Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gabriel is 2!

On November 28th our 4th turned 2! It's hard to believe 2 years have passed since Gabriel joined our family, as so much has happened. Gabriel has grown so much in 2 years. Recently he has become so verbal, talking and crying to be heard. He loves his siblings and wants attention from everyone. It's so much fun watching him wrestle with his brothers. Jamey loves to tickle him and make him laugh. Gabriel has a contagious smile and laugh. He gives a big cheese smile when we pull out the camera. He loves to explore and be outside. Running is so much better than walking. This year he got to move into a crib in the room with the older boys, which he loves. It is such a blessing watching him grow closer to his brothers. Though he does have the role of annoying little brother down pat when he really wants to bother them. :)
Gabriel is rough and tumble, but also very sensitive. He loves hugs and snuggles. When he gets hurt he wants his Daddy. He loves his Daddy. He also loves to snuggle with Mama. It's so much fun rocking with my sweet little boy.
Gabriel loves to learn as long as he is moving around. (Such a boy :) ) He really likes to sing, dance and clap. I think we have a real music lover on our hands. Anytime he hears music he pays attention. He is beginning to like to color and read books. He really wants to write. It is so fun watching Gabriel learn and grow.
Gabriel loves to eat and eats just about anything you put in front of him. He could eat all the time, and it sometimes feels like he does. It was such a blessing to celebrate his birthday with family on Thanksgiving day. We are so thankful for Gabriel's life in our lives!

Father, thank you for giving Gabriel to our family. He is such a blessing! I pray You will save him by Your grace and make him into a mighty man of Yours. Give Gabriel a deep love for You, Your word and Your ways. May he love You with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.

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