Sunday, August 10, 2014

Understanding the Word of God

Last Sunday we had a great sermon that Jim called very basic hermenuetics, or how we study the Bible. We are commanded to study Scripture so that we can know God more, but in order to study the Scripture we must understand it. Understanding encompasses 3 major things: Translation, Explanation and Application.

Translation: This is vial for the Word of God to be understood. It must be written in a way that people understand. There are different translations, some word for word and others thought for thought and some that are in the middle. All are good for Bible study and should be considered at different times depending on how you are studying. Different translations will deepen your study. Get a translation you understand.

Explanation: Break down the text you are reading. Look at historical and cultural contexts to help you understand what is going on in the texts. Be clear in your explanations. If you don't understand, ask someone to help you!

Application: Take what you study and apply it to your life. Rearrange your life so that you are a doer of the Word! When you read a text ask yourself, What difference does this make in my life? Work it out with the Holy Spirit and in community.

When we understand we must respond. This is taking application to the next level. When God stirs His Word in us, we must respond.

Reverence: This is the posture of our heart. It is God's grace when we long for conviction. We cannot be reverent if we are cynical. They cannot coexist. Seek to revere God's Word.

Attentiveness: We need to have our ears bent towards God's Word, ready to hear. The chief sin of this generation is distraction. We always have something to distract us. Are you being attentive to hear God's Word daily?

Worship: The goal of hearing God's Word is to worship God. We need to ask God to fill  with a desire for Him, to be completely satisfied by Him. Only Christ can satisfy us and all of the Scriptures point to Christ. Are you worshiping God and being completely satisfied in Christ?

How is your understanding of God's Word?

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