Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 8 to 14

1336. Waking early (though much earlier than I was expecting)
1337. Spending extra time praying
1338. Making it at the grocery store without a list (forgot it at home)
1339. Reuben enjoying taking a bath
1340. J, L and R all playing together in the tub
1341. Great day at home
1342. Jim slated to be done with his class next week (got to love modular classes!)
1343. Getting Reuben's journal caught up finally
1344. Actually finding a couple of good deals at CVS this week
1345. Going to playgroup outside
1346. Beautiful weather
1347. Seeing Sisters I have not in a while
1348. Eating lunch at the park
1349. Jamey and Reuben snuggling on the chair
1350. Jamey being thankful for correction and discipline
1351. Gabriel's kisses
1352. Cookout with the CG
1353. Water Aerobics twice this week
1354. Great conversations with friends
1355. Going to MOMSTogether
1356. Going to BSF
1357. Serving in the 2 year class
1358. Seeing Sprouts in our garden!!!!! (waiting for lettuce)
1359. Lillian cheering on her brothers
1360. Seeing growth in all of the kids
1361. Seeing God's grace on our kids
1362. Finding out Jamey is further along in reading than I thought
1363. Not ordering the curriculum I thought I was going to use so I do not have to cancel or return an order (having to change after the above discovery)
1364. Having kids who love to learn and read
1365. Reuben getting into school
1366. Starting unit 3 of Russian Level 1
1367. Taking a nap
1368. Getting a better routine
1369. Jamey starting swim lessons again
1370. New Leap Frog videos
1371. Jamey and Lillian playing outside everyday
1372. Doing school on Saturday (have I mentioned I love homeschooling?)
1373. Flexibility
1374. Movie nights with Becca (Watched The Last Holiday, really funny)
1375. Good conversations with Becca (love having her live with us)
1376. Being reminded that I must test everything I hear against Scripture
1377. Learning how to discern what I hear
1378. Learning to trust God and His word above all else
1379. Learning more about Song of Solomon
1380. Being prompted to write more (ready for some time to do it :) )
1381. Having conversations with Jamey about what it means to be a Christian (these are precious)
1382. Learning about different cultures
1383. $5 Lunch deals at Dairy Queen
1384. Getting meal planning done with little stress
1385. Family movie night

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