Thursday, August 15, 2013

Walk Two Moons

I read this book in 1 day over the weekend as it was an easier read. I still am not quite sure how I feel or what I think about this book. It is an interesting story told from 13-year-old Sal's point of view. I enjoyed that it was in the narrative form and clean. In some respects, though, it made me quite sad. Let me say it was meant to be sad, but it was not only the obvious things that made me sad. What made me sad was the sense of hopelessness and Sal praying to trees because she felt they were safe. I wanted to share hope with this young girl as well as her friend that she told a story about throughout. Her friend's family also made me sad.
I did enjoy Sal's grandparents. They made me laugh out loud. There was a coming of age element as well that was subtle and tasteful that I appreciated.

I do not know how readily I would recommend this book. It was given a Newbery Medal for Children's Literature, but I would not consider this children's literature. I definitely believe that the child's maturity should be taken into account before reading this book as the overall discussion is quite difficult. If you are considering this book for your child I would recommend reading it first.

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