Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 26 to September 1

5011. Being able to get up
5012. Catching a little extra sleep on the sofa
5013. Getting a school morning done
5014. Kids playing outside
5015. Growing in patience
5016. Jamey saying that Jesus is the only One who can bring us to back to life!
5017. Taking a nap
5018. Getting a little reading done with Jim
5019. Good quick dinner
5020. Getting everyone to school on time
5021. Getting to know couples in our class better
5022. Talking about marriage and mortality
5023. Learning more about thinking about death appropriately
5024. Learning more about death
5025. Kids doing well
5026. Jamey making it through the day without a nap
5027. Smooth bed time
5028. All sleeping a little later
5029. Relaxing morning
5030. Getting ready for playgroup
5031. Going to playgroup
5032. Sweet Tea
5033. Seeing Gidget and her kids
5034. Meeting Gladys
5035. Fun conversation
5036. Kids playing well
5037. Reuben playing in the water
5038. Seeing Carrie and her family
5039. Meeting Noemi and her daughter
5040. Seeing Esther and her kids
5041. Seeing Margaret and her kids
5042. Seeing Caroline and her kids
5043. Kids eating well at the park
5044. Sharing food
5045. Encouraging each other
5046. Rest time
5047. Reading with Jim
5048. Nice evening
5049. Community group!
5050. Being with family
5051. Meeting Lauren
5052. Connecting
5053. Rejoicing with family
5054. Encouraging each other
5055. Praying together
5056. Talking about John 1
5057. Wishing Robinettes bon voyage
5058. Sleep
5059. Sleeping until after 7 am!
5060. Becca getting the kids' breakfast
5061. Taking our time getting up and ready
5062. Taking our time with school
5063. Getting through a lot
5064. Seeing the kids grow in learning
5065. Kids playing outside
5066. Nice relaxing afternoon
5067. Really good sandwiches for lunch (I love sandwiches)
5068. Kids resting
5069. Reading some with Jim
5070. Working on homework for SWI
5071. Finishing my homework
5072. Getting some stamina
5073. Not having anywhere to go
5074. Smooth bed time
5075. Going to bed early
5076. Waking up
5077. Jim getting off to school at the time he planned
5078. Getting some school work done with the kids
5079. Finding a more laid back way to do school
5080. Finding that being more laid back can still work
5081. Learning the balance between structure and laid back
5082. Figuring out what works in this season
5083. Kids playing outside
5084. Taking a nap
5085. Nice early dinner
5086. Getting out of the house early
5087. Going to water aerobics
5088. Seeing Renee
5089. Seeing Lauren
5090. Snack at school
5091. Meeting Cara
5092. Encouraging conversation
5093. Meeting more sisters
5094. Starting Discipleship class
5095. Getting the small group leader I wanted
5096. Learning about Sisters in my small group
5097. God's story throughout all of our lives
5098. Getting home a little earlier than expected
5099. Ability to get up at 5 am
5100. Getting caught up on most of the primary school work
5101. Relaxing day
5102. Jamey making more spiritual connections
5103. Nice rest time
5104. Jim getting a nap
5105. Good dinner
5106. Hanging out
5107. Smooth early bed time for the kids
5108. Relaxing
5109. Going to sleep
5110. Getting up without too much issue
5111. Writing group
5112. Fun theological conversation
5113. Sharing my story
5114. Hearing new hymns
5115. Learning about possible writing opportunities
5116. Catching up
5117. Quiet afternoon
5118. Resting
5119. Hanging out with the kids
5120. Playing with the kids
5121. Yummy dinner
5122. Jim sleeping well
5123. Smooth bed time
5124. Relaxing
5125. Sleeping until 6 am without interruption
5126. Kids getting up at a reasonable time
5127. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast
5128. Jim having a good night at work
5129. Rain
5130. Driving to church
5131. The Whites joining us for church
5132. Seeing Rachel
5133. Wonderful sermon on Jesus's miracle of water to wine
5134. God teaching me consistency
5135. Learning to fight anger through failing
5136. Always being reminded God is my strength
5137. Jim picking up an extra holiday night
5138. Watching a movie with Jim before he went to work
5139. God's graciousness
5140. God's provision

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