Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 12 to 18

4591. Being able to get out of bed at 6 am mostly awake
4592. Jim being able to get out of bed just after 6 mostly awake
4593. Getting breakfast going in a timely manner
4594. Stealing a couple minutes to pray
4595. Starting school with the kids
4596. Having a good start to the morning
4597. A good Bible story book
4598. Songs to go with our Bible verses
4599. Kids remembering our beginning routine from last year
4600. Starting with The Boxcar Children as our first read aloud
4601. Formally starting Reuben this year
4602. Reuben responding well
4603. Realizing we need to make a schedule adjustment on the first day
4604. Reuben using more words
4605. Reuben saying "moo" when we showed him a cow
4606. Reuben saying "karova"! (that's cow in Russian)
4607. Starting Jamey with formal handwriting
4608. Schooling my kids so I can tailor their education to exactly where they are
4607. The first day showing me where each child is academically
4608. Kids loving their math books
4609. Even after a full morning Jamey and Lillian wanting to go back and do more work
4610. Starting Lillian with Developing the Early Learner
4611. Jamey having his own DEL books to continue (no more making copies!)
4612. Starting Jamey with his own Rosetta Stone Russian profile
4613. Teaching Jamey how to use a mouse
4614. Jamey learning to use the program
4615. Reuben playing well while the older ones did school
4616. All 4 kids napping at once
4617. Time to read my Bible
4618. Time to journal
4619. Reflecting on where God has brought be and what He is doing
4620. Exercising as a family with the dance game
4621. Jamey and Lillian beginning to understand how the dance game works
4622. Making a huge pot of quinoa chili
4623. Drew and Heather coming over for dinner
4624. The kids doing well waiting until 6 to eat
4625. Fun conversation
4626. Being able to discuss fun and serious things
4627. Learning more of our friend's story
4628. Telling more of our story
4629. Jamey and Lillian playing school while the adults talked
4630. Smooth bedtime after naps and guests
4631. Going to bed by 10
4632. Getting up around 6 again
4633. Eggs for breakfast
4634. School getting started on time
4635. Kids still excited about school
4636. Schedule adjustment helping smooth out the morning
4637. Reuben saying square in Russian (though would not in English, go figure)
4638. Getting all of our required schooling done before playgroup
4639. Going to the park
4640. Gidget, Silas and Margo coming to playgroup
4641. Ashley and her gang coming to playgroup
4642. Learning more about each other
4643. Kids playing really well together and with others
4644. Jamey and Reuben playing in the spray area
4645. Lillian sharing carrots with Silas
4647. Seeing Esther, Jude and Haddie
4648. Talking more about childbirth
4649. Getting the encouragement needed to propel me forward in preparing for childbirth class
4650. Good rest time
4651. Getting information written for childbirth class
4652. Getting emails/text written for childbirth class help/info
4653. More exercise as a family
4654. Being productive in a short amount of time
4655. Great family dinner time
4656. Kids asking to play outside (not having to force them!)
4657. Finishing The Horse and His Boy
4658. Playing together
4659. Community group!
4660. Meeting 4 new girls at CG
4661. Handing out flyers for Sojourn's Medical Clinic
4662. Meeting a few people in Germantown
4663. Jim seeing a former patient
4664. Being able to pray for people and encourage them
4665. Sharing highlights of the week
4666. Hearing about other people's highlights
4667. Having a full house at CG
4668. Getting in bed by 10 even getting home late
4669. Getting out of bed at 6 am
4670. Having a few minutes to pray
4671. Everyone up and going by 7 am
4672. Starting school at 7:30
4673. Great morning of learning
4674. Jamey excited about making a continuous timeline
4675. Lillian doing well with her math workbook
4676. Reuben getting more into learning
4677. Reuben beginning to ask for things
4678. Discovering more about how Reuben learns
4679. Cool weather
4680. Jamey and Lillian both doing well with their Language Arts
4681. Dancing together
4682. Jim sitting with the kids during rest time
4683. Exercising
4684. Free Chick-fil-A dinner!
4685. Kids playing on the playground
4686. Getting more read in Redeeming Childbirth (need to get a move on and finish it :) )
4687. Member meeting
4688. Seeing lots of Brothers and Sisters
4689. Being reminded of the Gospel and how it relates to the church and life
4690. Being reminded that the church is a family
4691. Installing new deacons
4692. Installing new elders
4693. Being reminded you cannot get away with sin
4694. Being in a Body that takes church discipline seriously
4695. Learning more about Scarlet Hope
4696. Finding out about opportunities to help connect people
4697. Talking more about childbirth
4698. Learning about the possibility of a birth center being built here (this would be great!)
