Monday, December 23, 2013

December 16 to 22

8686. Waking at 6:30
8687. Getting breakfast going
8688. Time to pray and read the Bible
8689. Finally getting caught up on my Bible reading plan!
8690. Desiring to feast on God's Word more
8691. Desiring to pray more
8692. Seeing God give us the desires of our hearts as they match His will for our lives
8693. School time
8694. Great Bible reading time
8695. Getting more regulated in discipline
8696. Seeking to be more disciplined
8697. Kids growing in listening skills
8698. Learning God's Word together
8699. Getting all of our major subjects finished
8700. Jamey growing and learning
8701. Learning how much to push him
8702. Desiring to help him continue in desiring to learn
8703. Learning to combat laziness more
8704. Being productive
8705. Lillian learning
8706. Seeing growth in Lillian
8707. Reuben growing in doing puzzles
8708. Watching Reuben learn
8709. Reuben's vocabulary growing
8710. Reuben asking frequently "What's this?"
8711. Learning how to foster curious minds
8712. Learning to overcome our tendencies
8713. Taco Bell
8714. Family lunch
8715. Good conversations
8716. Grocery store date with Jim
8717. Good rest time
8718. Jamey napping
8719. Time to read for fun
8720. Interesting discussions that come from reading different POVs
8721. Being challenged
8722. Learning to investigate all of Scripture
8723. Yummy pasta dish for dinner
8724. Family dinner
8725. Playing games together
8726. Smooth bed time
8727. Going to BYOB book club
8728. Seeing Ashley
8729. Seeing Breanne
8730. Seeing Jennifer
8731. Meeting new Sisters
8732. Seeing Melanie
8733. Finding out Melanie is also expecting
8734. Hearing about the books people are reading
8735. Being encouraged in my Childbirth Conversation book and class
8736. Ashley being willing to help me set up a more in depth blog for Childbirth Conversations
8737. Great fellowship
8738. Coffee and Hot Chocolate
8739. Great snacks
8740. Breanne's hospitality
8741. Fun conversation
8742. Sisterhood and bonding even when we didn't know each other before
8743. Learning more about homeschool co-op for next year
8744. Things to plan for next year
8745. Being able to help others plan for teaching
8746. Being able to be yourself even when your in a fighting mood
8747. Ashley blessing us with a jacket
8748. Lots of encouragement
8749. Jim having a fun evening
8750. Late night
8751. Sleeping until almost 8
8752. Really good hot breakfast
8753. Becca making breakfast
8754. Family breakfast time
8755. Getting ready for the day
8756. Family Bible time
8757. Gidget and Silas coming over before playgroup
8758. Playgroup
8759. Kids running around a lot
8760. Silas playing with Jamey and Lillian
8761. Great conversation with Gidget
8762. Discussing Genesis 1
8763. Open honest questions and dialogue
8764. Seeing Shannon, Charlotte and Juliet
8765. Seeing Caroline, Luke and Hadley
8766. Seeing Lauren and Samuel
8767. Talking about homeschool curriculum
8768. Encouragement from Sisters
8769. All of our kids playing well together
8770. Learning constantly
8771. Teaching kids to work things out together
8772. Kids playing awhile before begging for food
8773. My kids eating 2 almost whole apples
8774. Lemon Yogurt
8775. Gidget and Silas getting to stay until noon
8776. Walking
8777. Having the ability to walk
8778. Finding out more about serving our workers
8779. Good lunch time
8780. Talking at lunch
8781. Rest time
8782. Making monkey bread with Jim
8783. Time to talk while we cook
8784. Reuben napping
8785. Finishing The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert
8786. Reading a book in a couple of days
8787. Not watching TV all day
8788. Getting needed email sent
8789. Reuben's fascination with a flashlight
8790. Jamey finally falling asleep
8791. Reading my daily Bible reading
8792. God's grace abounding everywhere
8793. Working on blessings
8794. Having so many blessings to count
8795. The literalness of children
