Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2 to 8

8131. Getting a good nights sleep for all
8132. Taking another day off from school
8133. Having enough cereal for breakfast
8134. Making a grocery list based on the week we were home
8135. Going to the grocery store
8136. Having nostalgia moments
8137. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes
8138. Little Debbie Cherry Cordials
8139. Papa John's for lunch
8140. Doing well with budget
8141. Getting needed emails sent
8142. Good rest time for all
8143. Jim studying for his final
8144. Productive afternoon
8145. Good dinner
8146. Smooth bed time
8147. Hanging out with Jim
8148. Getting sleep
8149. Waking up at a decent hour
8150. Spending time with the Lord
8151. Going through all the kids clothes in our house
8152. Reorganizing all the clothes buckets
8153. Having extra buckets left over
8154. Seeing Gidget, Silas and Margo
8155. Friends who can see our house just as it is and still be OK
8156. Playgroup
8157. Silas playing with Jamey
8158. Kids wrestling and running around together
8159. Seeing Shannon, Charlotte and Juliet
8160. Seeing Caroline, Luke and Hadley
8161. Fun conversations
8162. Learning how to speak truth in all things
8163. All the kids playing together well
8164. Walking to and from playgroup
8165. Kids doing well with little snack and late lunch
8166. Good lunch
8167. Great rest time
8168. Very productive afternoon
8169. Jim taking his final
8170. Jim being done with the semester
8171. Relaxing some
8172. Good dinner time
8173. Nice evening
8174. Going to CG! (really missed it last week)
8175. Hearing people's stories
8176. Helping a Sister work through a difficult decision Biblically
8177. Being surrounded by people who love the Word
8178. Encouraging others
8179. Life in Christ
8180. Knowing that life will be better and less complicated one day
8181. Being challenged
8182. Great discussions
8183. Not being worried about time
8184. Kids going to sleep well
8185. Bed
8186. Sleeping until 9
8187. Jim letting me sleep later
8188. Good breakfast
8189. Low key day
8190. Hanging out as a family
8191. Going to Ghyslain's with our marriage and family class
8192. Fun and interesting conversations
8193. Time to evaluate the class
8194. Getting a lot of organization done in the living room
8195. Really yummy desserts
8196. Really good coffee
8197. Kids napping
8198. Working on some planning for the winter break
8199. Getting all of the tubs put away
8200. Going shopping with Gidget
8201. Seeing Gidget's house
8202. Lots of good conversation
8203. Getting things we needed for the gift exchange
8204. Running some extra errands together
8205. Being challenged in conversation
8206. Realizing I don't have all the answers
8207. Knowing the One who has all the answers, even though He may choose not to give answers
8208. Learning how to explain things in different ways
8209. Hearing different perspectives
8210. Really good Corn Chowder
8211. Smooth bed time
8212. Watching a movie with Jim
8213. Sudoku
8214. Bed
8215. Good restful sleep
8216. Feeling mostly rested
8217. Going through the kids toys
8218. Purging some
8219. Kids being willing to purge
8220. Kids actively helping us make stacks and decisions about what should go
8221. Nice rest time
8222. Working on lists for tomorrow morning
8223. Getting a few copies to print
8224. Being able to squeeze in a last minute date night
8225. Indian food
8226. Cheese Naan
8227. Having good discussion about the Bible
8228. Having good discussion about next year
8229. Just having time to talk
8230. Time to peruse Barnes and Nobel
8231. Being encouraged to keep writing
8232. Discussing having a mixed book store
8233. Increasing desire to write and read
8234. Desiring to be more disciplined in time
8235. Learning to seek God's best in everything
8236. Time to relax
8237. Decent bed time
8238. Getting up and going at 7 am
8239. Getting cider together
8240. Making the area clear for signing cards
8241. Kids helping to prepare for the morning
8242. Getting the cookies made
8243. Time to talk with Beth
8244. Lifting up our workers
8245. Getting cards signed
8246. Praising the Lord
8247. Being encouraged in different ways
8248. Good lunch time
8249. Reading the Word together
8250. The kids working on their Scripture memory
8251. Taking a nap
8252. Jim getting to take a nap
8253. Writing
8254. Yummy dinner
8255. Lots of snow
8256. Jim getting his car clear enough to drive
8257. Jim getting to work safely
8258. Watching a movie with the kids
8259. Smooth bed time
8260. Starting the long process of picture uploads for back ups
8261. Finally needing to clear out the  pictures on our laptop
8262. Making backups where we can
8263. Watching CSI: Miami
8264. Getting to bed before 11
8265. Jim getting to come home
8266. Jim getting home safely
8267. Being able to sleep until 11
8268. Becca taking care of the kids
8269. Gift Exchange getting canceled (bc I was not feeling great this morning)
8270. Getting things figured out for next Saturday
8271. Time to read my Bible and pray
8272. Being challenged in figuring out how to respond like Jesus
8273. Uploading more pictures
8274. Learning to seek the Lord and not react
8275. Pajama day
8276. Kids laughter
8277. Watching Jamey and Gabriel laughing together
8278. Kids learning to work together and share
8279. Being challenged in how to teach my kids
8280. Good rest time
8281. Time to catch up on blessings
8282. Making it through the afternoon
8283. Jamey and Lillian playing together
8284. Jim sleeping well
8285. Eating a little dinner
8286. Jim and I having the same thoughts on an issue
8287. Growing in unity
8288. God giving us opportunities to grow
8289. Jim getting to work smoothly
8290. Watching Jamey and Lillian act out "The Big Rock Candy Mountains"
8291. Snuggling with Reuben
8292. One set of photos uploaded on 2 sites
8293. Relatively smooth bedtime
8294. Getting one set of photos uploaded on 3 sites
8295. Decent bed time
8296. Waking feeling mostly refreshed
8297. Jim getting home safely
8298. Cinnamon rolls
8299. Having warm clothes
8300. Practicing for Eastern Europe by walking to and from church in the snow
8301. Opportunities to teach our kids how to respond when they are uncomfortable
8302. Being reminded how I should react when I am uncomfortable
8303. Gidget making it to church
8304. Gidget making it through a whole service
8305. Learning about eternity
8306. Being challenged in how to live in light of eternity
8307. Do I live as if I believe Jesus is the life and resurrection?
8308. Seeking to live in light of eternity
8309. Seeking to live fully what I believe and know to be true
8310. Seeing Melanie
8311. Talking to Rachel
8312. Seeing Vicki
8313. Kids loving Sunday School
8314. Nice walk home
8315. Snowing while we were in church so the tracks were gone when we walked home
8316. The beauty of snow
8317. Finding an opportunity to step into a difficult situation
8318. God opening surprising doors
8319. Good lunch conversation
8320. Learning the truth behind a few things
8321. God always being at work
8322. God quickly giving opportunities to apply what we learn
8323. Being reminded that our best life is to come
8324. Jim getting a good nap
8325. Talking with Becca
8326. Working on more uploads
8327. Seeking how to encourage better
8328. Realizing how much more I need to pray
8329. Being reminded only God can change hearts
8330. Being reminded I need to rely on the Holy Spirit
8331. Left overs for dinner
8332. Good conversation at dinner
8333. Learning from our kids
8334. Hearing Jamey talk about Lazarus and Jesus
8335. Hanging out as a family
8336. Smooth bed time
8337. Good family evening
8338. Time to talk with Jim
8339. Praying with Jim
8340. Watching Chuck
8341. Playing Sudoku
8342. Having a relaxing day
8343. Rediscovering Sabbath rest
8344. Being purposefully restful
8345. Decent bed time

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