Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reuben is 2!!!

Today our Reuben is 2 years old! Time flies so quickly. He was our first child born in Louisville and life has been that much fuller since then. Reuben is so full of life and laughter. He is strong, active, loud and not at all afraid to tell you what he thinks. He knows that he is cute and uses that to his advantage. He loves to snuggle, read and watch TV. He likes to be outside and explore. I pray that we will foster his adventurous spirit and that God will use it for His amazing plans and purposes.

This year Reuben has started a little preschool with the family. He wants to be just like Jamey and Lillian and wants to learn. He likes to read books and do puzzles in school. He is starting to enjoy coloring, but would prefer to color on the table. He listens well during Bible reading and will occasionally try to say the Bible verse of the week.

I love his smile, his laugh, his eyes, his curls. I love this boy! God gave us such a special gift when he gave us Reuben and I cannot wait to see what kind of a man he will grow into. It's hard to imagine, but I know one day he will be a man living a life away from our home and hopefully in service to our Lord.

Happy Birthday Reuben! I love you! 

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