Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Blessings

This month has sped by, but God has definitely blessed us! I am so thankful that God is still moving, still working, still being God even in the midst of a busy life. Here are some highlights from this month.

  1. Making it through the day without vomiting
  2. Jamey helping a lot
  3. Snuggling with my kids
  4. Wrestling with God
  5. New Years Gifts
  6. Low key day with everyone at home
  7. Watching "War Room"
  8. Being reminded of how much I need to pray
  9. Remembering who we're fighting
  10. Really good message on faith from Pastor Luke S
  11. Kids napping
  12. Taking a nap
  13. Jim getting stuff done
  14. hanging out as a family
  15. "Iron Chef"
  16. Fun with Jim
  17. Making it through the day and school by myself
  18. Becca home earlier than expected
  19. Gabriel and Reuben doing well with their school work
  20. Washing machine getting fixed!
  21. Lunch out with Jim
  22. Sharing depth of heart
  23. Encouraging time at CG
  24. Laundry getting washed
  25. Feeling OK most of the day
  26. Kisses from Sam
  27. Kisses from Neo
  28. Getting some things done that needed to be done
  29. Early bed time
  30. Email from Dawn
  31. God's grace to get through
  32. Productive school day
  33. Kids napping
  34. Getting a lot of reading done
  35. Not having to cook a full meal
  36. Time with Jim
  37. Getting rest
  38. Finishing school week strong
  39. Movies
  40. Writing emails and blog posts
  41. Jamey growing in helping
  42. Lazy day
  43. Jim coming home for lunch
  44. Grilled Cheese
  45. Lasagna
  46. Becca being home for the day
  47. God's great mercy
  48. Prep for Classics Challenge
  49. Sleeping until after 9
  50. Jim going much of the school work
  51. Good doctor appointments
  52. Figuring out dinner with stuff in the house
  53. Getting Box Tops ready for Co-op
  54. Usborne party
  55. Decent day
  56. Getting school work done in a timely manner
  57. Really good CG discussion on work
  58. Snuggling with Jim
  59. Sleeping in
  60. Getting hair trimmed
  61. Instillation of Pastor Jamaal
  62. Jim taking care of school
  63. Shower
  64. Time to rest
  65. All kids in their beds
  66. Kids getting their work completed
  67. Making mac and cheese with Lil doing most of the prep
  68. Jamey helping out a lot
  69. Lazy evening snuggling
  70. Closing out BB&T
  71. Biscuits and gravy
  72. Date brunch
  73. Talking through needed things
  74. Jim working on school work
  75. Low key afternoon
  76. Good sermon on money
  77. Getting lots of reading done
  78. Rest
  79. Kids napping
  80. Jim working on papers
  81. LOTR
  82. Short nap
  83. Doing together school
  84. Encouraging message from Ashley Brooks
  85. Book club
  86. Sisters
  87. God's gift of life and His timing
  88. Sleeping until after 9
  89. Working through things with Jim
  90. Jim writing sermon
  91. Reading
  92. Meeting Evan and Tara
  93. Good discussion about money
  94. Jim writing 2 sermons
  95. Being able to rest
  96. Really cheap Chick-fil-A
  97. Talking with Jim
  98. Kids getting their work finished 
  99. Snow
  100. Feeling good most of the day
  101. Doing a decent amount of school work
  102. Snuggling with Jim
  103. Writing a long overdue post
  104. Everyone napping
  105. Jim finishing his preaching class!
  106. Victor coming for the afternoon- talking with the kids
  107. Lasagna
  108. Kids finishing individual work
  109. Aria joining our family
  110. Talking to Brit
  111. Prayer
  112. Neo sleeping late
  113. Making it to rest time without TV
  114. Working on things
  115. Becca being home
  116. Making it through the day with Jim at work
  117. Making it through a Sunday with Jim at work
  118. Good sermon on family
  119. Ryan helping us
  120. Kids all napping 3 hours
  121. Ryan and Becca getting us pizza for dinner
  122. Writing class
  123. Watching writing videos with Jim
  124. Sleep
  125. Jim being off work
  126. Getting caught up on some school work
  127. Doing well with Budget
  128. "War Room"
  129. Blog post
  130. Kids growing
  131. Getting papers signed to get work done on the house
  132. Field Trip!
  133. Napping
  134. Not throwing up
  135. Doing catch up work
  136. Sort of expressing myself at CG
  137. Getting Kate's number
  138. Seeing our new baby!
  139. Good doctor appointment for me
  140. McAllister's
  141. Time to snuggle
  142. Showers
  143. Getting emails written
  144. Mexican
  145. Free coffee
  146. Sam saying "Let's Pray"
  147. Deep heart conversations
  148. TV
  149. Getting prayer email sent
  150. Making it through the day
  151. God's grace
  152. Ryan closing on his house
  153. God's provision
  154. Jim getting free lunch at work
  155. Writing blog posts
  156. Making it through a whole day by myself
  157. Time to pray
  158. Snuggling with my kids
  159. No TV until after rest
  160. Tangible answers to prayers
  161. God is powerful!
  162. Nehemiah turning 6 months
  163. Writing group with Marie
  164. Teaching on writing
  165. Praying
  166. God reminding me I am not helpless
  167. Making plans for the year and Feb
  168. Early bed time
  169. Learning to work on things quickly
  170. Good sermon on work and justice

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