Saturday, August 9, 2014

First Week Of School

This week was our first week of the new school year. We took a month off that went by so fast, but I don't think fast enough for the kids. I'm thankful for a new school year and to see our kids starting to feel settled again.

This year Jamey is doing Sonlight with a combination of Core B with 1st grade Math, 2nd great Language Arts and Science A. (We ended up not doing science last year because of how it went so we are doing it this year.) Lillian is doing Sonlight P4/5, which includes all of her subjects. Reuben and Gabriel are doing the Brightly Beaming Baby resources I found online when I first started schooling Jamey 3 years ago. We are doing the Preparatory Curriculum with them and they really liked it this week.

It's so crazy having 4 of them in school, but I'm thankful that they are all wanting to learn. I hope it will continue to go well. This week was smooth as we took the week easy to see what the days might look like. Everyday we were done with all formal schooling by 11 am! Most days it was earlier than that. I'm so thankful Jim has really taken initiative with school again this year and is helping so much. Right now our school morning look like this:

All together: Bible, Catechism, Scripture Memory and Prayer
Reuben and Gabriel's curriculum- working on shapes, letters, numbers, vocabulary and coloring. They then play either outside or in the living room
Jamey and Lillian listen to a chapter from Jamey's curriculum
Lillian with me does her work book "Developing the Early Learner" (highly recommend these books), read aloud story, Science or Culture
Jamey with Jim does language arts, math and science

I have been extremely pleased at how this has gone. This week Jamey will start a music class on Wednesdays, which I am excited about. We also are beginning to teach Jamey and Lillian things in the kitchen and cleaning. We will also add language study as well, once we see what Jim's class time requirements will be.

It looks like it is going to be a good school year with breaks throughout, instead of any long breaks. That is an exciting and hopefully will work well.

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