Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Blessings

January has been full, but full of good things as God shows us Himself and teaches us to trust Him in all things. He opens doors, gives grace, peace and love, and shows us how He is in control of all things even when it seems things make no sense at all. Here are a few ways God has blessed our family this month.

  1. Great Sunday Sermon on First Things First
  2. God stirring our hearts
  3. Being challenged to take advantage of our freedom
  4. New Year's Gifts
  5. Learning to dream together
  6. Fun family time
  7. Bible time with kids
  8. Reading
  9. Nehemiah praying
  10. Jamey working diligently
  11. Time with Lillian
  12. Becca coming over
  13. Seeing Mandy
  14. Sam's tooth still doing well
  15. Over half off Chick-fil-A
  16. Jim talking to his mom
  17. Aldi pizza
  18. Homemade blueberry scones
  19. Stretching CG time
  20. Day with the Vander Weert family
  21. Lillian playing well with Clarity
  22. Sharing hearts
  23. Encouragement
  24. Time to talk to Brit
  25. Working with Jamey
  26. Enjoying the snow fall
  27. Cleaning up the kitchen
  28. Talking with God
  29. Getting good news from Brit
  30. Being on the same page
  31. Time to talk with Sarah S
  32. Being encouraged and affirmed in what God is telling us
  33. Date night at Arby's
  34. Enjoying time with Jim
  35. Doing a lot of reading
  36. Sleep
  37. Jim growing in baking
  38. Kids playing well together
  39. No TV!
  40. Working our minds
  41. Starting new books
  42. Great sermon on One Master and purpose
  43. Clearing out email
  44. Starting School of Missions
  45. Meeting new people
  46. Kids excited about class
  47. Jim home early from class
  48. 6 kids at the table
  49. Sharing my heart at book club
  50. Laughing
  51. Nehemiah learning nose
  52. Tickles
  53. Time with my kids
  54. Good school day
  55. Time with Julianne and Joyanna
  56. God's movement
  57. Nehemiah holding hands to pray
  58. Time with the Gunns
  59. Home made tacos
  60. Class getting canceled
  61. Moving the shelf at the bottom of the stairs
  62. Good work time
  63. Going to bed at 9
  64. Going through the closet
  65. Meeting Nina
  66. Selling a book
  67. Finishing the week strong
  68. Talking to Bec
  69. Time with the Felix family
  70. Homemade mac and cheese
  71. Dippin' Dots!!!!!
  72. Jim meeting with James
  73. Dealing with emotions together
  74. Looking at reading lists
  75. Learning together as a family
  76. Finishing Frankenstein
  77. Ordering more books
  78. Relaxing afternoon with Jim
  79. Hearing what God is doing in Asia
  80. Sharing wedding pics with the kids
  81. Nehemiah singing "Be Thou My Vision"
  82. Talking to Mom
  83. Getting 6 chapters edited in my book
  84. Time with Reuben
  85. Going to the pool
  86. Boys doing well at the doctor
  87. God's protection in unusual ways
  88. $10 coupon from a stranger
  89. Gabriel sitting with Jim at CG
  90. New people
  91. Sharing the good
  92. 3.5 hours of overtime
  93. Being reminded of the joys of flexible schedules
  94. God's provision
  95. Spiritual conversations with Jamey and Lillian
  96. Productive day without Jim at home
  97. Experience Norwex meeting
  98. Winning 3 prizes!!!
  99. Seeing Jessica
  100. Meeting Katie- in business with her husband and has 6 kids
  101. God affirming more of our direction
  102. Fillings going smoothly
  103. Starbucks
  104. Rising without alarm clock
  105. Really yummy lunch
  106. Talking about Plexus with Becca
  107. Working through what God wants
  108. Excellent sermon on suffering
  109. Interesting connections with Lee
  110. Getting all 7 kids to and from church by myself
  111. Taco Bell
  112. Time to work on overdue things
  113. Dr. Gregg Allison at School of Missions
  114. Seeing Heather
  115. Dealing with heart issues
  116. God working in Jim's heart
  117. Cooking together
  118. Gabriel having time with Jim
  119. Planning for the next day
  120. The Spirit speaking to me
  121. Time to write out some thoughts on business
  122. Pumpkin muffins
  123. Working through business desires and ideas with Jim
  124. Ice cream cones
  125. Good paycheck
  126. Tara available to help with blog set up!
  127. Plexus Ambassador
  128. Great first day of co-op
  129. Friends
  130. Connecting
  131. Sharing
  132. Meeting new people
  133. Jim being tech support
  134. Winning Usborne money!!!
  135. Roger helping with the dishwasher
  136. Learning about more business opportunities
  137. God moving
  138. Great reminder of need for diversity
  139. Taking a nap
  140. People asking about business
  141. Praying with Jim
  142. Feeling more awake
  143. Learning to repent to my kids
  144. Learning to fight the flesh
  145. Fleshing out heart emotions

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