Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 22 to 28

1506. Waking early
1507. Great school time
1508. Family field trip to the Grocery store (yes this was a "school field trip" as well as our weekly store run)
1509. Yummy ham
1510. Having a picnic lunch in the side yard
1511. Watching the kids run outside
1512. Our garden continuing to grow (God is amazing)
1513. Doing additional work with Jamey in the afternoon
1514. Jamey beginning to ask deeper questions
1515. Seeing God's grace at work in Jamey and Lillian's life
1516. God's faithfulness as we are faithful to His instruction
1517. Growing closer as a family
1518. Kids responding well to discipline
1519. Kids listening more during Bible reading time
1520. Great spiritual conversations
1521. Nice evening home
1522. Kids sleeping later
1523. A nurse helping us to find the doctor's office after being given a bad address
1524. Having an answer to Lillian's thumb locking up
1525. Taking just Jamey and Lillian to playgroup
1526. Great conversations with Sisters
1527. Encouragement
1528. Nice weather
1529. Walking to eat lunch with Jim
1530. Super Yummy burger at Smoketown
1531. Working with Jamey in language arts
1532. Finishing my reading for my SWI class
1533. Reading more in Redeeming Childbirth
1534. Lillian saying all but about 5 verses of "Excellent Wife"
1535. Finishing The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved and Vacation Under the Volcano with the kids
1536. Conversations that came from those books
1537. Community Group
1538. Being able to encourage and pray for my Sisters
1539. Homemade mocha!
1540. The whole house sleeping until at least 7 am! (have not done this in sooo long)
1541. Taking it easy while still keeping routine
1542. Having a good long school time
1543. Finally doing some Russian lessons
1544. Rain
1545. Learning games
1546. Playing Memory with Jamey and Lillian
1547. Cleaning out my email
1548. Nice rest time
1549. Reuben holding hands when we pray at the table and saying "Amen"
1550. Lillian "feeding" her baby like Mama
1551. Jim and the kids wrestling
1552. Jim teaching the kids to play games
1553. Starting The Magician's Nephew as a family
1554. Reading with Jim
1555. Ice cream
1556. Early bed time
1557. Waking early (but not too early)
1558. Having a really good breakfast
1559. Drinking 64 oz of water before 9 am!
1560. Great school time with the kids
1561. Jamey asking to do more book work
1562. Lillian wanting to learn what Jamey is learning
1563. Reuben thinking he is as big as the older 2
1564. Doing Russian with the 3 older kids
1565. Skyping with Dawn
1566. Praying for each other
1567. Several tomato plants sprouting
1568. The need for another garden bed
1569. Having questions to study for my quiz
1570. Water Aerobics
1571. Hot tub
1572. Fun conversations
1573. Last night of SWI for the year
1574. Gabriel staying home
1575. SWI party after class
1576. Seeing Nicoline!
1577. Lots of chocolate
1578. Talking with Amy
1579. Having a Sister who gets it
1580. Jamey asking "Can I do more book work?"
1581. Reuben starting to participate in Russian
1582. Lillian attempting to write her name on her "book work"
1583. Family trip to Target
1584. Jamey finishing swim lessons
1585. Finding another Sonlight user
1586. Getting our curriculum for next year!!!!!
1587. Going through our curriculum and getting a basic start (excited to plan for next year!)
1588. Watching Brave with Becca
1589. Sleeping later
1590. Going to a ladies meeting at Ashley's house
1591. Seeing Ashley, Amy and Jenny
1592. Meeting new Sisters
1593. Being real
1594. Giving and receiving encouragement
1595. Finding out Sisters have the same issues as me
1596. Being encouraged as a wife, mother and woman
1597. Like-minded Sisters who get it
1598. Being reminded we are not meant to travel this road alone
1599. Hearing Jamey and Lillian help each other
1600. A refreshing day with friends
1601. All kids napping today
1602. Time to write
1603. Jim sleeping well during the day
1604. Listening to the kids say Psalm 67
1605. Listening to the kids talk while they were "trying" to go to sleep
1606. Watching my kids grow closer
1607. Hearing Jim and Becca conversing nicely
1608. Getting a couple things done and sent out
1609. Becca braiding my hair
1610. Kids staying in their room after waking up this morning
1611. Getting everyone ready before 8
1612. Missions Sunday at Sojourn
1613. Being reminded that everything we do stems from worship
1614. Sitting with Jared and Rachel at church
1615. Meeting Heather
1616. Quiet afternoon
1617. Cheese sticks
1618. Arby's Fries
1619. Seeing 5 Families commissioned for international service
1620. Getting together with Friends to pray for Workers :)

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