Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Our 2 Year Old Nehemiah

These past 2 years have flown by! Our 6th baby joined us in a whirlwind on June 28, 2015. It was such a wonderful birth and a beautiful time for our family.

Today Nehemiah is a spunky little boy, and every bit a 2-year-old! He loves exploring and thinks he is a big boy. He heads outside to the yard when he wants and say, "Bye. Love you!" in a way that melts my heart. He says siblings names and tries his best to communicate, but does not want to be corrected. Once you understand him and repeat what he says, he responds, "OH!" instead of trying to say it right. Nehemiah loves to be outside and loves anything that moves. Airplanes and trucks are his current favorites.

Nehemiah is getting opinionated with his eating and only eats what he thinks is good. He hates to have his food taken though and screams whenever Malachi tries to take it. He will tell you what you think and will tell you continuously until he is sure you understand.

Being the 6th of 7, Nehemiah is tough, but still sensitive. He really enjoying being with his siblings outside. He likes to dance and will often break it down with no prompting at all. His smile and laugh are contagious, and he often looks like he is up to something. It's fun to watch his wheels turn and see him figure out things.

I am so thankful that God has given Nehemiah to our family. Even when he is driving me crazy, he is God's reminder to me that He is the One that comforts my soul and always hears the prayers of His people, even when His answers may not be what we were wanting.

Father, thank You for Nehemiah! Save his precious soul by your grace and let him be Your comfort and help to those around him. Let him be Your hands and feet to those who are hurting. Use Nehemiah in mighty ways for Your Kingdom and Your Glory!

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