Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 15 to 21

1386. Waking early
1387. Starting school by 7:30
1388. Getting all of our reading and book work done in an hour
1389. Play date at Joanna's house
1390. Lots of encouragement and affirmation of things God has been revealing
1391. Talking homeschool
1392. J, L, and R all playing well at Joanna's house
1393. Yummy muffins
1394. Kids playing outside
1395. Jamey learning to dig in the dirt
1396. Finding out encouraging information
1397. Finding another sprout (now waiting on the spinach)
1398. Getting some reading for class done
1399. Getting caught up with my Bible reading
1400. Attempting to play a video game with Jim
1401. Gabriel laughing, smiling and giving kisses (love his playfulness)
1402. Jamey napping
1403. Playing a bike game we got from Joanna
1404. Getting caught up with the blessings I can remember
1405. Hearing from a couple preparing for the field
1406. Playing "Cookie Jar" with Jamey and Lillian
1407. Jamey "talking" for Reuben when it's Reuben's turn in "Cookie Jar"
1408. Reuben saying, "I love you" to Jim!
1409. Putting a chair to contain Reuben in the school room
1410. Reuben doing well in his chair during school time
1411. Jamey continuing to read well
1412. Jamey telling me he wants to read and write well
1413. Jamey saying he wants to glorify God (loving the moments to help teach him about this)
1414. Lillian starting to try writing her name
1415. Playgroup
1416. Safe place for the kids to run around inside
1417. Playing in the yard with the kids
1418. Teaching the kids about blowing dandelions
1419. Taking pictures
1420. More sprouts!
1421. Starting tomato and peppers
1422. Fun at water aerobics
1423. Gabriel doing well and being able to stay home during CG
1424. Great time of sharing and bonding at CG (love these people)
1425. Being able to be honest with Sisters
1426. Being encouraged
1427. Talking with Jim
1428. Sleeping until 6 (right now this is a treat)
1429. Getting school done in half an hour and being able to get other things done
1430. Going to BSF this morning
1431. Making lunch
1432. Lillian asking to take a nap
1433. Jamey learning about gardening and helping to plant
1434. Going to the pool as a family
1435. Reuben going head first into the water and LOVING it!
1436. Gabriel enjoying the pool
1437. Taco Bell
1438. Reuben crashing out
1439. Nice evening
1440. Getting curriculum ordered for next year!
1441. Getting emails written
1442. Finishing my reading for class tomorrow
1443. Early bed time
1444. Jim and I both getting up at 6
1445. Getting school done in a timely manner
1446. Getting extra school work done (working through the K language Arts faster than normal in prep for next year)
1447. Playdate with Caroline, Luke and Hadley
1448. Sisters who are like minded
1449. Sisters who desire accountability and community
1450. Yummy quesadillas for lunch
1451. Studying for my quiz
1452. Going to water aerobics
1453. Gabriel staying home during class
1454. Gabriel taking a bottle well
1455. Being able to pay attention during Biblical Interpretation class
1456. Great conversations
1457. Jim finishing his Greek class
1458. Jim starting his summer class early
1459. Figuring out how Jim can potentially take 3 classes next fall
1460. Doing well on my quiz
1461. Dr. Plummer asking about Jim in class
1462. Getting up early 5 days in a row
1463. Spending great time in prayer and the Word
1464. Getting all school work for the week done plus some extra
1465. Kids who are eager to learn
1466. Putting the high chair in the school room for Reuben and him doing well with it
1467. Spontaneous playdate at Erin's house
1468. Good afternoon
1469. Talking with Tera at the pool
1470. Talking about kids and family
1471. Jamey doing better at swim lessons
1472. Jim getting some sleep before work
1473. Jim finding an accountability partner
1474. Kids going to bed early
1475. Nice relaxing evening at home (though I did nothing I needed to)
1476. Getting good sleep
1477. Sleeping in a little
1478. Working on more school work (yes on Saturday, my kids love it)
1479. Running errands
1480. Family getting here early afternoon
1481. Celebrating Rachel, Becca and Lillian's birthday
1482. Seeing Rachel (from Sojourn) at Mellow Mushroom
1483. Cookie cake!
1484. Watching The Help
1485. Clothes for the kids
1486. Inside exersaucer for Gabriel
1487. Hanging out with the family
1488. Getting up early on Sunday
1489. Becca getting up early on Sunday
1490. Yummy breakfast (eggs and cinnamon rolls)
1491. Getting out of the house in a timely manner
1492. Dedicating Gabriel to the Lord
1493. Learning about teaching our kids about covenant love
1494. Living close enough for Jim to run home and change clothes after Gabriel peed on him
1495. Lunch at McAlister's
1496. Fun gifts for Lillian
1497. Mom making Lillian a blanket (so pretty)
1498. Going to the missions cookout
1499. Learning about GEM
1500. Being even more encouraged about Childbirth class
1501. Learning about places that have work in Eastern Europe
1502. Talking to Sarah
1503. Meeting Ciera
1504. Seeing God at work
1505. Family movie night

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