Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 9 to 22

I got really behind so I'm doing 2 weeks in 1. Hoping to get caught up this week and stay on top of it.

5276. Being able to get up
5277. Getting out of the door on time
5278. Great doctor's appointments for Gabriel and Reuben
5279. Seeing the Montgomery family
5280. Getting work done before class
5281. Kids sleeping
5282. Going to class together
5283. Having a short date during class
5284. Hearing Jamey explain what Jesus does to your heart
5285. The simplicity in which a child can explain profound truths
5286. Going to playgroup
5287. Seeing friends
5288. Lunch at the park
5289. Kids playing well together
5290. Praying for friends
5291. Community group
5292. Jim leading
5293. Encouraging conversation
5294. Discussing deep truths
5295. Talking about who Jesus is
5296. Girl time
5297. Sharing with sisters
5298. Praying for each other
5299. Sleep
5300. Getting work done
5301. Having little work to do
5302. Having a good doctor's appointment
5303. Nice evening
5304. Relaxing
5305. Spending time with Gidget, Silas and Margo
5306. Great conversation
5307. Kids playing together
5308. Time to rest
5309. Going to water aerobics
5310. Sharing a pizza with friends
5311. Interesting and challenging conversation
5312. Learning more about God's goodness and providence
5313. Learning about praying through the Psalms
5314. Practicing praying through the Psalms
5315. Feeling and hearing God respond immediately to my cries
5316. Having some relief from nausea
5317. MOMSTogether
5318. Getting to know some others better
5319. Hearing more about God's grace
5320. Encouraging the ladies at my table
5321. Opportunities to speak into other people's lives
5322. Meeting new people
5323. Being able to help others
5324. Kids doing well in class
5325. God's grace
5326. Jim doing well in Hebrew
5327. Restful afternoon
5328. Working on getting thoughts together for Childbirth Conversations
5329. Playing with the kids
5330. Watching a movie
5331. Smooth bedtime
5332. Hanging with Becca
5333. Sleep
5334. Getting up and everyone to church before 8:30
5335. Attending the CG Summit at church
5336. Learning more about how to be a leader and train leaders
5337. Chick-fil-A for lunch
5338. Kids doing well with a long day
5339. Getting to know other leaders in our area
5340. Hearing more of Pastor Daniel's story
5341. Talking with Sisters
5342. Seeing how God is moving
5343. Pizza
5344. A little family time
5345. The kids all about giving hugs and kisses
5346. Really nice weather
5347. Walking to church
5348. Talking to Sisters
5349. Fellowship
5350. Being encouraged
5351. Hearing about Jesus and Nicodemus
5352. Worshiping with the Body
5353. Taking a nap
5354. Not much going on
5355. Things beginning to happen for Childbirth Conversations
5356. Wrestling with the Lord
5357. Learning to overcome in His strength
5358. Being reminded that we can always cry out to God
5359. Doing school with the kids
5360. Jamey being eager to learn
5361. Reuben wanting to learn
5362. Trying to figure out how to best teach Lillian math concepts
5363. Learning more about my kids
5364. Opportunities to learn about my kids
5365. Good class time
5366. Learning more about communication styles
5367. Time to talk about communication
5368. Learning more about Jim
5369. Sleeping until 8
5370. Doing some school with Jamey
5371. Playgroup
5372. Beautiful weather
5373. Hanging out with Gidget, Silas and Margo
5374. Kids playing together
5375. Kids playing with kids they did not know
5376. Learning more about people
5377. Seeing Caroline
5378. Seeing Esther
5379. God building my faith as He provides and helps me plan for Childbirth Conversations
5380. Restful afternoon
5381. Jim having a productive morning
5382. Community Group
5383. Encouraging conversation
5384. Learning more about each other
5385. Cookies
5386. Doing a full morning of school!
5387. Working on putting thought together for class
5388. Getting confirmation on space for Childbirth Conversations
5389. Getting information and invites out
5390. God's provision
5391. Not having anywhere to go in the evening
5392. Getting stuff done
5393. Working on homework
5394. Being productive
5395. Kids resting
5396. Having some time to rest in the evening
5397. Sleep
5398. Kids playing outside
5399. Working on homework
5400. Preparing for a busy evening
5401. Having educational movies
5402. My kids loving educational movies
5403. Netflix
5404. The option of technology when needed
5405. Taking a little time to rest
5406. Dinner date with Jim
5407. Little Cheezers (this place is really good!)
5408. Sweet potato fries
5409. Yummy "fancy" grilled cheese (BTW I hate grilled cheese so this says a lot)
5410. Time to talk to the Scotts
5411. Meeting new people
5412. God putting you in the right place at the right time
5413. Encouragement
5414. Jamey's imagination
5415. Being inspired in song writing again
5416. Being able to write (being educated)
5417. Listening to Jamey and Lillian talk to each other
5418. Jamey praying for Lillian and Reuben
5419. Jamey asking to pray more
5420. Getting 3 days of school in this week
5421. Beginning to feel more normal
5422. Time to work on things
5423. Praying through a Psalm
5424. Reading
5425. God's grace
5426. Getting some rest
5427. Really learning what has to be done
5428. Learning to let go of perfection
5429. Learning to let go of expectations
5430. Learning to desire God even when I am tired/don't feel like it/etc.
5431. A low key evening
5432. Getting emails sent
5433. Time to play
5434. Restful Saturday
5435. RAIN!!!!!
5436. Pajama day
5437. Movie day
5438. Being hungry and thirsty
5439. Being able to eat and drink
5440. God's provision
5441. Making it through the morning without extra hands
5442. Trying a new recipe
5443. Napping
5444. Jim sleeping
5445. Reading as a family
5446. Kids remembering the Psalms we have not reviewed lately
5447. Not being on the computer
5448. Smooth bedtime
5449. Rest
5450. Speaking into Becca's life
5451. Learning how to teach and encourage
5452. Getting up
5453. Beautiful cool weather
5454. Walking to church
5455. Talking to people I have not seen in awhile
5456. Talking about Childbirth Conversations
5457. Catching up with Sarah
5458. Being encouraged
5459. Sitting with Cory and Courtney
5760. Seeing Melanie
5761. Being encouraged in Christ
5762. Hearing women being affirmed from the pulpit
5763. Learning how to get involved with other
5764. Being encouraged in mission
5765. Being encouraged to tell others what Christ has done for me
5766. Hearing more about the Trinity
5767. Being hungry for lunch
5768. Low key afternoon
5769. Nothing planned for the evening
5770. Working on more thoughts for Childbirth Conversations
5771. Hanging out with the kids
5772. Stuffed-crust pizza
5773. Spending time with Jim
5774. Smooth bed time
5775. Going to bed

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