Friday, July 31, 2015

July Blessings

July has been full of challenges, but also full of blessings as God teaches us everyday. It's nice to look back during this crazy month and see how God has given us so much that we don't deserve.

  1. Getting 4 hours of sleep
  2. Taking a nap
  3. Getting adjusted
  4. Getting the ball rolling for taking care of lead outside
  5. Going dress shopping with the girls
  6. Frozen yogurt
  7. Time to read and pray
  8. Free Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwiches
  9. Nehemiah having a good doctor appointment
  10. Time to nap
  11. A little time with Jim
  12. Gabriel greeting Nehemiah in the morning
  13. Lillian doing catechism with Nehemiah
  14. Taking J, L, R, and N to see "Inside Out"
  15. Thinking about emotions more and what mine are doing
  16. Sleeping in
  17. Panera for lunch
  18. Hanging out
  19. Watching the kids and my sisters dance
  20. Sam dancing with everybody
  21. Great sermon on prayer
  22. Remembering prayer is about relationship
  23. Restful afternoon
  24. Taking a short nap
  25. Robin bringing us dinner
  26. Watching the women's World Cup final
  27. Nehemiah doing 2 four hour stretches
  28. All of the kids napping in the afternoon
  29. Pizza and a movie
  30. Nehemiah only getting up once to eat
  31. Going to playgroup for a bit
  32. Starting Nehemiah's calendar
  33. Going to CG
  34. Talking with Jim and spending some quiet moments together
  35. Working on journals
  36. Nice and productive date night with Jim
  37. Ice cream pie
  38. Sharing my heart
  39. Hearing great news from Robin
  40. Sleeping until 9
  41. Lazy day at home
  42. Reading together
  43. Jamey reading to his siblings
  44. Gabriel sleeping in the bunk bed
  45. Nehemiah sleeping 6 hours
  46. 9 hours of sleep
  47. Meeting with Dawn
  48. Meeting Josiah
  49. Yummy sandwich
  50. Jamey getting school work done
  51. Relaxing family day at home
  52. Having Ryan over for dinner
  53. Watching "Mom's Night Out" for a double date night in
  54. Learning about God's Kingdom and what it means to pray for it to come
  55. Attempting to take family pictures
  56. Getting to sleep until 10:30
  57. Robinette's bringing us dinner
  58. Writing some blog posts
  59. Good conversation with Jim
  60. Nehemiah sleeping 7 hours
  61. Going to playgroup
  62. Good conversations with friends
  63. Fun girls night
  64. Getting more blog posts written
  65. Family outing to Krispy Kreme
  66. Groupons
  67. Sam turning 15 months
  68. Getting a few more pictures made
  69. Making it through Jim's first day back at work
  70. Everyone napping but Lillian
  71. Lillian reading all the books downstairs
  72. Sarah and Klyde coming to hang out
  73. Making it through Jim's second day back at work
  74. Encouraging words from Audrey
  75. Sara and Kelsey bringing a delicious dinner
  76. Positive answers to prayers
  77. Getting our to-do lists done
  78. Going to the library for a bit
  79. Great sermon on Radical Faith
  80. Reception for the Honay family
  81. Being around international missions people
  82. Making it through the day on little sleep
  83. Time with God
  84. God never leaving me
  85. All kids napping for 4 or more hours
  86. Book Club
  87. Jamey changing Sam's diaper
  88. Kids' playing well together
  89. Sleep until 9
  90. Really sharing my feelings with Jim
  91. The kids playing on a sprayground and enjoying it
  92. Nehemiah sleeping 8 hours
  93. Fun time at CG
  94. Making it through the day without extra hands
  95. Jamey caring for Nehemiah
  96. Wanting to be with Jim
  97. Being able to share my heart with Jim again
  98. Having a God who knows and understands me perfectly
  99. Reading with Becca
  100. Dancing
  101. Talking with Jim about irrational feelings
  102. Learning to be OK with the unknown
  103. Kids playing in the water at the park
  104. Time to talk with Ashley
  105. Meeting another co-op mom
  106. Time to work on things
  107. Good date night
  108. Talking with Jim
  109. Meeting with other women to talk about food and glorifying God
  110. Productive afternoon
  111. Relaxing evening
  112. Learning more about prayer
  113. Taking a nap
  114. House napping
  115. Reading with Jim and talking
  116. Signing up for co-op classes
  117. Sleep
  118. Really productive day
  119. Cleaning and organizing
  120. Getting coffee with Jim
  121. Just talking and laughing together again
  122. Breanne bringing us dinner
  123. Spending time with Audrey, Gemma and Jasper
  124. Getting calendar and journal done
  125. Nehemiah turning 1 month
  126. Jen bringing dinner
  127. Getting stuff ready for yard sale
  128. Sam making it through a long day away from home
  129. Julianne bringing dinner
  130. Half-priced cheesecake
  131. Jim and I growing in communication
  132. Nehemiah sleeping 7 1/2 hours
  133. Sam giving Nehemiah kisses
  134. Really encouraging visit with the Felix family
  135. Making it the majority of the day by myself
  136. Getting emails written
  137. Nehemiah sleeping 7 hours
  138. Taking 6 kids to the park solo
  139. Reading with Becca
  140. Talking to Brit
  141. Finding out she is expecting a healthy baby girl
  142. Jamey telling me I'm the best mom in the world even when I get mad

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