Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9 to 15

8346. Sleeping until 7:30
8347. Eating breakfast together
8348. Doing school with the kids
8349. Jim participating in school time
8350. Jim's j-term class being moved so he can help more
8351. God doing things differently than we expect
8352. Getting a lot more done than I expected
8353. The kids being really excited about school
8354. Getting back into Jamey's math book
8355. The kids remembering the routine
8356. Kids who keep you on your toes
8357. Jamey and Lillian both wanting to do more
8358. Figuring out meal planning easily
8359. Taco Bell for lunch
8360. Enjoying Taco Bell
8361. Kids eating a lot
8362. Great rest time
8363. Jamey going to the store with Jim
8364. Good time alone with the Lord
8365. Crying out to God
8366. Good time in the Word
8367. 1 Corinthians
8368. Being always challenged by God's Word
8369. Time to think on things I need to do
8370. Time to write a lot
8371. God molding my heart to match His more every day
8372. God constantly challenging me
8373. Hearing Jamey make connections with Truth behind them
8374. Thinking about next year
8375. Nice family evening
8376. Deep dinner conversations
8377. Family movie night
8378. Watching Jim and the kids wrestle
8379. Seeing the differences in my kids' personalities as they played
8380. God's amazing ability to make people so uniquely
8381. Smooth bed time
8382. Time to talk with Jim
8383. Watching a movie together
8384. Nice quiet evening
8385. Decent bedtime
8386. Waking mostly refreshed
8387. Grits for breakfast
8388. Good breakfast conversation
8389. Time to do school before playgroup
8390. Kid's wanting to continue in school when it was time to go play
8391. Seeing Gidget and Silas
8392. Walking in the snow
8393. Having an indoor playground to use once a week
8394. Good conversations on the playground
8395. Encouraging each other
8396. Seeing Joe, Caroline, Luke and Hadley
8397. Seeing Margaret, Max, Sloan and Scout
8398. Fun conversations
8399. Sharing ideas without judgement
8400. Being part of God's family
8401. Kids playing well together
8402. Burning lots of energy
8403. Gabriel being able to stay home with Jim
8404. Walking home
8405. Quick easy lunch
8406. Great rest time
8407. Reading my Bible
8408. Shower
8409. Pouring out my heart to the Lord
8410. Having a God who hears His people and cares deeply for us
8411. Time to write
8412. Being able to make a quick run to the store
8413. Finishing my book!!!
8414. Having great news from a friend
8415. Seeing almost immediate answers to prayer
8416. God doing far more than we can ever imagine
8417. Corn chowder for dinner!
8418. Having enough corn chowder for dinner next week too
8419. Great evening
8420. Going to Community Group
8421. Hearing Jenny's testimony
8422. Hearing Kristen's testimony
8423. Planning for our Christmas meal next week
8424. Time to pray for our Sisters
8425. Time to pray for our elders
8426. Having guy/girl time
8427. Having Sisters who can speak into your life
8428. Having Sisters who celebrate with you
8429. Hearing about an immediate answer to pray from a Sister from last week
8430. God's amazing hand
8431. Praying for each other
8432. Great evening
8433. Pre-bed snack
8434. Time to talk to Jim
8435. Sleep
8436. Lillian sleeping until 7
8437. Getting to sleep until 8
8438. Doing our school core this morning
8439. Family field trip to the Science Center
8440. Good parking space
8441. Kids playing all over
8442. Lots of learning opportunities
8443. Watching Gabriel explore
8444. Seeing their anatomy and physiology exhibit
8445. Subway for lunch
8446. Subway being connected to the Science Center
8447. Gabriel eating his first Subway sandwich piece
8448. Meeting Jennifer and talking about church
8449. Meeting a lady and her kids visiting from out of town
8450. Learning about a new homeschool resource
8451. Making music
8452. Enjoying the day together
8453. The kids exploring together
8454. Teaching life lessons along with science
8455. Learning more about making the most of every opportunity
8456. Staying until almost 2 pm without major melt downs
