Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 1 to 7

1211. Getting up at 6 am!
1212. Gabriel sleeping through the night again!
1213. Spending time with the Lord
1214. Being able to be honest with the Lord and tell Him how I feel
1215. Having a great school time
1216. Starting Jamey on a more in depth language arts study
1217. Getting school done in a timely manner even with extra activities
1218. Doing well at the grocery store
1219. Jamey and Lillian remembering their Bible verse from last week and wanting to say it
1220. Great rest time with all 4 kids
1221. Getting some writing done
1222. Getting to blog
1223. Doing more research
1224. Reading more with the kids
1225. Listening to Lillian say the Proverbs 31 woman
1226. Going until 6 pm without turning on the TV
1227. Getting a decent amount of cleaning done
1228. Getting back in routine
1229. Jamey eating much better
1230. Smooth bed time
1231. Getting time to talk to Jim
1232. Waking up before 6:30!
1233. Time with the Lord again!
1234. Getting to the doctor's office in a timely manner
1235. Quick time in the office
1236. Time to do some school between appointments
1237. Being able to encourage future nurses
1238. Finishing school with Jamey
1239. Having kids who LOVE to learn and do school
1240. Listening to my kids sing
1241. Teaching Jamey basics for the piano
1242. Jamey wanting to learn an instrument
1243. Jamey loving to draw and write
1244. Gabriel giving me kisses
1245. Reuben talking and signing please constantly
1246. Reuben wanting to sit in a desk for school
1247. Lillian jumping and singing
1248. Getting some things to start our garden
1249. Jim getting our garden bed ready to plant
1250. Getting Redeeming Childbirth
1251. Going to water aerobics and really feeling the work out
1252. Being able to leave Gabriel at home during cg
1253. Seeing our community group
1254. Finding out another Sister is expecting!
1255. Seeing true joy and excitement for new life from others
1256. Talking about doubts and how to live in light of the resurrection
1257. Hearing encouraging  words from others
1258. Getting insurance issues worked out
1259. Getting up before 6:30!
1260. Gabriel continuing to sleep all night again
1261. Time with the Lord
1262. Getting school done in 30 minutes
1263. Going to Amy's for a play date
1264. Sharing with a Sister
1265. Being encouraged by a fellow homeschooler
1266. The kids playing well
1267. Gabriel sleeping for most of the time while the others played
1268. Yummy coffee
1269. Getting some reading done
1270. Jim getting to come home for dinner
1271. Having a smooth evening
1272. Great morning
1273. Getting a lot done during school
1274. Kids excited about school
1275. Reuben sitting and wanting to learn
1276. Reuben singing with us
1277. Beginning to discuss deeper spiritual truths with Jamey
1278. Jamey asking questions and processing
1279. Lillian eager to learn more
1280. Watching the kids play together
1281. All going outside together
1282. Planting some lettuce and spinach seeds (Officially starting our garden)
1283. Getting some reading and planning done
1284. Water aerobics!
1285. Seeing Shannon
1286. Jim coming home early
1287. Deciding on our curriculum for homeschool next year
1288. Having a great day overall!
1289. Getting up early everyday this week
1290. Lillian sleeping in her own bed 2 whole nights in a row
1291. Doing school everyday this week
1292. Teaching Jamey what it means to be a Christian
1293. Learning about God's work around the world
1294. Preparing well for women's prayer
1295. Having a good turn out
1296. Kids getting to play outside while we prayed
1297. Great time of prayer
1298. Great price for Papa John's
1299. Great rest time
1300. Working on survey
1301. Reading
1302. Getting dinner made mostly by myself
1303. J, L and R all playing together in the bath tub without having a fit
1304. Jim getting to read to the kids before going to work
1305. Kids going to bed smoothly
1306. Getting some other stuff done
1307. Movie night with Becca
1308. Relaxing evening
1309. Getting stuff ready for writing group
1310. Going to writing group
1311. Talking through important decisions with a Sister
1312. Being able to share more writing and get feed back
1313. Beautiful weather
1314. Spending the afternoon outside with the kids and Becca
1315. Talking to Rachy
1316. Watching Jamey and Lillian play together
1317. Gabriel enjoying being outside
1318. Becca getting some cute pictures of Reuben
1319. Having a "conversation" with Gabriel
1320. Smooth bed time
1321. Movie night with Becca #2
1322. Waking up early 7 days in a row
1323. Walking to church
1324. Hearing a great sermon on Song of Solomon (current sermon series, go to and check it out)
1325. Seeing Dina, Kendall and Kayden
1326. Seeing the Balsley family (Simon is so big)
1327. Talking to Frannie (pray for her family as they move to Pittsburgh)
1328. Everyone jumping in to help us find Lillian when she wandered off at church
1329. Relaxing afternoon
1330. Having some family time
1331. Getting weekly planning done
1332. Smooth bed time
1333. Movie night with Jim
1334. Hearing some great news from JoAnna
1335. Doing better with scheduling and cleaning this week

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