Friday, June 27, 2014

When Sinners Say "I Do" by Dave Harvey

If you even desire to be married you should read this book. Grounded in Scripture and pointing readers to the Gospel, it helps you to see yourself for who you are and your spouse for who they are and how God desires to reveal Himself in your marriage.

We are sinners and inevitably we will sin against each other. When this happens what should we do? Marriage is designed to sanctify us and make us more like Christ by loving each other and forgiving as Christ has forgiven us. This book reminds us that we are the worst of sinners and Christ has forgiven us every sin we have committed against Him. It encourages us to look at ourselves in light of the cross and point each other to the cross. Every chapter is a reminder of the grace we have been given and how we are expected to give it to others.

This book will not fix your marriage; only Jesus can do that. But it will point you to Jesus so you can have a deeper relationship with your spouse; the type of marriage God has designed. Marriage is God's design, after all, and He is the one who guides us in living out our marriage with grace.

This book is a 5 star book. Read this book and then read it again. I'm sure you will learn something new every time you read it.

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