Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 2 to 8

5141. Learning to let Jesus be my rest
5142. Becca being with the kids so I could get a little more sleep
5143. God being my strength
5144. God getting me through
5145. Taking a nap
5146. Kids resting
5147. Stuffed crust pizza
5148. Crying out to God
5149. Getting much needed rest throughout the day
5150. A holiday so we did not have class
5151. A low key kind of day
5152. Smooth bed time
5153. Watching some shows
5154. Sleep
5155. Sleeping until 8 am
5156. Feeling mostly rested
5157. Doing some work with the kids
5158. Running a couple errands quickly
5159. Playgroup!
5160. Beautiful cool weather
5161. Learning about more women who might be able to help with panel
5162. God continuing to open doors
5163. Kids playing well
5164. Sweet tea
5165. Lunch outside
5166. Seeing Sisters
5167. Becca getting some sketches done
5168. Relaxing afternoon
5169. Kids all napping (although at different times)
5170. Getting food ready for CG
5171. Getting to rest for a little while
5172. Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation
5173. Becoming a bit of a "Trekki"
5174. CG at our house
5175. Learning more about Brothers and Sisters
5176. Fun time to hang out
5177. Laughter
5178. Finding common connections
5179. The kids doing really well
5180. Jamey lying around reading
5181. Ryan being able to make it for a few minutes
5182. Smooth bedtime
5183. God's graciousness
5184. Sleeping later than usual
5185. Getting some school work done
5186. Science experiments
5187. Magic School Bus on Netflix
5188. Having media when it's needed
5189. Kids loving to learn
5190. Having a good morning
5191. Jim being able to get some work done before class
5192. Nice afternoon
5193. Having a mostly down day
5194. Getting my homework completed for class
5195. Time to read my Bible
5196. Smooth bed time
5197. Quiet and restful evening
5198. Good sleep
5199. Kids waking up later
5200. Yummy breakfast
5201. Coffee
5202. Gidget, Silas and Margo coming over
5203. Kids playing together
5204. Nice weather
5205. Great conversation
5206. Lunch together
5207. Learning more about each other
5208. Being real
5209. Fun morning
5210. God's grace
5211. Learning to recognize God's grace
5212. Taking a nap
5213. Nice quick dinner
5214. Going to water aerobics
5215. Meeting new Sisters
5216. Pizza
5217. Meeting Cade and Amy
5218. Discipleship class
5219. Small group
5220. Learning from and encouraging each other
5221. Pairing up for accountability
5222. Relaxing while waiting for Jim
5223. Sleep
5224. Waking up with little issue
5225. Getting ready in a timely manner
5226. Praying for our workers around the world
5227. God reminding me that I am still responsible to do the work He has given me to do
5228. Sandwiches
5229. Teaching my kids to pray
5230. God's discipline
5231. Learning to be disciplined in Godliness
5232. Jamey taking a nap
5233. Learning from wrestling with the Lord
5234. Jamey and Mama date to the fair at Southern
5235. Riding a merry-go-round
5236. Jamey playing in the jumpy inflatables
5237. Seeing many people we have not seen in a while
5238. Free Chick-fil-A
5239. Ice Cream
5240. Cotton Candy
5241. Having fun together
5242. The weather not being too hot
5243. Taking Jim's dinner to work
5244. Jamey getting to see where Jim works
5245. Meeting a couple of Jim's co-workers
5246. Getting to sleep
5247. Low key Saturday
5248. Watching way too much TV
5249.  Letting Reuben choose what we watched
5250. Reuben turning 2!!!
5251. Cory and Courtney celebrating with us
5252. Cupcakes and Ice Cream
5253. Low key evening
5254. Smooth bed time
5255. Being able to get up
5256. Kids sleeping all night
5257. Getting ready for church
5258. Cinnamon rolls
5259. Getting out of the door early
5260. Hearing about Jesus clearing the temple
5261. Being reminded about being zealous for God
5262. Learning what zeal is and is not
5263. Seeing the shift from the old to new covenant
5264. Seeing people we have not seen in a while
5265. God's goodness
5266. Nice lunch
5267. Restful afternoon
5268. Pizza for dinner
5269. Meeting to pray for Greg and Dawn
5270. Great time of prayer
5271. Encouraging conversation
5272. Reminding ourselves of what God is doing and can do
5273. Remembering Jesus is God and has all authority
5274. Nice evening
5275. Sleep

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