Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Drive

Sunday afternoon, our family loaded up after 7 years in Louisville to drive back to GA. For this move I needed to drive to GA in the car alone. This was my choice, but I'm more comfortable with the car than the van on long drives.

Having my entire family driving in our large 12-passenger van in front of or behind me got to me a little bit. When you're alone it's easy to let your mind get crazy, and Satan likes to take the opportunity to make you think the worst.

A very good friend of mine was killed in a car crash on a family trip in a similar style van. Satan was playing with my mind thinking that could be my family while I was safely in my car. I prayed for protection, fought these terrible thought, but it was a struggle.

And then, just after we got on the interstate for the last leg of our trip, I saw the top of a rainbow peeking over the mountain. God began speaking to my heart, reminding me of His promises to be with us no matter what! We go around the mountain and the rainbow is stretched across the sky. I broke. God met me in that moment. The promises filled my mind and I knew that we would make it, but even if we didn't I would be OK.

That's when the rain drops fell out of a brilliant, sun-filled sky. A friend once told me  that rain is God showering His blessings on us, and that is what God brought to my mind. He was there, blessing me with life, with safety in that moment, with family, with Himself.

This is the God I serve. The God who is all powerful, the Creator of the universe and is still right there with me in a moment of fear and speaking to my frail and fragile heart. God is good. He is merciful when He doesn't have to be. He met me where I was ans spoke peace to me.

Where is God meeting you today?

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