Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Seriously! I finally finished my first draft of my first novel. I honestly don't know how many people know I like to write fiction, since I kept it hidden most of my life, but this is such a big deal to me. Since I was about 12 I have had ideas for books and started many with the hope of finishing one of them one day. Well, by God's grace, today is that day! This story I have been working on for about 15 years. I have started it twice, changed the plot line more times than I can count and wrote twists in there even I wasn't expecting (Thank you, Claire :) ). I'm so giddy I don't know what to do with myself! With that I am so grateful that God has allowed me to accomplish this goal in my life. I'm stunned and amazed and hope that I will be able to edit it well and get it published in some avenue. I may ramble for a minute, but I really am just in awe. We plan we scheme, we hope, we dream, but nothing can be accomplished apart from the will of God. There were days I thought I should just give up on this dream and hang it up. But thanks be to God I did not give up. I hope that this book will bring Him glory and encourage and/or challenge others. God is so good. He really does care for His people. He cares about the "little things". When we seek Him and His will He does give us the desires of our hearts. God has given me a talent and I pray that I will continue to grow in it. I'm already planning some writing things for next year and hope to do National Novel Writing Month with Gidget again next November to write the sequel. (Yes, I've already got a sequel in mind.) It is so exciting and I hope that this is an encouragement to others who desire to write to get out there and do it! It's an exhilarating adventure!

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