Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Blessings

July has flown by in a blur! It has been good and challenging. Through it all God has taught us and blessed us. Here is a picture of our blessings in July.

  1. Kids singing and dancing to praise music
  2. Boys growing in singing
  3. Writing and planning
  4. Swimming and breakfast with Becca
  5. Learning to make an online registry for Norwex!
  6. Finishing 2 weeks of school
  7. Fraps
  8. Going to the Bats game
  9. Victor coming with our family
  10. Good sermon on Deborah and women 
  11. God using unexpected people or things to accomplish His plans
  12. Pizza for dinner
  13. Jim working 4 extra hours
  14. Getting ahead in school work
  15. Time to read
  16. Hanging out with friends at the Brown's house
  17. Sara helping us be able to go
  18. Morning with the Vander Weerts
  19. Kids playing well together
  20. Dairy Del
  21. Meeting new people
  22. Jim being off
  23. Nehemiah having a good doctor's appointment
  24. Working on things for Childbirth Conversations
  25. Time with Sara
  26. Booking 3rd Norwex party for July!
  27. Going to a new co-op playgroup
  28. Jim getting a lot accomplished at home with the older kids
  29. Learning to work through things when they happen
  30. Aviana arriving safely (Friend's baby born early) and getting to see her and Brienne
  31. Great sermon on meals with Jesus
  32. Teaching opportunities
  33. Whole house napping
  34. Krispy Kreme
  35. Safe drive to Lexington
  36. Yummy Ceprese sandwich
  37. Delicious lemon ice cream
  38. Getting 12 people in our van
  39. Kids getting in the pool
  40. Sam trying to swim
  41. Delicious breakfast
  42. Going to the Ark Encounter
  43. Learning more about the flood
  44. Cheap IHOP
  45. Kids actually petting animals
  46. Kids enjoying the Explorium
  47. Cousins being together
  48. Snuggling with Nehemiah
  49. Good hard work
  50. Getting everything ready for current parties
  51. Dance party with the kids
  52. Sleeping in
  53. Talking with Becca
  54. Great Norwex party with Meagan
  55. Having a nice evening at home
  56. Seeing the Thoni family
  57. Staying off the computer
  58. Book Club
  59. Being prayed for
  60. Fellowship and friends
  61. Hearing other's stories
  62. Much needed CG time
  63. God working in hurt and confusion
  64. Growing in trusting God
  65. Learning together
  66. Playing with Cinchshare
  67. Learning new ways to help with business
  68. Mama's Day Out
  69. Prenatal massage
  70. Fun Facebook party
  71. Talking blogs with Margaret
  72. Time with Jessica
  73. Great sermon on Zaccheus
  74. Talking as a family over lunch
  75. Getting space and clothes ready for baby
  76. Jamey reading John 1 at dinner
  77. Sam helping clean up
  78. Parents getting here safely
  79. Nehemiah dancing and singing to music
  80. Lillian cheering the baby out
  81. Baby looking healthy and big
  82. God continually teaching me to trust
  83. Pieology for lunch
  84. RAIN!
  85. Looking at Co-op classes
  86. Seeing Rachel for a few minutes
  87. Nehemiah eating really well 3 days in a row
  88. Good nutrition visit
  89. Becca's bridal shower
  90. Making it through the day
  91. Time to relax and nap a little during a stressful day
  92. Contracting more than normal
  93. Snuggling with my babies
  94. Low-key day at home
  95. People praying for us
How has God blessed you in July?

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