Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 19 to 25

4821. Catching an hour and a half nap after being awoken at 4:45 am
4822. Freezer chicken biscuits
4823. Kids playing together
4824. Gabriel going back to sleep
4825. God's strength
4826. Getting through school even with everyone being sleepy
4827. Jamey wanting to do school even though he is exhausted
4828. Trying to figure out how much extra to let him do
4829. Jamey desiring to do more and more
4830. Watching Lillian grow in understanding
4831. Figuring out how to teach Lillian more clearly
4832. Lillian using the toilet!
4833. Reuben doing well during his school time
4834. Reuben growing in knowledge
4835. Reuben growing in his love of learning and doing
4836. Reuben wanting to help more
4837. Snuggling with Reuben
4838. Yummy tacos
4839. Jamey grocery shopping with Jim
4840. Gabriel exploring more and more
4841. Gabriel loving Cheerios
4842. All kids napping
4843. Great dinner time with rested kids
4844. Getting out of the door for class well on time
4845. Childcare for us during our marriage class
4846. Meeting many new couples in our marriage class
4847. Many of the people in our class from GA
4848. Many of the people interested in missions of some kinds
4849. Connecting with people
4850. Laughing and connecting
4851. Finding out part of the class includes a "date" time every week
4852. Kids doing well in child care
4853. Smooth bed time
4854. Sleeping from 10pm to 6am without waking up! (this is huge)
4855. Getting an extra hour and a half nap on the sofa
4856. Becca feeding the kids breakfast and helping the get ready so I could get extra sleep
4857. Flexibility
4858. Kids playing well without school time
4859. Playgroup
4860. Good prayer time when running back to get the food bag
4861. Being reminded that in Christ we have no reason and nothing to fear
4862. Wrestling with God
4863. Meeting new people at the park
4864. Seeing Caroline
4865. Seeing Lauren
4866. Seeing Margaret
4867. Talking and encouraging each other
4868. Kids playing well together
4869. Kids playing well with other kids
4870. Kids eating their lunch well
4871. Staying for a while
4872. Enjoying being outside
4873. Catching up with Caroline
4874. Jim having a good first day of Hebrew
4875. Restful afternoon
4876. Great Dinner
4877. Time to read
4878. Guy/Girl night at CG!
4879. Really yummy home made ice cream sandwich
4880. Time to listen and share
4881. Meeting a new girl in Louisville
4882. Time to encourage
4883. Doing life together
4884. Sharing life
4885. Getting some sleep
4886. God always blessing us
4887. God blessing us in unexpected ways
4888. Jim and I getting up early together
4889. Getting some school done
4890. Kids devouring their sandwiches at lunch
4891. Running to the Little Treasures Sale
4892. Finding a pack-n-play for $20
4893. Meeting new people
4894. People being friendly in line
4895. Nice quick dinner
4896. Going to CG Sync meeting
4897. Meeting new people
4898. Seeing Brothers and Sisters
4899. Pizza!
4900. Meeting Baby Junie
4901. Connecting with other CG leaders in our area
4902. Sharing what's going on
4903. Praying for each other
4904. Being able to encourage each other
4905. Taking home free pizza
4906. Meeting with our CG deacon
4907. Learning about a group with internationals in it
4908. Excitement hearing how God is moving
4909. Kids doing well with another late night
4910. Time to sleep
4911. Everyone sleeping until after 7 am! (This was glorious!!!!!)
4912. Smooth morning
4913. Getting out the door in a timely manner
4914. Orange juice
4915. Family vigilance day at Southern
4916. Free childcare
4917. Singing with Brothers and Sisters
4918. Seeing lots of Brothers and Sisters we have not seen in awhile
4919. Free lunch on the lawn
4920. Jamey and Lillian eating really well
4921. Not too hot weather
4922. Learning a little history
4923. Being encouraged by those before us in the faith
4924. Learning about keeping a vigilance on our soul
4925. Hearing about purity
4926. Hearing practical steps to help those who are struggling with addictions
4927. Kids doing relatively well with a long morning
4928. Getting a little rest in the afternoon
4929. Good dinner
4930. Trying a new recipe
4931. Jim having a good first church history class
4932. Smooth bed time
4933. Lying down early
4934. More wonderful sleep
4935. Feeling mostly rested
4936. Everyone getting out of the house on time going in different directions
4937. Doing well with 4 kids on my own
4938. New year of MOMSTogether
4939. Meeting new Sisters
4940. Seeing Sisters I have not seen in a couple of months
4941. Hearing the diversity of moms in the group
4942. Yummy food
4943. Coffee with amaretto creamer
4944. Great conversation
4945. Time to encourage each other
4946. Kids having fun and learning at MOMSTogether
4947. Yummy sandwiches for lunch
4948. Getting the first international package sent to a friend
4949. Learning how to be more consistent with the kids
4950. Yummy chicken, corn and biscuits for dinner
4951. God teaching me through my kids
4952. Getting to lie down early
4953. Sleep
4954. Becca bringing home leftover sandwiches from work
4955. Feeling rested this morning
4956. Good breakfast
4957. Kids playing outside
4958. Jamey looking for Jesus when I told him I was going to talk to Jesus
4959. Spending some extended time praying and reading my Bible
4960. Kids playing well together
4961. Jamey telling me he can see God
4962. Low key day
4963. Kids wanting to play outside instead of watching TV
4964. Jamey asking to turn off the TV
4965. All 4 kids taking a nap
4966. Time to relax in quiet
4967. Working on a couple of things in the quiet
4968. Writing in my journal
4969. Jim sleeping really well
4970. Really yummy chicken and corn for dinner
4971. Gabriel trying corn
4972. Relatively smooth bedtime after naps
4973. Getting to lie down and relax
4974. Watching The Blind Side with Becca
4975. Getting to sleep early
4976. God helping me through with broken sleep
4977. Kids playing outside
4978. Jim getting a nap before church
4979. Going to the 11:15 service
4980. Walking to church
4981. The whole White family joining us for church
4982. Sitting with several people from our CG
4983. A wonderful message about who Jesus is and what the Gospel is
4984. Jesus being my Savior
4985. Missions Cookout!
4986. Seeing people we have not seen in a while
4987. Meeting lots of new Brothers and Sisters
4988. Making connections
4989. Hearing the hearts of others
4990. Hearing more of what Sojourn International will be doing the next year
4991. Learning about next steps
4992. Time of prayer for workers
4993. Encouraging each other
4994. Learning of another Sister interested in Eastern Europe
4995. Jonathan making it to the cook out
4996. Seeing Sojourn International grow
4997. Learning Jim can get some seminary credit through School of Missions!
4998. Watermelon
4999. Great afternoon
5000. Getting half way through my goal of recorded blessings for the year!
5001. 3 out of the 4 kids taking naps
5002. Leftovers for dinner
5003. Talking to my parents
5004. Learning about new babies and marriages
5005. Kids going to bed smoothly
5006. Time to relax with Jim
5007. Finishing a movie together
5008. God's grace in all things
5009. A great day
5010. Going to bed early

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