Monday, October 20, 2014

A Love That Multiplies

This second book by the Duggar's I was really excited to read. As a whole it was an interesting book, much of it not being surprising since I have watched some of their show. It begins with the story of Josie's birth, which I had seen. It is well written and sounds much like they talk. Since the first 2 section of the book was more retelling, it was not very interesting to me, but would likely be for someone who is unfamiliar with their story.

I really appreciate their emphasis on prayer and their love of Scripture. There is a lot in their lifestyle I could get behind and even follow. I enjoyed the chapters on homeschooling, marriage, Jim Bob's hobby, and Michelle's heart for moms. Some of the tips they gave are very useful and I need to go back and read again. (I really need to read it again and write down things I like.) They clearly love Jesus and desire to please Him.

There were several things I did not like about the book. I was very saddened by their emphasis on effort and little to none on grace. Though many of their ideals seem good, there appears to be a lot of legalistic tendencies, which I either fall hard for and buck fully. I struggle with reading things like this as I battle this balance. I was also saddened as I read their chapter on dating. It seemed from what they said, I would never have been allowed to marry Jim. I may be reading too much into what they wrote, but that is the impression I got. I see so much of separating themselves from the world that I do not know how to read things.

I think I would like to read it again to wrestle through some things and write down what I think is good and appropriate. Because of the mixed things I saw, I would only give it 3 stars, but I would still recommend people reading it.

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