4699. Finding out a Sister is having another baby!
4700. Kids going straight to bed
4701. Getting more together for care package
4702. Bed!
4703. Still rolling out of bed around 6 am
4704. Lillian and Reuben sleeping until after 7 am!
4705. Not having to be at school at a certain time
4706. The morning going smoothly with 3 sleepy kids
4707. Another cool morning
4708. Jamey getting a 100% on his first spelling test
4709. Jamey and Lillian talking to each other with normal conversation
4710. Making lunch
4711. Yummy tacos
4712. Reuben and Jamey falling to sleep as soon as they were in bed for naps
4713. Watching Lillian dance
4714. Lillian encouraging others
4715. Lillian's spunky personality
4716. Smiles
4717. Finding out a friend is one step closer to adopting her kids
4718. Working on writing
4719. Writing about Walk Two Moons
4720. Watching Jim dance
4721. Reuben trying to do the dance game
4722. Lillian finally going to sleep
4723. Date Night!!!!!
4724. Getting the majority of what was left for a care package
4725. Going to Shalimar
4726. Really enjoying my dinner
4727. Growing in my enjoyment of Indian food
4728. Getting a Shalimar rewards card
4729. Finding interesting coffee on clearance to try
4730. Good conversation
4731. Just being with Jim
4732. Officially meeting Becca
4733. Becca (sister) having more people involved in her life
4734. Even with kids going crazy getting in bed before 9:30
4735. Getting up this morning (I am really struggling with feeling like I am getting enough sleep these days)
4736. Washing my hair
4737. Time to pray in the shower
4738. Being reminded of things I need to pray for that I often forget
4739. God's grace in reminding us to pray
4740. Short school day
4741. Kids doing well with school
4742. Reuben getting more into his individual time of learning
4743. Reuben responding well to reading
4744. Jamey asking to do the timeline
4745. Jamey making connections between 2 different maps
4746. Jamey growing in understanding of geography
4747. Lillian showing interest in the map
4748. Jamey reading well all week
4749. Having a great first week of school with the kids
4750. Getting the first week done before the rest of us are in classes
4751. Yummy sandwiches and chips for lunch (I love sandwiches)
4752. Lillian and Reuben eating all of theirs without complaint
4753. Chowing down on grapes
4754. Reuben being a meat and fruit/veggie boy (he seems to dislike most starches!)
4755. Becca being silly
4756. Reuben napping for a long time
4757. Time to work on reading Redeeming Childbirth
4758. Time to read my Bible (this came first :) )
4759. Gabriel napping well in the swing
4760. Watching Gabriel grow and explore
4761. Nice dinner and reading time
4762. Crockpot BBQ pork
4763. Jim getting ready for work quickly
4764. Time to watch most of a movie together before Jim left for work
4765. Smooth bed time
4766. Doing little and going to sleep early
4767. Sleeping in while the kids watched a movie and played
4768. Gabriel sleeping well in the swing
4769. Good breakfast
4770. Going to Brown Park
4771. Meeting other homeschool families
4772. Talking about homeschooling
4773. Talking about curriculum
4774. Gabriel doing well in the stroller at the park
4775. J, L and R all playing well on the playground
4776. Jamey and Reuben both attempting to pet a dog
4777. Good homemade lemonade
4778. Seeing other people we had met before
4779. Getting out of the house for 3 hours
4780. Kids doing well waiting for lunch
4781. Kids asking for unexpected leftovers for lunch
4782. Ravioli
4783. Sandwiches
4784. Having food to eat
4785. Nap time
4786. Getting to doze some too
4787. Smooth and early bed time for the kids
4788. Time to clean out some email
4789. Getting to sleep by 9:30
4790. Getting about 3 hours of straight sleep
4791. Being able to function on Sunday morning
4792. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast
4793. Walking to church
4794. Nice walking weather
4795. Talking with Jamey and Lillian as we walked
4796. Sitting with Karey
4797. Talking about John and Jesus
4798. Being reminded of who we are as witnesses of Christ
4799. Being reminded of who Christ is
4800. God's grace
4801. Time to pray as I tried to nap
4802. Wrestling with truth and lies
4803. Battling in my head
4804. God meeting us where we are
4805. Being able to get mad and yell at God
4806. Nathan, Karey and Jonathan coming over for dinner
4807. Everyone being able to meet
4808. Fun conversation
4809. Getting to know each other better
4810. Talking about vision of mission and possibilities
4811. Talking about next steps
4812. Really yummy dinner
4813. Karey bringing a delicious salad
4814. Jonathan bringing biscuits
4815. Similar views
4816. Talking next steps
4817. Planning to meet up at the missions cookout next week
4818. Praying for free moments in the chaotic semester to meet again
4819. Kids smooth bed time
4820. In bed by 9 pm!

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