8457. Great rest time
8458. Jim getting time to think and process some things
8459. Reading the end of 2 Corinthians
8460. Starting a new book (reading)
8461. Talking with Jim
8462. Learning to work through things the way Jesus did
8463. Growing together as a couple
8464. Growing closer to God as a couple and individuals
8465. Getting an email sent
8466. Learning I will likely see Shannon and Neely this weekend!
8467. Already thinking of more writing projects
8468. Seeking where God would have me work next
8469. God's bigness
8470. Restful afternoon
8471. CG Christmas celebration
8472. Seeing people
8473. Meeting George
8474. Seeing Rebecca
8475. Eating Italian food
8476. Celebrating what God has done through CGs this year
8477. Singing praise songs
8478. Hearing testimonies
8479. Encouragement from the elders
8480. Meeting Pastor Brad
8481. Kids doing well with another late night
8482. Smooth bedtime
8483. Chilling for a bit
8484. Sleep
8485. Waking for the day at 5:15
8486. Having some much needed time with the Lord
8487. Journaling about some thoughts
8488. Reading most of the book of Romans
8489. Romans (I love this book of the Bible!)
8490. Praying
8491. Crying out to God
8492. The Holy Spirit working in my heart
8493. Being confronted with what is important vs what is not
8494. Great school time
8495. Getting in some of all of Jamey's school subjects
8496. Realizing how much I need to grow in discipline so I can teach my kids how to be self-disciplined
8497. Seeing how much the kids are learning and growing
8498. Learning how to push my kids a little bit further
8499. Learning how to push myself a little bit further
8500. Great lunch time
8501. Getting in a Russian lesson
8502. Kids resting
8503. Time to talk with Tom and Robyn
8504. Being challenged
8505. Learning how to confront sin
8506. God weeding out sin in my life
8507. Battling
8508. Being able to battle the flesh
8509. God giving us the ability to fight through the power of the Holy Spirit
8510. Restful afternoon
8511. More time to read for fun
8512. "Chuck"
8513. Getting ready for a fun evening
8514. Jamey napping 2 days in a row
8515. Dinner with Nate and Karey
8516. Getting to know each other more
8517. Discussing possibilities for the future
8518. Seeking where God would have us
8519. Being able to set a January date easily
8520. Karey ordering pizza for all of us
8521. Laughter
8522. Kids doing well
8523. God teaching us in all things
8524. Jamey learning to converse with adults more
8525. Nate reading to the kids
8526. Karey's creativity
8527. Discussing our gifts
8528. Discussing how we see gifts
8529. God growing us
8530. The endless possibilities in God's Kingdom
8531. Seeing a God sized vision
8532. Desiring to see God more
8533. Learning to recognize God's goodness in all things
8534. Falling asleep easily
8535. Sleeping until 7 uninterrupted
8536. Having a few minutes to talk with Jim in the morning
8537. Good breakfast time together
8538. Getting ready for MOMSTogether
8539. Gabriel being able to stay home with Jim
8540. Getting there early
8541. Kids ready to go play
8542. Learning my kids sin tendencies and learning how to combat them
8543. Yummy food
8544. Meeting Naomi
8545. Talking to Naomi about where God is leading us
8546. The Spirit at work
8547. Funny mistakes
8548. Being reminded that I need to use my time in the best ways, not just good ways
8549. Thinking about routines we need to reestablish
8550. Seeking how God wants us to use these few weeks between semesters
8551. Seeking how to reorganize our days to be more intentional in everything
8552. Getting the kids early
8553. Teaching moments
8554. Learning to deal with screaming kids to teach important lessons
8555. Getting home on time
8556. Quick turnaround
8557. A few minutes to read while waiting
8558. Seeing the baby
8559. The baby looking healthy
8560. Running to Target
8561. Time to talk with Jim in the car
8562. Discerning why I talk so much at times
8563. Kids resting
8564. Productive afternoon
8565. Getting needed emails sent
8566. Working out a time to hang out with the Whites
8567. Thinking about my blessings
