Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Blessings

What can I say about October? It was so full and God has been constantly teaching us. We have had so many blessings. So thankful to be able to share some with you!

  1. Spending some quality play time with Reuben
  2. Getting all needed school work finished with a late start
  3. Figuring out how to roast broccoli and cauliflower without a recipe
  4. Cheap balanced dinner
  5. Sleeping until 9
  6. Getting good work done with the middle boys
  7. Homemade pizza for lunch
  8. Redeem Marriage
  9. Good reminder of Truth
  10. Meeting Stephanie- fellow scarf wearer
  11. Getting school work finished
  12. Learning how to deal with growing kids
  13. Helping Becca with her paper
  14. Making it through a Saturday without Jim
  15. God teaching me in every moment
  16. Learning about the 3rd Commandment
  17. Being sobered
  18. Napping along with the kids
  19. Finishing The Accidental Feminist
  20. Starting the next classic
  21. Time to write a little
  22. God working in weird ways
  23. Great dentist appointments
  24. Grocery store as a family
  25. Learning to eat better for cheaper
  26. Getting emails written
  27. Homemade granola
  28. God working
  29. Sleep
  30. Getting lead inspection completed
  31. Heart to heart with Jim
  32. Prayer walking
  33. Kids growing in friendship
  34. Time to hang out with CG
  35. Milk increasing
  36. Great day at co-op
  37. Gleaning from those with older kids
  38. Encouraging those younger
  39. Interactive class
  40. Never ending pasta bowl
  41. Good date evening
  42. Growing together
  43. Reuben singing "A Bushel and A Peck" and giving Gabriel hugs
  44. Talking to Brit and sharing with each other
  45. Uploading pictures
  46. Inspiration
  47. Kids napping
  48. More clothes organized
  49. Girls movie night
  50. Getting to know Brittany and Heather better
  51. Going through more clothes
  52. Finishing picture upload
  53. Cherry soda and dark chocolate
  54. Getting some needed cleaning done
  55. Over half-way through clothes
  56. Going to the seminary to meet Jim for lunch
  57. Writing group
  58. Time with Jim
  59. Talking about murder
  60. God working in my heart
  61. Connecting on a deeper level with Jim
  62. Fun family afternoon
  63. Growing in enjoying being together
  64. Grace to make it through a Monday with a sick child and Jim at work
  65. Getting through group school time
  66. Continuing to learn myself
  67. Teaching Lillian about not letting a schedule control us
  68. Everyone going to CG
  69. Showering
  70. Learning to let go of a perfect day
  71. Knowing God is always in control
  72. Learning as a family what is truly important
  73. Getting coffee with Jim
  74. Sara coming over to help and hang out
  75. Getting Bible time done
  76. Naps for everyone
  77. Getting laundry finished
  78. Potatoes for dinner
  79. Restful evening
  80. Bed at 10:30
  81. God healing my stomach
  82. Time to pray alone
  83. Feeling more rested
  84. Washing my hair
  85. Purging some
  86. Movie and logic problems
  87. Sleeping in
  88. Girls lunch date with Mom, Becca and Lillian
  89. Neo doing well at home
  90. Family Shopping trip to Kohl's and the Mall
  91. Mom getting us new clothes
  92. Dedicating Nehemiah to the Lord
  93. All 6 kids making it through the entire church service
  94. Being together as a family
  95. Lunch at Olive Garden
  96. Nice family afternoon
  97. Left overs
  98. God speaking to the depths of my heart
  99. Being reminded of how blessed I really am
  100. Going to playgroup
  101. Talking about school stuff
  102. School work
  103. Walking with Lillian
  104. Running into Shannon
  105. Good CG time of catching up and encouragement
  106. Seeking advice from those older
  107. Being surrounded by others who seek to honor God
  108. Bucca di Bepos
  109. Running into Chad and Ginger
  110. God revealing more of my heart
  111. School time as a family
  112. Time to talk things through with Jim
  113. Learning to seek together what God is wanting for us and our family
  114. Time to reflect
  115. Heart for the Nations
  116. Hearing from friends overseas
  117. Relaxing evening
  118. Singing with Reuben
  119. Kids playing together
  120. Talking through more scheduling adjustments and making plans
  121. Meeting with Dawn
  122. International food at SBTS
  123. Growth in Becca
  124. Great sermon on Sabbath
  125. J and L coming to church with us
  126. Taking a nap!
  127. Kids reading together
  128. Bean bag
  129. Pics of Sam
  130. Talking to my parents
  131. Family play time
  132. Shortened school schedule! Much better
  133. Quick and cheaper grocery run
  134. The kids playing well together
  135. Sam praying and saying Scripture
  136. Book club
  137. Sisters in the Lord
  138. Rainy day
  139. Kids working well together to learn
  140. Jamey teaching his siblings different things
  141. Great discussion at CG
  142. Getting to co-op mostly on time
  143. Timely note
  144. Seeing God work
  145. Heart to heart
  146. Jim getting half a paper written
  147. Good Panera
  148. Finishing The Age of Innocence
  149. Jim leaving me a heartfelt note
  150. Sam volunteering to pray, praying and saying Romans 10:9 with me
  151. Good school morning
  152. Productive afternoon
  153. Reading half of The Comedy of Errors
  154. Dancing
  155. Washing my hair
  156. Good doctors appointments
  157. Healthy kids
  158. Free food from Friends
  159. Becca being OK
  160. Getting budget and schedules complete
  161. Finishing The Comedy of Errors in 2 days
  162. Lillian and Sam dancing together
  163. Reuben reading to Nehemiah
  164. More stuff from friends
  165. Movies
  166. Sam turning 18 months
  167. Neo almost sitting up
  168. Watching some of the World Series with Jamey and Lillian
  169. God always working
  170. Mac and Cheese

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