8796. Lots of baby movements
8797. God always being in control
8798. Having a God I can take my fears, doubts and questions to
8799. God being a personal God
8800. Having a house with central heating
8801. Having a warm place to go
8802. Gabriel growing
8803. Gabriel sitting up to drink his bottle
8804. Having to teach hard lessons the hard way
8805. Reuben's jabber
8806. Smiles and giggles
8807. Getting things done
8808. Getting end of year letter written
8809. Getting prints from Snapfish
8810. Productivity
8811. Getting things ready for CG Christmas party
8812. Finding Jeff Street with little difficulty
8813. Grace making it to our Christmas party
8814. Seeing everyone
8815. Fun conversations
8816. Ryan being able to come
8817. Beth Anne being able to come
8818. Grace meeting new people and being encouraged
8819. God moving among us
8820. Relatively nice game of White Elephant
8821. Jamey and Reuben playing the game
8822. Jamey getting a remote controlled helicopter from the game
8823. Great fellowship
8824. Time to pray for each other
8825. Hearing encouraging stories from others
8826. All of us being given opportunities to share the Good News of Christmas
8827. Paul being able to spend Christmas with his kids
8828. Getting cleaned up quickly
8829. Smooth bedtime for Jamey and Reuben
8830. Lots of good food
8831. Few minutes to relax
8832. Getting sleep
8833. Sleeping until almost 8 am 2 days in a row
8834. Jamey and Lillian playing well
8835. Getting up and going quickly
8836. Cereal for breakfast
8837. Getting sofa where it could be sat on by multiple people
8838. Doing Bible time with the kids
8839. The White's coming over to hang out
8840. Kids playing
8841. Reading books to the kids
8842. Getting to know Billy better
8843. Laughter
8844. Planning to go on a double date next week
8845. Silas and Margo doing well
8846. Just being
8847. Friendships growing
8848. Making plans for studying the Word
8849. Being able to give Gidget some resources
8850. Interesting conversations
8851. Becca making sandwiches for everyone
8852. Enjoying lunch together
8853. Homemade cookies
8854. Silas sitting with Jamey and Lillian
8855. Finding things in common
8856. Spending 3 hours together
8857. Fun morning
8858. Good rest time
8859. Reading and finishing Where's Mom?
8860. Reading more of What Did You Expect?
8861. Running to the book store with Jim
8862. Getting a free Red Box movie for family movie night
8863. Reading 1 Timothy (love this book too)
8864. Falling more in love with God and His Word
8865. Fighting every day
8866. Not fighting alone
8867. Chicken fried rice for dinner
8868. Nice family dinner time
8869. Gabriel eating a lot
8870. Gabriel's hugs
8871. Reuben's hugs and kisses
8872. Jamey giving hugs to his brothers
8873. Jamey desiring to help his siblings do things
8874. Seeing continual growth with all of the kids
8875. Rolling a ball with Gabriel
8876. Gabriel learning to throw
8877. Gabriel's laugh
8878. Watching "Monster University" for family movie night
8879. Sitting together on the sofa
8880. Having a sofa big enough to hold us all comfortably
8881. Snuggling with Reuben
8882. Teaching Gabriel to sit on the sofa
8883. Snuggling the Lillian
8884. Being together
8885. Lillian falling asleep in Jim's lap
8886. Precious moments
8887. Smooth bed time
8888. Watching "Chuck" with Jim and Becca
8889. Fun relaxing day
8890. Warmed monkey bread with frozen cool whip
8891. Snuggling with Jim
8892. Being reminded that God is always in control
8893. Learning to let go of control
8894. God being so big
8895. Sleep
8896. Waking up and getting out of bed quickly
8897. Time to pray at the start of the day
8898. Reading Titus
8899. Encouragement from God's Word
8900. Cheese Grits
8901. Kids playing well together before school time
8902. School
8903. Having time to get a decent amount of school work done
8904. Lillian being close to finishing her first phonics workbook
8905. Lillian beginning to write some
