Friday, September 5, 2014

An Hour of Prayer

This last week our family began School of Missions at our church. From the start I knew it would be a huge blessing! One of the things they talked about was goals for getting in healthy rhythms for spiritual growth. One of those things was taking an hour each week to pray for the lost and the work God is doing around the world. Hosting women's prayer once a month has really helped with that, but this challenged me to be even more intentional about bringing the world before God. I need to get back into writing down specific world requests to go along with the requests I continually refer to from our workers overseas and set aside certain times each week to pray about those things in particular. I had that in my schedule at one time, but have gotten out of the practice badly with the chaos in our house the last few months.

Will you join me? If you live in Louisville, come to women's prayer once a month. What other time can you set aside to pray for the lost? Let's grow in prayer together!

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