Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Blessings

August has been a busy month and fairly good overall. God has been blessing us in so many ways and we are so grateful to be His people.

  1. Jim and I growing closer
  2. Jamey reading to Samuel
  3. Gabriel holding hands to pray and saying Amen
  4. Reuben sleeping in his big boy bed
  5. Getting through the school week with little TV during the day
  6. Starting a new school year
  7. All 4 kids seeking to learn
  8. All 4 kids asking to go outside and play together without being asked
  9. Sam rolling and becoming more interactive
  10. Reuben joining Jamey and Lillian in acting out movies
  11. God continually growing me
  12. A wonderful church community
  13. Our family getting to know Leandro better
  14. Lillian learning to fold our diaper inserts
  15. Taking all 5 kids to the park by myself just because they asked to
  16. Jamey and Lillian learning to hand wash dishes
  17. Laura Brandt
  18. Shannon Robinette
  19. Ashley Matthews
  20. God moving and changing our hearts
  21. Becoming more cohesive as a family
  22. Desiring to want to be together
  23. God's grace and mercy
  24. Lillian asking to wear skirts more
  25. Getting up around 6 am most days
  26. Sam using the Exersaucer

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