Saturday, August 23, 2014

Turning Off the TV

Since starting school with the kids 3 weeks ago, we have determined to keep the TV off as much as possible during the week. Three weeks later, I am pleased to say that, by God's grace, it has been off more than it has been on! Jim and I are rediscovering our love for reading, I am writing more, the kids are reading or drawing or playing outside more. We are just getting more productive things done. On top of that we are also enjoying being together as a family. We read books together, play together and are starting to teach the older two games. Their current favorite is "Go Fish!"

More than this Jim and I are communicating more! That has been such a blessing. Occasionally we will have a movie night, but generally speaking after we put the kids to bed we are either reading together or talking about what we are thinking/feeling/learning/etc. The whole feel of our house is changing. We really desire to have a more God centered home, and I believe turning off the TV more has helped tremendously with that.

What's more is I generally don't miss it. I am a TVaholic! Seriously, I love TV way too much. But I have realized these last few weeks that what I really enjoy is not having to think. Lately I have had so much on my mind that I am tempted to escape into media, but instead I have been praying, writing in my journal or working on my books and really facing life headlong instead of escaping. In this I am discovering how much I really love my husband and kids and how blessed I really am.

God is doing an incredible work in our home. I pray that it continues! As we continue to grow I hope to write more on here and Childbirth Conversations as these have taken a backseat as Jim and I seek together what we need to be doing. I know I need to be writing after my other priorities as done, but I am still seeking what that looks like.

What would happen in your home if you turned off your TV more? If you already don't watch it, don't start! It's hard to break. :)

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