8568. Jim making dinner
8569. Gabriel standing up and clapping
8570. Reuben talking more
8571. Reuben being more understandable
8572. Gabriel pushing a toy across the room
8573. Nice dinner time
8573. Snuggling with my kids
8574. Hearing Lillian sing Hebrews 13:8
8575. Singing with Lillian
8576. Lillian saying more of her Bible verses
8577. Jamey, Lillian and Reuben all sitting with me on the sofa
8578. Enjoying a movie together
8579. Learning to enjoy my kids more
8580. Smooth bedtime
8581. Quiet evening at home
8582. Working on uploading pictures
8583. Being able to use 2 computers at the same time
8584. Being blessed more than I should be
8585. Watching some of the newer episodes of CI
8586. Getting productive things accomplished
8587. Realizing I need to not take so many pictures
8588. Jamey's laughter
8589. Jamey's imagination
8590. Going through some emails
8591. Making a dent in the emails
8592. Getting a few swagbucks
8593. Getting some pictures uploaded
8594. Going to bed
8595. Feeling rested this morning
8596. Kids sleeping well
8597. The little boys sleeping until after 7 am
8598. Being able to doze until 7
8599. Time to pray and read my Bible
8600. Remembering that the work of Christ is worth suffering and dying for
8601. Being reminded God is always in control
8602. God doing all this for His glory and the good of His people
8603. God's ways being higher than ours
8604. Paul's faith to trust God where ever He took him
8605. Paul's faithfulness to God's call in His life
8606. Writing group
8607. Sharing a large portion of my book
8608. Really yummy breakfast
8609. Free pastry
8610. Meeting a woman from Moldova
8611. Good and interesting conversation
8612. Being able to take Marie home
8613. Great afternoon
8614. Being able to work on several things
8615. Jim sleeping well
8616. Becca making cookies and vegan dough balls (both really yummy)
8617. Frozen pizzas
8618. Reading a new book
8619. Kids resting
8620. Becca being around until the kids went to bed
8621. Smooth bed time
8622. Getting more pictures uploaded
8623. Quiet evening
8624. Getting to bed at a decent hour
8625. Getting up at 6:30
8626. Getting everyone up and ready to go by 7:45
8627. Getting Jamey to the kids sing area on time
8628. Talking with Lisa
8629. Other kids playing while we waited for church
8630. Talking with Rachel
8631. Gidget and Margo coming to church
8632. Listening to kids sing in the church service
8633. Jamey doing OK
8634. God's graciousness
8635. Margo making it through the service in the nursery
8636. Good conversation with Gidget
8637. Seeing Shannon
8638. Meeting Neely
8639. Getting to hold Neely for a few minutes
8640. Kids running around
8641. Seeing Melanie
8642. Seeing Lance and Julia
8643. Meeting Zara
8644. The beauty of adoption
8645. Meeting Grace
8646. Making plans to meet Karey and Grace for coffee
8647. God making plans for us
8648. The church being the church
8649. Talking with Sarah
8650. Cookies
8651. Talking to Rachel D and hearing about her birth
8652. Meeting Eloise
8653. God's goodness
8654. Seeing Katie
8655. Being part of the Body of Christ
8656. Yummy lunch
8657. Teaching the kids to eat even when they don't want to
8658. Talking about Jesus with the kids
8659. Jamey telling me what he learned in class
8660. Lillian learning to talk about what she learns
8661. Conversations
8662. Good rest time
8663. Time to read my Bible and pray
8664. Jim getting a good nap
8665. Meeting Karey and Grace for coffee
8666. Karey treating me to dinner
8667. Panera soup and sandwich
8668. Being available to meet on short notice
8669. Hearing Grace's story
8670. Hearing Grace's heart
8671. Encouragement
8672. Seeking how we can best minister to her long term
8673. God teaching Grace
8674. Cafe Mocha
8675. Everyone playing games together
8676. Becca going to church
8677. Smooth bed time
8678. Time for Jim and I to talk
8679. Praying together
8680. God teaching and growing us
8681. Getting stuff ready for Monday
8682. Learning how to communicate more
8683. Being together
8684. Growing in our marriage
8685. Early bed time

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