Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sam at 6 Months!

Sam turned 6 months old this week! I cannot believe it has already been 6 months but in other ways it's not hard to believe at all. It has been a roller coaster since Samuel joined our family, but we are so thankful he is here, as his life reminds us everyday that God hears his people, He gives us strength and He is the giver of all life.

Sam has been welcomed into the family by all his siblings. Jamey dotes on him the most, playing with him, comforting him and making him laugh. He is always telling people about our new baby, even though Sam is 6 months old. All of them seek to help him and play with him. Reuben is really beginning to grow into the big brother roll, giving Sam a bottle and lots of kisses. Gabriel is still trying to figure out how to be a big brother and usually prefers to sit on him, but for an almost 2 year old it is affection. Lillian does whatever she sees Jim, Jamey or me doing. She loves him, but is still not venturing out on her own in this.

Samuel is so big now. He is moving by rolling and scooting and is very close to crawling. In the past week he has started on solid food trying avocado, bananas and green beans. He likes to feed himself, we discovered today. He loves to play with toys and has come to really enjoy playing in the exerscauser. Sam has become very verbal and greets us in the morning with a string of "da-da"s and blowing raspberries. He likes to be out and about and being with people. We are so blessed by him.

I am so thankful for Sam everyday! Father, thank you for giving Samuel to our family to raise and set out into the world. I pray You will save him by Your grace and shower him with Your love. Remind Sam daily that You hear the prayers of Your people and give them strength and life. Make Sam Yours! In Jesus Name, Amen!

*Thanks to Becca for the pictures

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