Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Blessings

June has been a roller coaster. As God continues to move in our family we are learning so much and I am learning to see blessings in many different things. Sadly, my first draft ended up deleted, so here is what I can remember.

  1. Taking family pictures
  2. Celebrating 10 years of marriage

  3. Getting a night away with Jim
  4. God growing us in Christ-likeness
  5. Reading "When Sinners Say 'I Do'" with Jim
  6. Jamey asking Gabriel to take a picture with him
  7. Having a wonderful CG family
  8. An evening out with Laura
  9. Great conversations with Jim
  10. Learning about what God has done for me and understanding more personally
  11. Journaling a lot
  12. Being more present with my family
  13. Reuben asking to pray
  14. Jamey beginning to pray at meal times
  15. Taking all 5 kids to the park by myself for a little bit
  16. Taking all 5 kids to the library by myself
  17. Meeting Mrs. Gwendolyn
  18. God using strangers to speak Truth into my life
  19. The power of prayer
  20. Sam's growth spurt only lasting a couple of days
  21. My body responding to Sam's growth spurt
  22. Jim giving me the day out to work on my book
  23. Learning new songs at Sojourn and on the radio
  24. Learning more of God's grace and forgiveness
  25. Gabriel beginning to hold hands and say "Amen" when we pray
  26. Gabriel learning to eat with a spoon
  27. Learning more of the depths of Christ's love for me
  28. Music
  29. Pumps
  30. The ability to write

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