Sister
1312. Being able to share more writing and get feed back
1313. Beautiful weather
1314. Spending the afternoon outside with the kids and Becca
1315. Talking to Rachy
1316. Watching Jamey and Lillian play together
1317. Gabriel enjoying being outside
1318. Becca getting some cute pictures of Reuben
1319. Having a "conversation" with Gabriel
1320. Smooth bed time
1321. Movie night with Becca #2
1322. Waking up early 7 days in a row
1323. Walking to church
1324. Hearing a great sermon on Song of Solomon (current sermon series, go to and check it out)
1325. Seeing Dina, Kendall and Kayden
1326. Seeing the Balsley family (Simon is so big)
1327. Talking to Frannie (pray for her family as they move to Pittsburgh)
1328. Everyone jumping in to help us find Lillian when she wandered off at church
1329. Relaxing afternoon
1330. Having some family time
1331. Getting weekly planning done
1332. Smooth bed time
1333. Movie night with Jim
1334. Hearing some great news from JoAnna
1335. Doing better with scheduling and cleaning this week

Friday, April 5, 2013

Women's Prayer and Kattie

Today it was such a pleasure to have Kattie join us for Women's Prayer. In late January Kattie returned with her family after serving 2 years in South America. She shared a little about their time overseas and some of the spiritual needs there. It is always good to remember to know that there is great need all over the world and many who are lost.

Please remember Kattie, her family and all the lost in South America.

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Evaluation

  • Read through the entire Bible in a year following a chronological reading plan- Have been on track until yesterday. Will get back on track this week
  • Memorize a verse a week (for full disclosure I am starting with verses that I have previously memorized but have lost full memory of)- I have not focused on anything extra, but continued to work on verses from last months prayer class as well as the Proverbs 31 woman with the kids
  • Spend 30 minutes daily concentrated on prayer and Bible reading- This one has seriously been lacking as I have struggled to get up early. 
  • Continue to record daily blessings to cultivate thankfulness (Goal is 10,000 things)- I am continuing to record, but many times forget the things I want to write down so behind in number from where I would like to be
  • Praying throughout the day for specified things (still developing lists and plan for this)- Again some struggle here, I did this about half the month, and still working on refining my recording system
  • Read a book a month apart from SWI matrerial- Finished The Story Template but did not read  any other book as planned
  • Journal 5 days a week- I might have journaled 5 times this month, refining this one to 2-3 times a week
  • Write (working on books) 5 days a week- Might have writen 2 days the whole month, refining this one to 2 days a week for now
  • Finish my first fiction book- Seriously behind where I hoped to be at this point
  • Write 3 blog posts a week- I believe I averaged this, though I did not actually do this every week
  • Continue to meet once a month with writing group- Yes! Love those ladies
  • Have one day a month for personal retreat time to pray, read the Bible and write- This did not happen, Hope to plan an extra one during the summer when things are not as chaotic
  • Complete Level 1 of Rosetta Stone Russian- Definitely on track to do this. Should complete Unit 2 this week!
  • Begin working on a Christ-centered prenatal/delivery/postnatal education- I have had lots of conversations, but still put nothing on paper. Need to get on top of this!
  • Go on a date once a month- Yes, In fact I think we did 2 :)
  • Go on one overnight trip away- Planning one for May!
  • Read together for 30 minutes once a week- We have started to read together 2 evenings a week
  • Discuss and plan the week to come on Sunday afternoon- Yes
  • Take each child on a "date" once a month- Sadly I'm not sure if this happened. It was a frazzled month
  • Spend individual time with each child at home once a week (at least 20 minutes)- I am getting better at this though it did not happen with every child every week
  • Work on memorizing Psalm 23 with Jamey and Lillian- Yes! Both have it memorized and we are working on Proverbs 31:10-31
  • Finish current Pre-K curriculum with Jamey and Lillian- On track and already thinking about next years curriculum! 
  • Continue going to playgroup on Tuesdays- Yes
  • (I need to develop more educational goals, so I guess a goal for this year will be learning to do this for next year)
  • Begin a garden planting at least tomatoes (hoping to do more)- Have one garden bed made and figuring out what to put in it
  • Try 1 new recipe a month- No and this is not a high priority so may get scratched for now
  • Keep up with cleaning calendar- Major fail this month, starting again today
  • Develop general cleaning schedule- Have not yet
Health and Fitness
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 days a week- I have gotten 2 days pretty regularly and will continue with that for now
  • Lose 30 lbs- Had some progress, but it was because of a stomach bug, must keep it off
  • Continue hosting Women's prayer once a month- Yes, still praying for more people to pray
  • Email workers once a month- I have not emailed everyone this month as it has been crazy
  • Send 2 encouraging notes a month- No, hoping to catch up and improve in this area
March was quite chaotic. As soon as I sought to improve in areas I felt I was attacked immediately and have not kept up well at all. A week and a half ago we had a stomach but in the house, which caused some set backs as well as struggling to get up in the morning. Right now I feel like I just cannot get enough sleep. I hope to improve in April, but only by God's grace will it happen. Lord, please grant me the strength and ability to do what You have called me to do!

How was March for you?