Monday, August 8, 2016

The Hundred Dresses

This book was our last read aloud in our Core A curriculum from Sonlight this year.

I really liked this book and the lessons that it teaches about loving others, not standing up for those who are weaker, and fighting the battle of right and wrong inside. It was a great book to talk about what really loving your neighbor as yourself looks like. It was also an excellent book to discuss pride and false assurance of what is going on. It shows, too, the dangers of idolizing people because of money, status, clothing, etc.

The book focuses on a couple of girls at a school, one foreign who is made fun of and others that seek to make fun of her. One of the girls in on the fun wrestles with how they are treating Wanda in the book, especially when she is missing from school.

The conclusion is a bit odd, in my opinion, but for a kids book, it is an easy and simple read with much to discuss about Christian principles and character.

4 stars for this kids book.

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