Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

This book was part of our Sonlight Core A curriculum this year. I can't say I loved this book nor did I hate it. It was just OK. My kids liked the adventure aspects of the book, as did I. They liked hearing about the crazy things the animals did. It was definitely good for building imagination.

I personally am not a huge fan of animal books, so that immediately deterred me from this book. I did think it interesting that the man could understand all the animals, but as I prefer realism as a whole, giving animals so much intelligence to outwit people was kind of annoying. I also did not like that this man who was so "head in the clouds" went and did whatever he wanted and everything still worked out for him in the end. That's just not a super great lesson for kids. The saving point of the book was that Dr. Dolittle was intent on getting back home to repay the people who had lent him items for his journey. He did not want people to think he had run off and taken advantage of them. I did appreciate that.

I would rate this book around 3 stars.

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