Friday, October 31, 2014

October Blessings

October has flown by and I have not kept up with our blessings as well as I would like. There have been so many in everyday life that I want to record, but when I get the chance to write I battle to remember everything! (Can I get an amen on that?) So here is what I can remember from this month. I'm also listing some that I had forgotten from last month

  1. Getting to meet Jim for lunch during his on campus time for his modular class
  2. Seeing God move in Jim's heart
  3. Laughter of children in the back of a car during a road trip
  4. Watching Jamey grow as the oldest
  5. Seeing friendships beginning to form between our kids
  6. God consistently drawing me out of a thought life that is damaging
  7. God digging out lies that I believe and bringing me to life and freedom in Christ
  8. Dedicating Samuel to the Lord
  9. Getting to go to our first Redeem Marriage event
  10. Going to the Word and Words conference
  11. Growing in my love for the Lord
  12. Desiring more than ever to know the love of God and teach it to my kids
  13. God's love for us
  14. Sam turning 6 months old
  15. Celebrating Sara's birthday
  16. Working on my books
  17. God using hard things to draw us closer to Him and each other
  18. Celebrating new life with friends
  19. God's mercy and grace being poured out on us
  20. Jamey telling me he wants to obey
  21. All of our kids learning to play together well
  22. The kids asking to go outside and play
  23. Jim and I growing in love for each other 
  24. Jim and I communicating better
  25. Reading more again 

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