8906. Being the one to teach my kids to read, write and spell
8907. Reuben learning to do simple puzzles
8908. Reuben becoming more curious and asking questions
8909. Jamey starting his new handwriting book
8910. Getting back into math
8911. Jamey learning to write his numbers
8912. Gabriel starting to participate
8913. Singing together
8914. Watching all the kids learn and grow
8915. Learning to enjoy watching the kids learn and grow
8916. Great lunch time
8917. Enjoying another family day
8918. Getting a Russian lesson done
8919. Jamey participating in the lesson
8920. Jamey's initiative
8921. Seeking how to stretch Jamey
8922. Jamey wanting to spell hard words
8923. Learning so much from the kids
8924. Remembering my blessings
8925. Getting emails weeded through
8926. Good rest time
8927. Watching "Monster University" again
8928. Monster University actually being a really good movie
8929. Running a couple errands with Jim
8930. Pizza for dinner
8931. Time to talk in the car
8932. Getting a gift from Mimi
8933. Gabriel eating a whole piece of pizza
8934. Talking at dinner
8935. Playing games together
8936. Time to read for fun
8937. Growing in my desire to read
8938. Working on letters
8939. Watching Jim, the kids and Becca dance
8940. Lots of laughs
8941. Jamey and Lillian learning to play Mario Kart
8942. Enjoying family time
8943. Smooth bed time
8944. Time to relax
8945. Playing Sudoku
8946. Working my brain
8947. Time to learn
8948. Thinking about goals for next year
8949. Talking to Becca
8950. God solidifying who He is in my mind
8951. Being reminded that Jesus is all we need
8952. Jesus being our everything
8953. Finally getting to sleep
8954. Waking up at 6:30
8955. Another morning to pray before things really got going
8956. Getting the kids started with breakfast
8957. Time to read 1 Peter
8958. Being encouraged by remembering we will be like Christ in the end
8959. We will be made new!
8960. The hope a life with Christ brings
8961. Good breakfast time
8962. Remembering God works in mysterious ways
8963. Being reminded God's ways are higher than ours
8964. Good school time
8965. Getting started with school in a timely manner
8966. Seeing more progress everyday
8967. A few minutes to do Russian
8968. Jamey and Lillian both participating in Russian
8969. Reading a Russian/English book with Jamey
8970. Growing in understanding Russian
8971. Doing a lot of laundry
8972. Working together as a family
8973. Teaching Jamey, Lillian and Reuben to do household tasks
8974. Growing together
8975. Sandwiches
8976. Learning to speak the truth in love
8977. Growing in all things
8978. Gabriel having a good 1 year well appointment
8979. Having healthy children
8980. Gabriel almost being done with teething
8981. Really desiring to grow out of laziness
8982. Thinking about routines to impliment to help us remember what we need to do
8983. Realizing routines are good
8984. Having a little time to rest
8985. Stretching my brain
8986. Jamey learning to make pancakes with Jim
8987. Jamey learning math and chemistry in the kitchen
8988. Making the most of everyday opportunities
8989. Lillian and Reuben talking and laughing together
8990. Pancakes and chocolate syrup
8991. Kids scarfing down their dinner
8992. Gabriel enjoying a fourth of an apple
8993. Learning we need to decrease the amount of milk Gabriel drinks
8994. Kids playing together
8995. Jim having time to play a game with the kids before work
8996. Getting diapers folded
8997. Kids learning to fold
8998. Getting a little time to read for fun
8999. Watching kids dance
9000. Reuben dancing in more rhythm
9001. Hearing Reuben say "I did it" when he follows directions
9002. Understanding a lot of what Reuben was saying today
9003. Reuben asking for hugs and kisses
9004. Watching Gabriel snuggling with Jim
9005. Gabriel's smile and bright eyes
9006. Smooth bed time
9007. Praying for my kids
9008. Jamey praying for his siblings
