Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Blessings

How quickly September has passed! It has been a full month for our family, but so many blessings have come from it. God is working and moving in our lives, which is always a blessing. Here are some of the specific blessings from this month.

  1. Jamey changing a poopy diaper on his own
  2. Going to playgroup
  3. Seeing a lot of people
  4. Getting a chunk of War and Peace read
  5. Good CG time
  6. Catching up with Laura
  7. God moving
  8. Getting almost everything ready to start school
  9. Good date evening
  10. Panera for dinner
  11. Jamey and Lillian helping and learning
  12. Getting my hair trimmed
  13. Nice morning with the Felix family
  14. Jamey helping to dress the little boys
  15. Learning more about discipline
  16. Talking to Brit and Daddy
  17. Working on lessons plans
  18. Hanging out
  19. Very productive day
  20. New shelf 
  21. Organizing School stuff and toys
  22. Making room
  23. Spontaneity
  24. Growing with Jim
  25. Teaching the kids practical things
  26. Sleeping until 8 am
  27. Working on stuff
  28. Enjoying a couple of movies
  29. Talking with Bec
  30. Jim making a cake from scratch
  31. Time to talk 
  32. Direct answers to prayers
  33. Making it through a Sunday with Jim at work
  34. Everyone napping including me
  35. Leftovers
  36. Restful afternoon
  37. Some one on one time with Lil
  38. Dancing
  39. Finishing up the cake
  40. Hanging out with Jim
  41. Reuben turning 4!
  42. Going to the zoo
  43. Seeing Megan
  44. Fun family day
  45. A good Mexican Pizza
  46. Getting some school work done
  47. Family celebrations
  48. Learning to talk and connect
  49. First day of school!
  50. Getting what we needed to done
  51. Making a grocery run in the middle of the first school day
  52. Middle boys excited to learn
  53. Trying new real food recipes
  54. Good CG time
  55. Talking with Jim
  56. Living and learning together
  57. Pizza rolls from scratch
  58. making it through 2nd school day
  59. Jim growing in taking initiative for dates
  60. Getting through school with 4 by myself
  61. Time to read for fun
  62. Thinking
  63. God's mercy
  64. Jamey working well alone
  65. Neo's smile
  66. Sam's laugh
  67. Being able to talk through stuff
  68. Day 2 of school without Jim
  69. Getting finished early
  70. Getting folders finished for co-op
  71. Going to the Fall Festival
  72. Free Chick-fil-A
  73. Sweet moments with Neo
  74. Going to bed early for us
  75. Finishing up our school week
  76. Bec vacuuming
  77. Getting lots of reading done
  78. Making homemade granola bars
  79. Having a productive day
  80. Pizza for dinner
  81. Learning about trials at church
  82. Jim working 8 so he could be off on Monday
  83. All the kids napping 4+ hours
  84. Time to talk with Bec and help with her paper
  85. Dancing!
  86. Jim being off of work!
  87. Working through more heart stuff
  88. Being broken for God's glory
  89. Jamey getting extra school work finished
  90. Date night
  91. Learning as a family
  92. Jim letting me sleep in a little
  93. Getting a lot of school work doing
  94. Reuben doing well with his 4 year old shots
  95. God's mercy
  96. Getting a lot of other things done
  97. Productive day
  98. Learning to work hard
  99. First day of co-op
  100. Kids doing well as a whole
  101. Time to meet new people and catch up a little bit
  102. Going to member meeting for a bit and hearing from our new Pastor
  103. Stories of God's grace
  104. Getting a lot of school work done
  105. Learning what is best for our family at this time
  106. Quiet evening at home
  107. Kids playing well together
  108. Wanting to be home
  109. Jim being home
  110. Making AB and J poptarts
  111. Working as a family to get things done
  112. Learning more of what is best for our family
  113. Becca and Ryan mowing the yard
  114. Talking with Jim
  115. Playing Clue
  116. Sleeping until 8 am
  117. Nehemiah sleeping 11 hours!
  118. Finishing our school week well
  119. God moving
  120. Having some family time
  121. Watching Prince of Egypt and talking through it
  122. Hanging out
  123. Being convicted of idols in my life
  124. Time to really talk with Jim
  125. Getting to deeper heart issues
  126. Kids napping
  127. Learning how to seek God together
  128. Finishing War and Peace!
  129. Getting through a busy day
  130. Evaluating what our days need to look like
  131. God's deep grace
  132. Teaching the kids to clean more thoroughly
  133. Seeing Jim truly happy at home
  134. Getting through a busy day without another adult
  135. Starting The Accidental Feminist
  136. Dawn
  137. Great conversation at CG
  138. Seeing God work around us
  139. Good day at Co-op
  140. Tim to talk with Jo
  141. Encouraging note
  142. Continuing to learn to battle
  143. Nice date night
  144. Great conversation at Sweet Frog
  145. Connecting with Jim
  146. Visit from Shannon, Gage, Courtney and Asher
  147. Growing in community
  148. Notes from Jim
  149. Reuben asking for forgiveness without being prompted
  150. Kids working hard
  151. Growth in our family
  152. Reading with Jim
  153. Gabriel passing out lunch without being asked
  154. Reuben and Gabriel asking to do school work
  155. Time to read
  156. Growth
  157. Spending time with CG Sisters and meeting new Sisters
  158. Neo staying with Jim
  159. Snuggling on the sofa
  160. Sleeping until 8:30
  161. Getting school work done throughout the day
  162. Sweet moments with kids
  163. Full productive day
  164. Trying Moussaka
  165. Constantly learning
  166. Muffins for breakfast
  167. Walking to church
  168. Learning about the 2nd Commandment
  169. Being challenged
  170. God working in my heart
  171. Beautiful weather
  172. Lunch at Harvest
  173. Great family day
  174. Nehemiah turning 3 months
  175. Taking a long shower
  176. Bearing my soul before the Lord
  177. A God who knows what's best for us
  178. Book Club
  179. Being able to talk with Meagan
  180. God breaking me down so I can know Him more
  181. Eating lunch with Jim at work
  182. Rainy day
  183. Kids responding in co-op
  184. Encouragement from friends
  185. Prayer

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