Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Blessings

July was all over the place and went by so quickly. We saw family for a couple of days, had VBS, lots of learning, and enjoyed being together. Our family has grown a lot this month, especially Jim and I. It's been hard and good as we learn more about God and His design for life. Here is a peek at some of the blessings He gave us this month, though I know there were many more.
  1. Jim finishing the school year with the kids. Seriously, since Sam was born he did school with them everyday. This is such a huge blessing. Thank you, Jim! 
  2. Finishing this school year
  3. Having a month long break
  4. Lillian acting out movies as she watches them
  5. Free parking downtown
  6. Half priced tickets at Louisville Slugger Factory
  7. God moving in my heart
  8. Jim and I growing together in Christ
  9. Growing more in love with Jesus
  10. God teaching me more and more about His character
  11. Jamey asking about Jesus
  12. Having an hour alone with the Lord outside
  13. Being reminded of things God has asked me to do
  14. Learning about sinfulness and forgiveness
  15. Watching Jamey and Lillian act out movies
  16. Growing in communication
  17. Meeting with Julianne to talk about prayer
  18. Laura Brandt
  19. Having needed discussions even when they are hard
  20. Meeting with Tom and Robyn
  21. Being encouraged in the faith
  22. Watching less TV
  23. Growing in prayer
  24. Teaching the kids to play Go Fish
  25. Learning to trust God more
  26. Learning more about Jim
  27. Learning more about myself
  28. Going out on a date every week
  29. Jamey learning to draw more
  30. God still working on all of us
  31. Reuben and Gabriel communicating more
  32. Reuben beginning to transition to big boy bed
  33. Many teachable moments
  34. Jamey and Lillian learning about Jesus at VBS
  35. Seeing the Knowles
  36. Seeing the Jacksons

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