Thursday, July 16, 2015

The 5 Year Plan is Up...

...And we are still in Louisville. 

It's been said numerous times that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. I don't even know who gets the original credit for this because it's such a well known statement. How much I feel this today.

Five years ago we packed up our small family of four and headed to Louisville with our five year plan in mind. Our plan was to come here, for Jim to finish seminary, maybe have a couple more kids, and be on the international mission field in Moldova by this year.

Well, we are still in Louisville, Jim is not finished with seminary yet (he has 6 classes left), we have had 4 more children, and we are not actively headed to Moldova. We still plan to go overseas, but currently, God's specific plan for us in this area is unclear.

What is clear is that God's plan for us is to make us individuals and a family that seek His face, seek to be more like Jesus, and spread His Name to anyone and everyone so that God alone will be worshiped and adored.

The past five years have not been at all what we thought. They have been challenging. They have been full of life, heartache, learning and growing. I, personally, have learned so much about what it means to love as Jesus loves, to forgive as God forgives us, and sacrifice as Jesus sacrificed. I have learned more about God's heart for His people and just how deep and wide true love goes.

Our family size has doubled from four to eight! Just two and a half weeks ago, we welcomed our newest addition, Nehemiah. We have been so blessed by God in spite of ourselves. When I look at our children I am reminded of God's love for us and how much I do not deserve to be blessed because of my sinfulness, and yet God continues to bless us anyway.

We started out in Louisville in a three bedroom apartment, with the intention of staying there until we left Louisville. Two years later, God blessed us with a four bedroom house in Germantown near Sojourn to be part of the area a local church is reaching. It has been an adventure and we are still learning and growing in reaching our neighborhood for God.

Three years ago, my sister, Becca, moved up here to go to school, help out and learn. It has been fun and difficult learning in this relationship and watching her grow in her relationship with God as well as growing together not only has biological sisters, but Sisters in Jesus.

We are continuing to learn and grow as we seek what God would have for our family. This past year in particular has been challenging as God has brought sin to light and taught all of us more of His design for family and what that means for us. We know there is still much more to learn before we head overseas and don't know if it's a year away or another five. But we know that God will not send us on, until He is ready for us to move on to another place.

For now we are still here, exactly where God wants us, whether the day is good or bad, going smoothly or is the hardest day we have faced yet. God is with us and growing us right where He wants us.

So here's to another year in Louisville and what God will bring with it.

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