Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Blessings

September has flown by and I did not keep track of my blessings as I should have. Believe me when I say there are far more than what is on this list. Here are the highlights I can remember.

  1. Reuben turning 3!
  2. Family trip to St. Louis
  3. Seeing God's grace all over our lives
  4. Seeing Jamey grow in knowledge of God
  5. Reuben and Gabriel loving to learn more
  6. Lillian growing in doing house work
  7. My kids wanting to read, work and play more than watch TV
  8. Seeing our marriage grow
  9. Jim and I reading together often
  10. Lots of communication
  11. Starting School of Missions 
  12. Jamey and Lillian liking to clean dishes
  13. Samuel growing and rolling
  14. Learning more about God
  15. Learning to really hear God's voice
  16. Our CG multiplying
  17. Having Brothers and Sisters to walk through life with us
  18. God teaching me in everything

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