Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bible Journaling with Kids

I confess, I am not super artistic when it comes to coloring and drawing, but my kids are. I have always thought of trying to find ways to help my kids grow in their creativity as well as help them in learning Bible. Our family is also in a time of huge transition and much of our creative supplies and Bibles are packed.

I learned about The Holy Mess Trust in the Lord Bible Journaling Kit and a light bulb went on. This is a great way to introduce my kids to Bible Journaling with little supplies! There are Bible verses that you can use for your margins that are great for coloring and teaching Scripture at the same time.

For my writers they can also start learning calligraphy! What a fun way to practice handwriting in a way that doesn't feel like it! I'm also excited to introduce my olders to the journaling pages. I have tried to teach them about journaling what they are reading, but it always seems to go over their heads. With 4 short concise boxes they can write down the passage they read, what they're thankful for, prayer requests for the day and do artwork to emphasize what they read. I hope this will help them learn and take to heart what they are reading in their Bibles!

I'm so thankful for the diversity of this kit and look forward into delving into it more with my kids!

For more ideas check out The Holy Mess Bible Journaling Facebook group!

How would you use this kit with your kids?

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  1. Your kids are precious! This is a great post.

    1. Thank you, Sara! They keep me hopping! :)