Thursday, September 24, 2015

August Blessings

August flew by and life has been crazy but full of amazing blessings. God is so good to His people, even though we do not deserve it at all.

  1. Fellowship with Kimberly
  2. Talking about what God is doing
  3. Seeking to understand together, Finishing The Silver Chair
  4. Learning about contending for the faith
  5. Talking with other Sisters about contending for the faith and how God wants to change our hearts
  6. Going to Half Priced Books
  7. Reading with Jim
  8. Hearing Jim's heart
  9. Good day as a whole
  10. Jim getting a good raise
  11. Bonus pay
  12. Jamey helping dress the little boys
  13. Getting clothes sorted
  14. Jim coming home at 1500
  15. Relaxing, fun evening
  16. Starting The Last Battle
  17. Going to playgroup by myself with all 6 kids
  18. Taking the kids to see Jim at work
  19. Meeting another mom with stairstep kids
  20. Going to water aerobics
  21. Rain
  22. Jim letting me sleep in
  23. Chocolate chip cookie dough milkshakes
  24. Nehemiah sleeping well
  25. Doing school work with Jamey
  26. Everyone taking a nap
  27. Washing my hair
  28. Getting Norwex party set up
  29. Going to water aerobics
  30. Making it through a relatively good day
  31. Sleeping in a little
  32. Jamey doing some school work by himself
  33. Going to playgroup
  34. Meeting with Jessica
  35. Getting more things talked through for August
  36. Talking
  37. Writing
  38. Pajama movie day
  39. Getting some work done
  40. Reading
  41. Making it through a Saturday with Jim at work
  42. Dancing with the kids
  43. Going to bed early
  44. Getting all 6 kids ready for church by 7:25 am and to church before 8 by myself
  45. Everyone napping 4 hours
  46. Blog posts
  47. Jude
  48. Planning
  49. Norwex
  50. Sam loving on Neo
  51. Very productive day
  52. Talking through the school year, schedules and routines
  53. Time to hangout with Jessica
  54. Facebook Norwex Party
  55. Looking at possible ministry opportunities
  56. Going to playgroup
  57. Going to water aerobics for the last time
  58. Getting box-tops ready for co-op
  59. Enough box tops to play for all our classes!
  60. Fun time at the playground
  61. Getting co-op paid for
  62. Reconnecting with people
  63. Getting errands run
  64. Good doctors appointments
  65. Meeting with Dawn
  66. Free Coffee
  67. Date night in
  68. Heart conversations
  69. Having a decent day while Jim was at work
  70. Dancing with the kids
  71. Everyone sleeping 
  72. Talking to Brit
  73. Reading with Jim
  74. Having a good day with Jim at work
  75. Lots of dancing
  76. Getting 2 weeks of school plans finished
  77. Movie night with Jim on the sofa
  78. Sleep
  79. Jamey picking roses for me
  80. Meeting with Karey
  81. Becca getting home safely from her work trip
  82. Jim and kids getting some cleaning done
  83. Cheap pizza
  84. Getting homeschool letter sent
  85. Relaxing evening
  86. Church as a family
  87. Beginning the Exodus series
  88. Serving with babies
  89. Lunch at Harvest
  90. Gift card
  91. Deep conversation
  92. Working through more issues
  93. God's faithfulness
  94. First field trip to Schimpff's
  95. Candy
  96. Kids doing well during the field trip
  97. Getting the first hostess package from Norwex
  98. Getting Phase 10
  99. Good blessing us in mysterious ways
  100. Playgroup
  101. Nice conversations
  102. Never being alone
  103. Jamey getting a lot of math done
  104. Same praying at dinner
  105. Great discussion at CG
  106. Jamey finishing handwriting and language arts!
  107. Everyone sleeping
  108. Good doctor appointment
  109. Jim being able to come over for a minute
  110. Chilled evening at home
  111. Spending the morning with the Felix family
  112. Encouragement
  113. Calling Daddy for his birthday
  114. Celebrating Hannah and Abbey's birthday
  115. Meeting new people
  116. Sam swinging Nehemiah
  117. Jim getting extra work hours
  118. Making cookies
  119. Working on more school plans
  120. Going to the Home for His Glory pool party
  121. Lillian dunking herself in the water
  122. Fellowship with friends
  123. Meeting Kimberly for coffee
  124. God using my hurt to minister to her
  125. Nehemiah doing well during our time
  126. Getting a really good deal on folders and binders
  127. Napping
  128. Reading with Becca
  129. Hanging out
  130. Learning more about redemption in Exodus
  131. Meeting to discuss Love to Eat Hate to Eat
  132. Becca sharing
  133. Planning
  134. Talking with Jim
  135. Sharing my heart
  136. God moving
  137. Getting started on co-op lesson plans
  138. Jim working extra
  139. Lillian reading to her little brothers
  140. Sam praying 
  141. Meeting new people at co-op orientation
  142. No TV for 24 hours!
  143. Sarah and Asia coming to visit
  144. Lillian doing well at music class
  145. Good CG time
  146. Being encouraged
  147. Sleep
  148. Day 2 no TV!
  149. Getting stuff finished for N Good Health
  150. Completing first 4 weeks of school plans
  151. Trying a new French restaurant
  152. Making plans to start eating real food more
  153. Only TV for dancing
  154. Working on co-op class plans
  155. Getting prayer list sent
  156. Nice paycheck
  157. Having some fun with Jim
  158. Getting our Norwex stuff!
  159. Going to see the Nina and the Pinta
  160. Terry helping me
  161. Co-op field trips
  162. Time to sit with my girl and love on her
  163. Figuring out what's important
  164. Meeting with Sisters to discuss how God informs every part of our life
  165. Panera for lunch
  166. Adults talking about schedule
  167. All kids napping
  168. Time to talk with Jim 
  169. Learning together
  170. Walking to church
  171. Family day at the fair
  172. Hearing 4 great bands
  173. God growing my heart
  174. Meeting another big family
  175. Double date night in with Ryan and Becca
  176. Getting errands run
  177. Talking through priorities with Jim
  178. Pizza and a movie
  179. Book club
  180. Nehemiah having a good appointment
  181. Beginning to make daily life plans

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