Monday, January 25, 2016

I Want to Be a Mrs. Clara

If you haven't seen the movie "War Room", I suggest you see it at your first opportunity. Mrs. Clara is an old woman who loves to pray and desires to teach other young wives to pray. I love to pray and oh how I know the power of prayer. But like most people in our culture today, I so easily lose my gusto to pray. I forget how God has taken care of me and others. Life gets crazy and I forget to take time to really pray.

But I cannot continue to live this way. When I fail to pray I lose. I lose my focus. I lose my footing. I lose the ability to love as I should. I lose my ability to fight my flesh and give way to laziness and ease.

This is not the way I want to live.

I want to live as a prayer warrior who fights the right way for my family, for my friends, for those who do not know Jesus. I want to see the power of God go forward and conquer this world.

I have tried to encourage others, but it's hard. In such an affluent culture it's hard to see how much we need God because we have what we need and want so readily.

I'm still trying to figure out how to have a war room in my own house as the design does not easily lend itself to this. Maybe I'll be like Mrs. Susanna Wesley (mother of John and Charles Wesley) and buy an apron to put over my head while I pray amidst the chaos. I don't know, but I need to do something. I realize so frequently that, though I'm not hungry, I have a house to live in, running water, and far more materially than I could ever need, I still need God because I have no control. He is the One who changes lives. He is the One who provides me with far more than I deserve. He is the One who holds the universe in His hands, and I need to be in tune with Him and taking everything to Him.

I want to pray like there is no tomorrow. I want to teach my children to pray. I want to teach other women to pray. And when I am old I want to be the one who prays more than I think about what I can do for myself. I want to declare that God is good and He has done great things. I want so much gusto and to praise God for who He is and what He is doing. My God is not dead, He is alive, mighty, moving and He is not done yet.

How is your prayer life? How can we grow together?

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