Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Blessings

December has flown by in so many ways. It has been good and busy but also challenging in different ways. God has continued to bless our family far more than we deserve and we are reminded of this everyday. Here is a glimpse of the blessings from this month.

  1. Reuben and Gabriel sleeping until after 7 and pooping in the toilet!
  2. Gabriel and Sam playing together
  3. Sam praying
  4. CG dinner
  5. Kids playing well together
  6. Writing blog posts
  7. Moments with Jim throughout the day
  8. Talking with Jamey about what it means to be a Christian
  9. Learning to have a date night at home
  10. Getting a duck!
  11. Talking through more hard feelings
  12. God's great grace
  13. Kisses from Neo
  14. Teaching Jamey natural consequences
  15. God stirring my heart to pray more
  16. Napping with Lillian
  17. Reading with the middle boys
  18. Learning together
  19. Making granola by myself
  20. Getting school work completed
  21. Writing end of year letter
  22. Dealing with hard circumstances with the kids while Jim was at work
  23. Women's gift exchange
  24. Lillian going with us
  25. Catching up with friends
  26. Bec going to the gift exchange
  27. Productive afternoon
  28. Family movie night with friends
  29. Learning about the tabernacle
  30. Talking about the sermon with the kids
  31. Kids napping
  32. Talking and resting with Jim
  33. Celebrating Hanukkah
  34. Latkes and donuts
  35. Productive school day
  36. Make-shifting a recipe from things we had in the pantry
  37. Going to bed early
  38. Jim being home
  39. Getting 8 hours of sleep
  40. Getting a good report form lead people and inspection bid getting done quickly
  41. Good conversation at Starbucks
  42. Adventure
  43. Waking early
  44. Getting through the day by myself
  45. Good member meeting
  46. Taking the kids caroling
  47. Help from Becca and Ryan
  48. God's grace to get through
  49. Jamey understanding a joke
  50. Getting some emails written
  51. Connecting with people
  52. Kids wanting to draw instead of watching TV
  53. Cleaning out some email
  54. Low-key evening
  55. Coffee with Amy N
  56. Finishing school week
  57. Learning more about myself
  58. packages
  59. Making class plans with Jim
  60. Good time at writing group
  61. Remembering Kimberly
  62. helping Margaret
  63. Getting plans for the week figured out
  64. Adult movie night
  65. Good conversation with Jim
  66. Norwex party
  67. Connecting with other ladies
  68. Graduation party
  69. Seeing Jen
  70. Meeting Kathy
  71. Last night of Hanukkah
  72. Fun family evening
  73. Good wake up
  74. Working through stressors together
  75. Getting 2 days of school work completed
  76. Getting some of the to-do list done
  77. READING!
  78. Finishing The Man Who Was Thursday and the Back to the Classics Challenge 2015
  79. Getting some extra work completed with Jamey
  80. Low-key yet productive day
  81. Working through things
  82. Time at CG
  83. Sleep
  84. Getting more restful sleep
  85. Becca being home much of the day
  86. Getting stuff done
  87. Having a good day overall
  88. God's grace
  89. Sam being sweet to Neo
  90. Obedience
  91. Being calm
  92. Making it through 3 days in a row
  93. Time to reflect
  94. Sam giving Neo kisses
  95. Sharing with Jim
  96. Mandy taking the kids for the day
  97. Opening a new account!
  98. Getting our room more organized
  99. Relaxing evening at home
  100. Good coffee date
  101. Talking through hard things
  102. Taking a nap
  103. Jim having a productive afternoon
  104. Talking through calendar with Bec
  105. Am Vet Christmas party
  106. Time with Jessica
  107. Early bed time
  108. Great concluding Exodus sermon
  109. Becca and Ryan going to church with us
  110. Time to rest and talk
  111. Iron Chef
  112. Early bedtime
  113. Movie night in
  114. Time to rest
  115. Low-key day
  116. Leftovers for dinner
  117. Talking through emotions
  118. Being together
  119. Getting through the day
  120. Working on emails
  121. Updating address list
  122. Jamey feeding Nehemiah
  123. God's great to get through
  124. Snuggling with Lillian
  125. CSI
  126. Baby number 7!
  127. Sleeping in
  128. Getting errands run in 3 hours
  129. Medicine for Jim's arm- not neuro pain
  130. Low-key evening
  131. Snuggling with Lillian
  132. Reading after dinner
  133. Early bed time
  134. Jim being off of work
  135. Brunch date
  136. Christmas eve service with 4 kids
  137. Mac and Cheese dinner
  138. Teaching Jamey and Lillian how to play "Sequence"
  139. Home made hot cocoa
  140. Talking with Becca and Ryan
  141. Sleeping in
  142. Pancakes
  143. Wathing "The Nativity Story"
  144. Celebrating Jesus's birthday
  145. Relaxing family day
  146. Duck, homemade rolls, twice baked potatoes and green bean casserole
  147. Jim's cooking ability
  148. Telling kids about the baby and their excitement
  149. Parents getting here safely and early
  150. Low-key morning
  151. New PJs
  152. Nice encouragement from Jim
  153. Good sermon on loving God and loving others
  154. Pieology!
  155. Good conversation with Becca, Daddy and Ryan
  156. Gifts with the whole family
  157. Jim getting a lot of reading completed
  158. Nehemiah turning 6 months!
  159. Good, deep sleep
  160. Low-key day
  161. Repair guy coming by
  162. Creation Museum
  163. Live Nativity and Christmas lights
  164. Prayer
  165. Wrestling with God
  166. Talking with Daddy
  167. Honesty
  168. Pie Kitchen from Becca
  169. Relaxing evening at home
  170. Finishing the Old Testament!
  171. Sleeping in
  172. Movie day
  173. Getting blog posts written
  174. Finishing Challenges
  175. Talking through goals for 2016
  176. Connecting with Jim
  177. Being together
  178. Left overs
  179. Becca making soup for everyone
  180. God's great grace in 2016

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