9009. Listening to Reuben talk to himself and laugh
9010. Taco Bell
9011. $5 boxes
9012. Time to reflect on who God is
9013. Remembering that I have nothing to fear because God is in control
9014. Enjoying a few moments to pray and worship
9015. Being able to reflect on who God is
9016. Food!
9017. Cookies
9018. Watching "13 Going On 30"
9019. The movie being far better and cleaner than expected
9020. Hanging out
9021. Getting most of our pictures backed up
9022. Preparing to clean off the laptop in hopes it will work better
9023. Having more designated online time
9024. Seeing what Andy Surkis really looks like
9025. Being alive
9026. Getting a lot done
9027. Several late nights
9028. Having late evenings to work on things
9029. Still getting up early
9030. God helping me persevere
9031. God giving me strength
9032. Sleep
9033. Being able to doze until about 8 am
9034. Having no plans for the day
9035. Hanging out with the kids
9036. Watching the kids play together
9037. Jamey learning to share
9038. Eating breakfast together
9039. Jim having a good night
9040. Time to read my Bible
9041. Time to pray
9042. Playing with the kids
9043. Time to read for fun/education
9044. Gabriel standing up more
9045. Gabriel showing interest in walking with toys
9046. The Russian books being a big hit with the kids
9047. The 3 older ones wanting to know Russian words
9048. Reuben saying more words in English
9049. Reuben trying a couple words in Russian
9050. Learning as a family
9051. Leftovers for lunch
9052. Time to work on a few things
9053. Talking with Becca
9054. Solidifying truths
9055. God's Truth standing the test of time
9056. Jim sleeping well
9057. Time to rest
9058. Kids resting well
9059. Shrimp and peas
9060. Gabriel eating a lot
9061. Reuben eating better
9062. Having healthy children
9063. Jim being able to play a game with the kids before work
9064. Kids dancing
9065. Kids learning more about music
9066. Smooth bed time
9067. Hanging out
9068. Going to sleep early
9069. Getting up at 7
9070. Getting the kids ready for the day
9071. Cinnamon Rolls
9072. Nice temperature
9073. Jim having a good night at work
9074. Walking to church
9075. Talking as we walk
9076. Teaching as we walk
9077. Getting to church early
9078. Jamey asking to listen to the band practice
9079. Kids dancing to the music
9080. Kids being able to play while waiting for time to go to class
9081. Seeing Grace
9082. Talking to Lora
9083. Seeing Joanna
9084. Talking with Kristen
9085. Beginning to solidify plans for next Childbirth Conversation Class
9086. Seeing the Felix family
9087. Seeing David and Alba
9088. Meeting Alba's family
9089. Seeing Luke and Ann
9090. Seeing MyLee
9091. Connecting with the Body
9092. Talking to Paul
9093. Kids celebrating Jesus's birthday
9094. Jamey telling us about what he learned
9095. Nice walk home
9096. Jamey and Lillian helping with the stroller
9097. Corn Chowder for lunch
9098. Really good corn chowder
9099. Good lunch conversation
9100. Learning to include God in everything
9101. Hearing about what devotion to Jesus really looks like
9102. Being challenged in how I need to be more devoted to God
9103. Wondering what sold out devotion for Jesus would look like
9104. God's amazing grace when we fail
9105. Reading God's Word
9106. Taking a nap
9107. Kids resting
9108. Jim taking a good nap
9109. Time to talk with Charlene
9110. Seeing Jamie and Damien
9111. Learning how to get out more
9112. Learning to live in light of the Gospel
9113. Learning to live without fear
9114. Taco bell for dinner
9115. $5 boxes still there
9116. Enjoying dinner together
9117. Talking
9118. Kids being able to play outside for a little while
9119. Finding the Disney version of "Robin Hood" on Netflix
9120. Kids learning to play Mario Kart
9121. Becca going to church
9122. Time to read more for fun
9123. Turtle ice cream pie
9124. Smooth bed time
9125. Decent bed time

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