Friday, August 15, 2014

A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller

Jim and I read this book together and we both found it extremely encouraging and helpful. Miller begins with discussing why we do not pray and how life can keep us from communing with God. I loved the examples he gave from his own life in how we can seek God in the "big" things and in the everyday. Since I love to pray, it was useful to see areas where I fail to pray, especially in everyday events. I can already see God using what we learned in this book to grow my prayer life. At the end of the book, Miller gives some practical ways to document prayer or have concentrated prayer times. I am excited to make prayer cards and begin implementing them, not only by myself, but hopefully as a family as well.

I personally believe everyone should read this book. I am quite sure I will read it again, especially as I know times will come when prayer will be hard. This book is a 5 star rating as it is Biblically sound and is Gospel focused.

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