Sunday, June 29, 2014

Devouring Scripture

Recently, God has greatly increased my hunger for wanting to know Him and His word so much. Having 5 kids who demand a lot of my attention, I was trying to figure out how to read a lot of Bible and still do what I need to do. Enter pumping. I've always had issues with my milk starting at 6 months, but this time my body seemed to be decreasing early so I decided to pump and feed to see what my body was doing. This has been the best thing for me right now because while I pump I can read at least a chapter.

To make sure I'm learning a lot I'm reading a little bit of everywhere. I was already working through the Old Testament so first pump of the day I start there, currently in 2 Kings. (I'm learning so much about God in these books. If you have not read the Old Testament recently, I recommend you go do it!) During my second pump time I read the Psalm of the day. The formula is the day of the month and then add 30. On the 31st read Psalm 119. I only read one a day working through systematically, so today I am on 58. For round 3 I am working through Romans. That is a great book right there! The 4th time I'm working through the Gospels, right now in Matthew.

So that's my way of devouring Scripture right now. I know most people are in a different place and one day I don't have this time, so how do you devour Scripture?

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